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How To Care For Quails

Where to Get Quail Eggs or Live Quail and Which One to Start With

After dealing with where to get quails, the next step is figuring out how to care for them.

The best thing about raising quails is that they are easier to handle than other poultry.

If you are still researching what to look for in quails, heres a little fact to save you the trouble.

They are generally versatile birds, especially to their environment and climate.

All you have to do is make sure that all their needs are met and have regular check-ups and vaccination. Other than that, these birds are already receiving the TLC they need.

But Lets Start Talking About The Quail Eggs Vs Chicken Eggs

The biggest difference will be the size of the eggs. A quail egg is much smaller.

In fact, they are so much smaller that in recipes calling for 1 chicken egg, usually 4 quail eggs will be used.

If you want more exact measurements, one large hen egg is approximately 1/4 of a cup. You can use this as a measuring tool by opening enough quail eggs to fill a 1/4 of a cup.

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How Long Do Quail Lay Eggs

After two years of age, quails fertility and egg-laying capability will gradually decline. So until then, you can expect to harvest a handful of quail eggs from the period of six or nine weeks as long as it has a proper diet and is free from stress and disturbances.

However, wild quails species may vary because they have different nesting behavior and laying season.

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Put Hay Or Straws In The Quails Cage

Each quail has different nesting behavior. Like those in community pens, some quails prefer to lay on the ground instead of building nests, while others like to lay in a nest.

To accommodate these birds needs, itd be best to put some hay or straw in their cage so that those who want to lay in a nest can create one for themselves.

How To Use Quail Eggs For Baking


As long as you compensate for the size difference, you can replace chicken eggs with quails eggs for baking anything.

If the dish is extremely egg-heavy, and youve had to use many of these eggs, you can consider adding a few minutes to the timer due to the heft of the yolk-to-white ratio in your eggs.

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How Do I Encourage My Quail To Lay Eggs

Having spacious and safe housing with comfortable bedding for nesting can help encourage quails to lay. You must ensure that theyre away from predators who can cause disturbance and stress to these birds. But most of all, you need to provide suitable quail feed and meet their light requirements when raising quails since these are crucial for them to lay eggs.

Why Are Quail Eggs Rubbery

There are many reasons why quail eggs may be rubbery. One reason is that the eggs cells are especially swollen and flexible when it is first laid.

This makes it difficult for the egg to solidify, which would give it a harder outer shell. Additionally, quail eggs are often stored in cold water until they are ready to be hatched, which can cause them to become rubbery.

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Benefits Of Eggs From Quail

One of the biggest benefits of raising quail for eggs is that the birds mature and start laying eggs within about 8 weeks!

This compares to about 20-24 weeks for chickens and 20-30 weeks for ducks. Geese typically start laying the spring after they hatch, so it can be many months before egg production begins. Sometimes, young geese will lay a few eggs in the fall, but this is the rare exception.

As food, eggs from these small game birds offer similar benefits to other types of eggs. Of course, what the quail are eating impacts significantly on the nutritional aspects of their eggs. More on this below.

Setting Up And Maintaining The Cage

Hatching Quail Eggs Can Be Simple!
  • 1Choose housing for the quails that will keep them safe from predators. There are a variety of different housing options for quails including cages, pens, rabbit hutches, chicken coops, and aviaries. The main requirement to consider when choosing how to house your quails is ensuring that predators cannot get in. Always have a roof and make sure that any wiring is small enough to keep the quails in and other animals out.XResearch source
  • If you are housing the quails in a raised cage with a wire base, add a catch pan or barrier below the base to prevent predators from reaching the feet of the quails from below.
  • If the entire cage base is made out of wire, add a piece of plywood in a corner of the cage so that the quails do not have to always stand on the wire. This is because standing directly on wire for extended periods of time can damage their feet.
  • 2Make sure that each quail has at least 1 sq ft of floor space. Quails need enough floor space to ensure that they donât feel confined and stressed. Stressed quails are more unlikely to lay eggs. To increase the floor space for each quail, expand the size of their cage or let them roam freely for a portion of the day.XResearch source
  • Quails that are kept in overcrowded conditions are more likely to be stressed. This is because there isnât enough room for each bird to perform natural behaviors.XResearch source
  • Quails in community pens tend to not build nests and will lay eggs on the ground instead.XResearch source
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    Add Some Straw Or Hay

    Adding some straw or hay to the cage will help your quails to lay eggs. Because some quails prefer to build nest for laying eggs. And some birds will lay eggs anywhere. But do not mess with or clean the cage a lot.

    Cleaning often will not only destroy their nests but also disturb them as well. It good to clean the cage once a week or once after every 2 weeks. But you can clean the feeder or waterer on a regular basis.

