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I cracked open a bottle of Just in the morning and was admittedly hesitant. I love eggs for breakfast, but something about eating eggs poured from a bottle has never appealed to me — even from a bottle of real eggs. Here, I was diving into the unknown world of mung bean eggs. But I love mung beans, and I love eggs how odd could it be?

The smell was actually inviting. The “egg” mixture sort of smelled like an MSG-packed bowl of instant ramen, and I mean that in the best way possible. I greased up a pan and poured in the yellow liquid, delighted to hear the chorus of bubbling oil as the mixture spread. At first, the faux eggs looked more like pancakes or crepes, but soon enough, curds formed and the “eggs” actually started to look like… eggs. I sprinkled in salt and pepper as I would for regular eggs and scrambled away.

One of the challenges of making these fake eggs was deciding when they were finished. The bottle suggests you cook the Just Egg thoroughly, which may turn off those who prefer their scrambled eggs soft — aka me.

The texture was also a bit challenging. While the flavor of the mung bean eggs could actually pass for real eggs, the texture was gritty in some bites, stringy in others. It felt as if I scrambled the eggs with a breaking cheese sauce, making for an unpleasant mouthfeel. It was nothing like the fluffy texture you expect from a plate of scrambled eggs.

What Is Vegan Just Egg Made Of

What are vegan eggs, exactly? Just Egg has been made to resemble real eggs, using turmeric and mung bean protein to create an egg-like texture and flavor. Reviews of the product on Amazon stated that people were pleasantly surprised by its similarity to chicken eggs in its texture, smell, and taste.

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Algal Flour And The Adverse Effects Of Algae

Costco Is Selling Plant

Algae does not impact the environment like regular egg production not even close. Supplementing chicken and pigs diets with micro algae also has shown health benefits for those animals, reducing plasma concentration of cholesterol, triglycerides, and fatty acids.3

Those are two good things for animals and the Earth, but what about any adverse effects on us humans? Soylent, for example, claimed algal flour in some of its products was making customers sick with digestive issues late last year. The biotech company that produces the algal flour rebutted, saying that Soylent couldnt blame algae because of the 40 other ingredients in Soylent products that could have been the culprit.4

The nutritional composition across algae species is not yet well understood neither is the quantification of any toxic or potentially harmful stuff adsorbed by algae, though its Generally Regarded as Safe by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration . Harvesting , storing, and processing also can affect the potential value of products containing algae. The difficulty in protein isolation also makes algal flour more expensive, and therefore some types of vegan eggs three or four times the price of regular eggs, which can be a turnoff for consumers.5

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Is ‘just Egg’ More Sustainable Than The Real Thing

Dernière mise à jour : 6 févr. 2020

Imitating animal protein products with plant-based alternatives is a growing trend. For example, plant-based burgers such as Beyond Meat and the Impossible Burger have established brand name recognition and are available at some major fast-food chains. Plant-based imitations are not limited to burgers Just Egg imitates omelets and scrabbled eggs and has appeared on Tim Horton’s menu. These plant-based products need to aim a larger market than the vegan one, which remains low at less than 2% of the population. Thus, they are also marketed as an environmentally friendlier alternative. For instance, Just Egg website claims that its product use 77% less water and has a 40% lower carbon footprint than eggs. In this short note, we argue that these environmental claims, when put in perspective, are misleading the consumer.

The claims of Just Egg sustainability are based on a life-cycle analysis study. Such studies examine the impacts of all the inputs needed to produce a final product, in this case Just Egg and eggs. In other words, to calculate the impact of Just Egg, the environmental impact of the production of the raw ingredients, including mung beans , canola oil and small amounts of 14 other ingredients are considered. In the case of eggs, the LCA considers the grains needed to feed the laying hens as well as the environmental impacts of hens and their manure. LCA analyses are widely used and are scientifically rigorous methodologies.

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Im A Chef And When I Eat Out I Always Avoid Ordering These Two Appetizers

The candy giant also revealed on its site that over 500 million Creme Eggs are made year-round and not just around Easter time.

Content creator Abbey, known online as @abbeythefoodscientist, shared the secret to the sugary centre on TikTok, writing: ” Opening a Cadbury Creme Egg!

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“The inside is a mixture of sugar, corn syrup, and water, or what’s called fondant.”

One follower replied: “Okay I want to go make a massive bowl of it now I know what it is.”

Two-thirds of those delicious chocolate ovals are consumed by just UK citizens alone.

About £70 million are spent by the company to mass-produce the sweet treats.

And while the delicacy is great to bring up those glucose levels for a high-sugar rush, the nutritional value of these purple foiled gems is not so yummy.

