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Buying Powdered Eggs At Deps: Your Powdered Egg Company

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At Deps you can buy several products made of powdered eggs. These are powdered whole eggs, egg whites or egg yolks. All these different types of powdered eggs can be filled in several packages. These can vary from packages of 5 kilograms up to 25 kilograms. However, you can also order more than 25 kilograms. We can provide you with multiple boxes that can be delivered in boxes of 18 or 24 units. If you need a higher amount of powdered eggs, we assure you that at Deps we can provide you with a euro pallet, H1 or one way pallet so you can have a stock of powdered eggs. By doing this, you do not have to order a multitude of times, which saves you money and time.

Legacy Whole Egg Powder

The egg powder by Legacy is freeze-dried, so has a slightly better texture than spray-dried eggs. Freeze drying does mean these powdered eggs are a bit more expensive.

It is probably worth paying the higher price though because of the longer shelf life.

The smaller packaging is also more convenient than the bulk packages you find on other long-shelf life powdered eggs.

  • 18 to 36-month shelf life

Verdict: Great value if you use powdered eggs often

How Much Water Does It Take To Rehydrate Freeze Dried Eggs

Typically, you will use a 1:1 ratio of water and egg powder to rehydrated freeze dried eggs. However, you may need more if you are making scrambled eggs.

How much water you want to add will also depend on what purpose you are using eggs for. Some recipes will need liquid runny eggs to help with mixing while others can use powdered eggs no problem.

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How Much Freeze Dried Egg Equals One Egg

Typically, freeze drying eggs will lessen the amount of eggs that you have. However, by the time they are reconstituted you will have the same amount. Therefore freeze dried eggs and regular eggs are a one to one ratio.

To use freeze dried powered eggs in baking, combine 2 tablespoons of egg powder and 2 tablespoons water in a bowl. Stir and let sit for two minutes to allow the water to get absorbed into the egg powder.

You can then cook the egg like scrambled eggs or use in baking.

How To Freeze Dry Eggs And Make Powdered Eggs

The Best Powdered Eggs for Your Emergency Food Supply 2022 ...

Learning how to make powdered eggs is super simple to do. To start, freeze dry your eggs as normal. For the freeze drying process, I recommend cracking your eggs into baggies or silicone ice cube trays.

Once they are dried, toss them into a blender and blend until they form a powder. From there place your eggs into sealed containers for storage. It is that easy to learn how to make powdered eggs.

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How Long Do Raw Freeze Dried Scrambled Eggs Last

When properly stored, freeze dried Scrambled eggs can last for several years. This means that you will always have eggs on hand and freeze drying allows you to take advantage of large sales or large yields from your chickens.

You should store your freeze dried eggs in an airtight storage container. If you are saving them for a short time, you can use mason jars with plastic lids.

However, for long term storage, I recommend using Mylar bags with an oxygen absorber.

How Long Will Powdered Eggs Last

Powdered eggs have a storage life of 510 years depending on the environment. The shelf life can further be extended by placing eggs powdered in air tight containers under anaerobic conditions or placed in a cool storage place. There is no need for any refrigeration or cold chain as in case of liquid eggs.

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Once Opened How Long Will Powdered Eggs Last

Stored in the absence of oxygen and placed in a cool storage environment, powdered eggs have a storage life of 5 to 10 years. Once a container of powdered eggs has been opened, it is comparable to any other dehydrated dairy product and shelf-life would be measured in weeks or a month. Many people opt to refrigerate the remaining portion or only open as small a container as possible. If the goal is to keep the remaining powdered eggs long-term, we recommend that you re-pack the remaining portion in a smaller container with an oxygen absorber. Keep in mind that the eggs will only store as well as the condition of the original product – and therefore, should be free of moisture and oxygen.


Advantages Of Using Powdered Eggs Vs Fresh Eggs

How I Make Powdered Eggs

There are many real advantages to using powdered eggs over fresh eggs. The fact that powdered eggs are a non-perishable food when stored in an airtight container is their greatest advantage. Stored in the absence of oxygen and placed in a cool storage environment, powdered eggs have a storage life of 5 to 10 years. This means that they can be included in stored dried mixes – alleviating the need for having fresh eggs on hand.There are several other advantages. You never have to worry about dropping and breaking a dehydrated egg – and dehydrated eggs store in a much smaller space. A dozen fresh eggs take up about 122 cubic inches in their carton. When the eggs are powdered, this is reduced to less than 22 cubic inches per dozen powdered eggs. Not only will this free up room in your refrigerator, a can of powdered eggs requires no refrigeration and stores for months in your pantry.