    Hope all the steps mentioned above will help your quails to lay eggs. Thank you!

    What Time Of Year Do Quail Lay Their Eggs

    Quails will begin to lay between 8-12 weeks if there is enough light, they are provided with the proper food and have proper protection during the cold winter months. They will lay really well their first year and usually their second year and will live between 2-5 years, depending on the quality of care they receive.

    During the winter months, additional lighting will be needed. They need between 14 and 16 hours of light a day. Setting a timer is a great way to give extra lighting. Set it to turn on earlier in the morning, so that in the evenings the lighting in their housing can dim with the natural outside light.

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    Quail Egg Health Benefits

    To Google quail eggs will bring up an impressive list of the benefits these eggs offer. And it is true, eggs eaten on a regular basis, do offer the body great health benefits. But its a little more than that, right? Our bodies need an impressive amount of good nutrition over a long period of time to see the long-reaching, overall health benefits. Its not just about eating eggs, or quail eggs, and seeing impressive results. Its about giving our bodies a wide variety of foods and nutrition needed and then seeing the impressive results.

    And eating quail eggs, along with all of the other nutrient-dense foods the body needs, can give a person the added benefits of:

  • Improved vision
  • Allergy reduction
  • Boosted metabolism
  • When the nutrient makeup of a chicken egg and a quail egg is laid side by side, there are important differences.

    100 grams of a chicken egg has 143 calories and 372 mg of cholesterol.

    100 grams of a quail egg has 158 calories and 844 mg of cholesterol. Quail eggs do offer higher levels of vitamin B-12 and iron.

    The biggest difference is the levels of cholesterol available in a quail egg and if that doesnt pose any health issues, then quail eggs are worth adding to any diet!

    How Long To Boil Quail Eggs

    Pickled Quail Eggs 16 oz. Jar (2 Jars)

    It takes a lot less time for a little quail egg to boil than a chicken egg.

    You should only boil your eggs for 2 minutes. Then remove them from the water and run them under cold water.

    Boiled quail eggs will be a bit more difficult to peel than a chicken egg. Because they are now firm, the membrane does not pose as much of a problem as a raw egg.

    Imagine using your small hard-boiled eggs in salads. Also in sandwiches as a garnish, pickled, and as poppable deviled eggs. Yum!

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    Breeding Age And Sex Requirements

  • 1Get 8-12 week old female quails as they are able to produce eggs. Female quails only begin laying eggs once they have reached maturity, which takes a few months. The egg production is normally the highest during the first year of laying and then it declines as the quails age.XResearch source
  • Domestic quails have a life expectancy of up to 4 years.
  • 2Give new quails 2-6 weeks to settle in before they are expected to lay eggs. Both the transportation process and being introduced to a new flock can be stressful experiences for quails. Let them settle into their new surroundings first and they should start laying shortly after.XResearch source
  • 2-6 weeks is a general guide for how long most quails take to begin laying in a new environment. Some quails will start laying much earlier.
  • 3Keep a group of females together if you want eggs for consumption. You do not need to include a male in the flock for the females to produce eggs, as females will lay regardless of if a male is present. The eggs will be unfertilized which means that they are suitable for consumption.XResearch source
  • 4Place 1 male in the flock if you want the quails to breed. A group of 1 male and up to 5 females is ideal if you are wanting to breed quails. Males are often more aggressive than females. Itâs best just to have 1 male bird per group, as otherwise, the males may fight.XResearch source
    • Do I need to give them fruits and vegetables everyday?Community Answer

    Everything You Need To Know About Quail Eggs

    Aside from the fact that quail eggs are gloriously adorable, there are quite a few other reasons to consider getting your hands on these little gems.

    Quail are easy birds to keep and care for, and since they are considered game birds, they can also be kept in some cities where chickens are not allowed.

    Someone dying to raise their own meat and eggs but lacks the space for chickens can easily keep a handful of quail to satisfy their desire to be more self-sufficient.

    Incredibly, there are many different types of eggs globally, yet most people only eat chicken eggs.

    Some are even uncomfortable thinking about eating any other egg than the ones found in the grocery aisle.

    Unfortunately, those are also the people missing out on the taste and nutritional benefits of different kinds of eggs, specifically quail eggs.

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    How Many Eggs Does A Quail Lay In A Day And Year

    The number of eggs a quail will lay a day will depend on which breed is chosen. Generally speaking, quail will lay no more than an egg a day, just like a chicken. On occasion, if a day or two of laying were missed, she may lay two eggs in a day. But laying more than one egg a day will put unneeded and unnatural stress on her body.