There are about 26.5 grams over 6.5 teaspoons of total sugar, 6 grams of fat and over 170 calories per egg.

People on social media were also astounded at the amount of sugar each egg holds.

Just found out that Cadburys Creme Eggs have got loads of sugar in them. Really upset about this, had no idea, one person whined.

Someone has just told me that the center is actually JUST sugar in which case why call it fondant smh.

Someone else teased: Why are people always using refined white sugar when you can just crack in a few Cadbury Creme Eggs?

Where To Buy Just Egg

Is Just Egg Healthy?! What is Just Egg made of?!

After years of development, the wait is finally over.

JUST Egg is now available in all Whole Foods Market and Sprouts locations. Check your local health food store now because some locations are already carrying it as well.

JUST Egg is also from Whole Foods too.

Its also available in select stores like Wegmans, Hy-Vee, Fresh Thyme and Safeway.

To find a JUST Egg retailer near you, use this store locator.

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Is The Just Egg Available In Asia

People in Asia got the lowdown on JUSTs vegan egg before the US. In Hong Kong, bottles of the mung bean-based egg were rolled out in the plant-based plaza, Green Market in January 2018. Luxury hotel Grand Hyatt Singapore has also been treating patrons to JUST Egg since October 2018.

The JUST Egg recently became available in mainland China. According to Vegconomist, it is available for purchase through JD.com, the nations largest online retailer, JUSTs WeChat Store grocery and food delivery service Hema, e-commerce platform Tmall.com, food e-commerce site FreshFresh.com specialty retailer Citysuper, and seed-to-table restaurant chain Hunter Gatherer.

Vegan Egg Salad Sandwich

If you love an egg sandwich but are lost on how to make it vegan, trusty tofu is the perfect alternative. To get the right color in the recipe, a combination of turmeric and dijon mustard is used.

Prepare the tofu by patting it dry, then combine the ingredients and assemble your sandwich.

You can find the recipe here

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Healthy Vs Whole Foods

For people who want a product that is healthier than eating eggs, JUST Egg is for you! People trying to eat better and transition to a vegan diet will love this product. People who follow a plant-based diet for environmental reasons or animals instead of health reasons are excellent products for a quick breakfast or bake.

If you are following a Whole Foods Plant-Based Diet, JUST Egg is not a whole food. Not only does it contain oil, but it also has a few ‘red flag’ ingredients I choose not to eat.

If it looks like an egg and tastes like an egg, I’d say it’s JUST Egg. I hope you enjoyed the Just Egg review: share it with your friends.

Would I Buy Just Egg Vegan Egg Again

Just Egg Folded Plant

Yes, Id buy this Just Egg vegan egg substitute again and I actually purchase it regularly, especially since the price has gotten a little more reasonable than when it first came out. Even though I still crave and mostly make tofu scrambles, I like this as a change of pace and its super easy for a quick, filling protein to cook up in about 5 minutes when Im feeling lazy. Also, I love experimenting with it in new recipes and Ive recently created a vegan cheesecake recipe using it . What do you think about this vegan Just Egg liquid scramble? Leave your review below!


Long time vegan living in upstate NY. Web developer and founder of Vegan ShowOff. Shes addicted to ice cream and loves hiking, snowboarding, gardening, and travel. Read more from Nicole!

Whats your opinion? Leave a review!

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What Are The Ingredients In Eggless Eggs

Boome explained that the ingredients combined to make eggless eggs are fairly simple. Ingredients of a typical powdered eggless egg include:

-proteins like soy and chickpeas

-nutritional yeast

-plant-based sugars

Liquid eggless eggs, on the other hand, are slightly different, says Boome. Most ingredients are the same, like the soy and chickpea protein, but liquid eggless eggs tend to have more liquid, like water and oils, to change the consistency. Having eggless eggs in your grocery arsenal may not be necessary for you, but if youre interested in cutting eggs out of your diet for whatever reason, these fake eggs are a great alternative. You can even try an eggless egg taste-test with your family and we bet they wont notice a huge difference.


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What Can You Make With Just Egg

This plant based egg can be used as an egg substitute in any dish with a scrambled egg component to it. Omelettes, breakfast sandwiches, burritos, fried rice, frittatas, scrambles, and even quiche can be easily made. There’s tons of recipes and inspo that you can find on their instagram and their website. The world is your oyster, or should I say eggshell?

Additionally, you may find that your local brunch spot may offer vegan dishes that utilize Just egg. This would be the perfect opportunity for you to give them a try before buying your own bottle. Next time your friends or family ask, “What the heck are vegan eggs and where do they come from?” you’ll be able to give them all the tasty information they need.