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Types Of Powdered Eggs

There are three different types of powdered eggs:

Note that scrambled egg powder is different than egg powder. It is usually made by freeze-drying cooked eggs. Because it is precooked, you can make it by just adding water .

You cannot use scrambled egg powder in baked goods! It does make a good backpacking meal or instant emergency meal though.

Can You Make Freeze Dried Eggs At Home

Yes! You absolutely can freeze dry eggs at home, whether in a machine or through a different method. Freeze dried eggs are perfect for storage and last a long time making them a great thing to have on the shelf.

Not to mention just how many recipes call for eggs, as well as them tasting great on their own. Learning how to freeze dry eggs at home is a good way to preserve your fresh eggs.

There are a couple methods that you can use to freeze dry eggs, and you can even do it without the use of a machine.

If you don’t have a freeze dryer, then you can buy egg powder from 4Patriots to keep on the shelf.

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What Are The Different Types Of Powdered Eggs

Whole Powdered Eggs

Whole powdered eggs contain the whole egg and are very versatile in baking. They can be added with the dry ingredients when baking and act exactly like the “real thing” would act in the recipe – this is because they are the “real thing.” Whole egg powder can be used successfully to make mayonnaise. It thickens pudding just like fresh eggs, and can be used to make omelets and scrambled eggs. They can even be used to make Eggnog.

Powdered Egg Whites

Powdered egg whites contain just the white of the egg and work just as well in recipes as egg whites that have been hand-separated. A huge advantage of using powdered egg whites is that it does not require going through the tedious process of separating the yoke from the white yourself nor do you have to find an alternate use for those yokes that are left over. Egg white powder is a lot less messy than separating fresh eggs which also make them a great time saver. They are perfect for whipping into a meringue. In fact, another name for them is meringue powder.

Powdered Egg Mix

Powdered egg mix is mostly whole egg powder with a bit of powdered milk and vegetable oil blended into the powder. The powdered egg mix has been formulated to make scrambled eggs, omelets or French toast. It is especially well suited for camping trips and other outings.

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Can You Use Freeze Dried Eggs For Baking

Freeze dried eggs are perfect for baking, as you can easily add them to any recipe. Further, they can be used in a one to one ratio after reconstituting. With minor corrections, you can also use egg powder in recipes.

Of course, you will want to use your best judgement as some recipes will need the eggs to be reconstituted to make them liquid and help with the mixing process.

What Is The Origin Of The Eggs Used For The Making Of Powdered Eggs

The eggs that are used in the process of Deps come from the factory of Wulro Eggs. Deps was founded by the Wulro, which means that you obtain eggs of a very high quality. Therefore, the powdered eggs can be produced in high amounts and you do not have to look somewhere else to buy the powdered eggs. At Deps we can produce an amount of 120 tonnes per week.

Dutch Egg Powder Solutions B.V. was founded in 2015 by independently owned family company Wulro. Wulro Food Group has been a strong player in the egg market since 1884. The company mainly focuses on the production of egg products for a variety of domestic and international clients in de food business.

  • Certified producer of egg powder
  • Consistent output

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How To Store Freeze Dried Eggs

Your freeze dried eggs will last up to 25 years if stored properly. Here are several ways to store your powdered eggs until you’re ready to use them:

  • Store powdered eggs in a mason jar if you plant to use them within a few weeks. I recommend using the plastic lids because they seal better than a ring and lid.
  • You can vacuum seal your powdered eggs in a mason jar or in vacuum sealed bags if you plant to store them for longer than a few weeks.
  • For the longest storage, store them in Mylar storage bags with an oxygen absorber.

Now you know how to make freeze dried eggs at home!

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Which Is Better: Freeze

Wise Company Powdered Eggs Kit with 144 Servings

Both freeze-dried and spray-dried eggs are very similar. Most people wont be able to notice much of a difference between the final products.

However, freeze-dried eggs usually are slightly better in terms of texture. Freeze-dried eggs also reconstitute better. The reason for this is because spray drying heats the eggs, thus changing the composition.

Spray drying is usually cheaper and easier to produce large batches. Because of this, most powdered eggs are made with spray drying and not freeze-drying.

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Long Shelf Life Whole Egg Powder In Bulk

Legacy Essentials foods taste great, are made from high quality ingredients and have long shelf lives. Legacy Essentials offers the best value for a 2,000-calorie day and their bulk itemsare delicious and easy to prepare. Whole powdered eggs supply protein, vitamins, iron and calcium whole egg powder reconstitutes by simply adding water. Breakfast won’t be the same without the added protein and hearty nature of eggs. Legacy bulk powdered eggs have a long shelf life and are made from US chickens, dried and pasteurized in the United States for safety and quality.