    Quail can be excellent and dependable layers. For instance:

    Coturnix Quail will lay between 100-300 eggs per year. The Pharoah D1 lays up to 300 eggs a year but there are quite a few other varieties to consider as well: British Range, Tuxedo, English White, Manchurian Golden, Cinnamon, and the Texas A& M.

    Bobwhite Quail will usually lay year-round and will lay around 100 eggs a year.

    Change In Feed Or Low Protein Percentage

    How to Collect Quail Eggs & Other Tips

    As we highlighted earlier, laying quails need high amounts of calcium and 20% protein. If your feed falls short of this requirement, that could be the reason why your bird stopped or is not laying eggs.

    Furthermore, if you changed the brand of your quails feed, it will take 1 week before theyll be able to adapt to the new taste.

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    Selling Quail Eggs For Profit

    If you are thinking of selling your quails egg at farmers markets, grocery stores, or restaurants, you can usually ask a premium for them, as they are still considered to be quite exotic and rare.

    They even appear a tad more expensive than a chicken or duck egg, so dont be afraid to ask a little more for them.

    Selling eggs from your home can be an excellent way to recoup feed costs or make a little extra cash, but some states have permits and licenses that are required before you can sell your eggs.

    This is to ensure the safety of the consumer when purchasing your products.

    Local, state, and even federal laws can vary, so always do your research before setting up your roadside stand or contact restaurants.

    Usually, theres a bit of red tape involved, but it becomes much easier and less stressful knowing you follow the rules once you have it out of the way.

    Where To Buy Quail And What To Look For Final Thoughts

    Raising quails and quail chicks has many factors to consider.

    You would first look at where to buy quail and how much are quails.

    When you think you had the quail supplies figured out, you will start to ask about what to look for in quails, especially if youre still a beginner.

    The list goes on! Questions pile up about raising quails and how to care for quails in the long run.

    Compared to other poultry, quail birds are generally easy to raise and manage. You can also get the most eggs and meat sources while spending only minimal requirements.

    Hence, dont worry too much about them and enjoy the experience as you get started. With much research, little advice from the experts, and some tender loving care, your quails are sure to thrive!

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    Three Ways To Profit With Quail Eggs:

    Hatching Quail Eggs

    The good news about hatching quail eggs is that it is very similar to hatching chicken eggs.

    If using a still air incubator, the temperature should be kept at a regular 102°F and the humidity should be at 45% during the first 15 days and then upped to 65% during the last three days. Quail eggs, being smaller than chicken eggs, will start hatching around the 18th day.

    Find incubation lists, tools, and information all in printable form on how the entire incubation process works in our free resource library. There are also many, many more helpful tools in there as well!

    Selling Quail Hatching Eggs

    If you have great breeding stock and are willing to collect eggs frequently and ship them, then this can be a great option. Please read this post on the exact details of selling hatching eggs. The article talks about chickens but the same information holds true to quail eggs.

    Selling Farm Fresh Quail Eggs

    Now knowing all the facts about what is in the quail egg and how much to sell them for and what to do with them, you can spread the joy and begin selling the eggs as well! If you are really interested in selling the eggs, please read this article: Selling Farm Fresh Eggs.It will give you above and beyond information about how to stand out in the crowd of egg sellers and sell your eggs with gusto and change in your pocket!

    Which Breed Is Best For Eggs

    Quail Eggs Free Range

    There are about 5 different breeds that are most common amongst quail owners, and some are more suitable for egg laying than others.

    For example, the Button Quail is more of a pet and wont often be raised for their teeny tiny eggs.

    The Coturnix quail is a fantastic meat bird due to its rapid growth and meat-heavy carcass.

    The quail most often touted for its ability to lay many eggs and early is the Japanese quail.

    Like the Coturnix, this breed matures at about 6 weeks of age and begins laying shortly thereafter.

    The Japanese quail will live about 2 years and lay around 200+ eggs their first year.

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    Can Quail Make Humans Sick

    There is growing scientific interest in the possibility that humans can be sickened by contact with quails, as these birds are known to carry a variety of diseases. Some experts believe that there could be a direct connection between human exposure to quail droppings and health problems, including respiratory ailments and kidney problems.

    Others say that its too early to say whether quail droppings pose a health risk to humans, but they are certainly worth further study.

    How To Enjoy Quail Eggs

    There are a ton of ways to enjoy these tasty eggs. You can enjoy them on their own, with a yummy side like hash browns, or chop the eggs and toss them with Kewpie mayo to make an egg salad sandwich. You can also prepare them with a simple piece of toast and top with fresh cracked pepper and Maldon Sea Salt Flakes. They are especially delicious as an added source of protein in a salad, like a Salmon or Tuna Niçoise.

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