We Tested 9 Vegan Eggs And There Were 2 With Perfect Scores

Is JUST Egg Healthy?

Its crazy to think that just a decade ago, there were no animal-free alternatives to chicken eggs. If you went vegan, it meant saying goodbye to eating, cooking, and baking with eggs. So, the fact that I reached out to about 20 different brands making alt protein egg products for this review is a clear sign of how far along the industry has come.

Its not just about the perfect egg scramble or egg breakfast sandwich at brunch. Eggs are a major cooking and baking ingredient. As an avid baker, I know that the struggle is real when it comes to finding the right egg replacement for your popover or Il Flotante. Not to mention eggs over easy or a hard-boiled egg you can make deviled eggs and egg salad with. The good news? There are lots of options and new players in the space working hard to give you animal-free alternatives no matter how you like your eggs.

You can have your fried egg or your hard-boiled egg and eat it too! From frozen pourable to ready-to-eat patty and instant powder mix, with ingredients that span mung beans and lupin beans to pea and tofu, I researched it all, and by research, I mean ate, of course. Heres my cheat sheet on how they taste, cook, and compare with one another.

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What Are The Ingredients In Just Egg

Just Egg is a vegan, plant-based alternative to eggs made with turmeric and mung bean protein to create an egg-like texture and flavor. The vegan eggs are nutritionally similar to chicken eggs, they each pack a similar amount of calories and protein.

JUST Eggs foundational ingredient

A protein-rich legume called a mung bean that magically scrambles like an egg. The mung bean has been in the food system for over 4,000 years and is used in countless cuisines globally, but its never before been used quite like this. We were lucky enough to find something that has already impacted our food system for thousands of years and turn it into a meal that will impact it for thousands more.

What Are The Ingredients In Just Egg?

Just Egg is made with the following ingredients Water, Mung Bean Protein Isolate, Expeller-Pressed Canola Oil, Contains less than 2% of Dehydrated Onion, Gellan Gum, Natural Carrot Extractives , Natural Flavors, Natural Turmeric Extractives , Potassium Citrate, Salt, Soy Lecithin, Sugar, Tapioca Syrup, Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate, Transglutaminase, Nisin .

Serving size 3 Tbsp Amount
Iron 4%

* The percent daily values tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.

Are Vegan as healthy as real eggs?

Are Egg Whites Actually Healthier Than the Yolks?

The Main Ingredients In Just Egg

First, the two main ingredients in JUST Egg are mung beans and Tumeric.

According to Medical News Today, Mung beans are a type of pulse, which means they are an edible seed of the legume plant family.

Similar to all pulses, mung beans are nutritionally balanced. They contain vitamins, minerals, and beneficial enzymes, making them an excellent part of a healthful diet.

According to a 2014 review, evidence suggests that mung beans may have several potential health benefits, including:

  • Antioxidant effects. Research shows that several compounds in mung beans demonstrate antioxidant activity.
  • Antifungal and antimicrobial activity. These include some against the Helicobacter pylori bacteria that causes stomach ulcers.
  • Anti-inflammatory activity. Test tube studies suggest that mung bean improves inflammatory conditions and symptoms, such as allergies.
  • Diabetes. Studies in rats suggest mung bean extracts may help lower blood glucose levels.
  • Hypertension. Studies in rats suggest sprout extracts may help lower blood pressure.
  • Cancer. Test tube studies suggest that compounds in mung beans may have antitumor properties.

However, further studies in humans are needed for scientists to confirm and better understand these properties.

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Are Brown Eggs Better

Are Brown Eggs Better than White Eggs? The color of an egg is not an indicator of quality. When it comes to taste and nutrition, there is no difference between white and brown eggs. Despite the fact that theyre often more expensive, brown eggs arent any better for you than white eggs, and vice versa.

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Is Dietary Cholesterol Actually Unhealthy

JUST Egg Folded Plant Egg Patties, 4 ct / 8 oz

One of the core health claims made by JUST Egg is that their product has no cholesterol. Some consumers who avoid eggs do so out of an avoidance of cholesterol.

It makes logical sense that avoiding dietary cholesterol may improve serum cholesterol levels, but this doesnât appear to be the case based on medical research. An extensive medical review published in the Nutrients journal examined the impact of dietary cholesterol on health outcomes like cardiovascular disease.

The study authors found that while consuming a cholesterol-rich diet may slightly increase both low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels and high-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels, it does not worsen the HDL/LDL ratio which is the key marker for cardiovascular issues. They concluded the following:

âThe current literature does not support the notion that dietary cholesterol increases the risk of heart disease in a healthy individuals.â

Patients with conditions related to cholesterol metabolism should speak with their doctor prior to making any dietary changes.

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