Versatile whole egg powder will be a convenient and handy part of your long shelf life bulk foods supply. Substitute whole powdered eggs when baking or enjoy scrambled eggs and omelets for a premium breakfast treat. Legacy Essentials powdered eggs are a great deal and can be used without rehydration in baked goods. Legacy Essentials has the lowest price in the long shelf life bulk food industry.

Whole Egg Powder Features –

  • Freeze Dried, High Quality Ingredients

Is It Possible To Make Egg Powder In A Dehydrator

No, it is not possible to make powdered eggs with a food dehydrator. When you dry eggs on a home dehydrator, the proteins get very hard. They end up gross and rubbery when you try to rehydrate them and dont even work for baking.

*Note there are plenty of videos online showing how to dehydrate eggs and then blend them into a powder. The eggs will get dry they just lose all their desirable properties. You really need a spray dryer or freeze dryer if you want to make powdered eggs!

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Two: Dehydrating The Eggs

Using a Dehydrator

  • 1Prepare the dehydrator trays. Place plastic, rimmed dehydrator discs into each dehydrator tray you expect to use.
  • This is especially important if you are working with raw eggs since the shallow rim will prevent the liquid from running off the side of the tray.
  • 2Pour the eggs into the dehydrator trays. Roughly half a dozen whole eggs should fit on each standard dehydrator tray. Each tray should also be able to hold one dozen egg whites or one dozen egg yolks.XResearch source
  • When working with raw eggs, simply pour the beaten egg mixture into each tray. A thin layer is preferable to a thick one.
  • When working with cooked eggs, evenly spread the cooked egg pieces out over the tray, keeping them in a single layer.
  • 3Run the dehydrator until the eggs are crispy. Place the trays in your dehydrator and set the machine to a high heat, between 135 and 145 degrees Fahrenheit . Dehydrate the eggs until they look like coarse, dry crumbs.XResearch source
  • For raw eggs, the process will usually take around 8 to 10 hours.
  • For cooked eggs, the process will usually take around 10 to 12 hours.
  • If you notice any grease lingering on otherwise dried eggs, you should dab it off with a paper towel and let the affected eggs dry a little longer before moving on.
  • Using an Oven

  • 1Preheat the oven to its lowest temperature. The ideal temperature for oven drying will be about 115 degrees Fahrenheit , but many ovens only drop to roughly 170 degrees Fahrenheit .
  • How Are Powdered Eggs Made

    11.5 OZ Whole Egg Powder (Non

    Powdered eggs are made in a spray dryer much in the same way that powdered milk is made. The finished product is a free flowing powder that reconstitutes into a product similar to fresh whipped eggs.

    Left: Powdered Eggs . Right: Omelet made from powdered eggs, cheddar cheese powder, dehydrated onions and taco TVP.

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    Powdered Eggs Vs Fresh Eggs

    When cooked, the taste of powdered and fresh eggs is exactly the same. The texture of powdered eggs is sometimes a bit different though, especially if you didnt mix the powder with water well enough.

    Nutritionally, both are great sources of protein and minerals. Powdered eggs do have fewer vitamins and certain other nutrients than fresh eggs though because those nutrients break down during production and storage.

    So, yes, fresh eggs are better than powdered eggs in terms of texture and nutrition . Fresh eggs are also usually cheaper than powdered eggs. However, powdered eggs are better in almost every other way.

    Where To Buy Powdered Eggs

    When you are looking for the right place to buy powdered eggs, it is important to know the exact product that you need and the possibilities of powdered egg companies for you. Furthermore, if you want to buy egg powder in bulk, it would probably be better to contact a factory in order to discuss your needs and get a quote so you can see the total costs. Smaller amounts of dried egg powder can be easily found at stores.

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    How Long Does It Take To Freeze Dry Scrambled Eggs

    Using a machine will take several hours depending on how much egg you are freeze drying. Using the machine can take up to 16 hours to make freeze dried eggs.

    As such, it is important to plan your time accordingly. The last thing you want is to be bound to your freeze drier when you need to be doing something else.

    Do Freeze Dried Eggs Taste Good

    How to Make Your Own Powdered Eggs

    Freeze dried eggs can be used as one to one substitutes in most recipes or eaten on their own. Typically, freeze dried eggs are reconstituted before consumption, unlike fruits or meats.

    This is because to freeze dry eggs you are drying the innards of the egg. As such, you would eat them in the same way you eat fresh eggs, through cooking or in a recipe.

    However, reconstituted eggs taste great and are typically indistinguishable from standard eggs when used in recipes.

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