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This Breakfast Staple Is Endlessly Customizable

How to Make the Best Scrambled Eggs… Ever! | Southern Living

Everyone has their own special trick for scrambled eggs. Alton Brown suggests adding a Southern staple, while Dolly relies on ice-water for her signature fluffy eggs. Some prefer a low and slow method, but others insist on a high-heat scramble. Then there’s the milk or no milk debate. Whichever way you like to prepare your scrambled eggs, there’s no short supply of ways to upgrade them. From a spicy kick to a sprinkle of fresh herbs, here are 10 things to add to your scrambled eggs that will take them to the next level.

Fold In Cultured Dairy

Adding milk to scrambled eggs may be a waste, but cultured dairy is another story. A dollop of dairy products like sour cream, Greek-style yogurt, and creme fraiche folded in at the end of the cooking process add a delightful creaminess and tang to scrambled eggs. Gordon Ramsay, whose scrambled egg recipe is a beloved classic, adds a dollop creme fraiche to his eggs off-heat, right before plating. Just be careful to not add too much or risk watery, loose eggs.

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Whats The Difference Between Cage

Taste of Home

This is perhaps where most of the publics misconceptions lie regarding egg labels, so lets break it down.

  • Cage-free: Some producers boast their eggs are cage-free. This label simply means that the chickens arent actually in cages, but they could still be packed wing-to-beak in confined quarters with no access to the outside.
  • Free-range: Eggs labeled free-range mean the chickens must have access to the outdoors a minimum of six hours per day and have two square feet of space per bird. Outdoors, however, could mean anything from an open field to a patch of dirt, depending on the farm. Knowing your farmer can give you a better idea of how the hens were raised.
  • Pasture-raised: Eggs labeled pasture-raised have passed Humane Farm Animal Care certification, which guarantees that the chickens have been raised on a vegetation-covered pasture with 108 square feet per chicken for a minimum of six hours per day. The chickens are fed only grains without animal byproducts and are free to naturally consume the seeds and insects that boost their flavor and nutrition. Pasture-raised eggs can have up to six times as much vitamin D, less cholesterol and more vitamin A, omega-3, vitamin E and beta-carotene. Of course, all those benefits come with a hefty price tag. But if youre making recipes like hollandaise sauce that contain raw eggs, pasture-raised eggs are a good choice.

Blue Sky Family Farms

Best Hard Boiled Eggs

The company Egg Innovations is about improving animal welfare and returning to family farms. Through their subsidiary Blue Sky Family Farms, theyre able to provide pastured eggs. Their devotion to being environmental also includes putting their eggs in cartons which are made from 100% recycled post-consumer newsprint. Plus the cartons are 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

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So What Eggsactly Does This Mean

But does this mean that all those folks who think one egg tastes better than another are wrong? Absolutely not. You’ve probably noticed it yourself. Doesn’t an ice cold beer taste better when you’re drinking it with friends on an outdoor patio on a cold summer day than the exact same beer does on all those lonely nights when you’re drinking solo? Doesn’t the atmosphere and service in a restaurant affect the flavor of the food in your mind?

“Do you really think that your mom’s is better than anyone else’s?”

Do you really think that your mom’s is better than anyone else’s? Chances are, the real reason you like it so much is because it’s your mom making it. The combination of physical appearance, weather, company, atmosphere, even your mood can affect the flavor of foods.

Back in 1985, the Coca-Cola company inadvertently created what is probably the largest, most well-documented test case on the effects of psychology on flavor in history: In a bid to regain market share from Pepsi, the bigwigs at the Coca-Cola company decided to reformulate their flagship soft drink. They came up with a new formula that in blind taste tests defeated both Pepsi and the original Coke. It seemed like a clear winner, and in April of that year, they made a complete switch, discontinuing the original formula, and marketing the new one as “The New Taste of Coca-Cola.”

All this despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of tasters preferred New Coke to Coke Classic.

Are Liquid Egg Whites Better Than Whole Egg

Liquid Egg Whites versus Egg or Egg yolks? Well, I guess it depends on what you are after.

Nutritionally speaking, pasteurized liquid egg whites are very similar to egg whites in the shell. But most people should not discard the yolks as yolks contain very valuable nutrients, including beta-carotene, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, selenium, and much more.

So, If your goal is the eggs nutritional content, go with the whole egg, which contains both yolks and whites. But if you are trying to avoid even the smallest amount of cholesterol, stick to liquid whites only.

When buying liquid egg whites, the same shopping rules I mentioned above still apply. Check for the sell-by date and whether the product is made out of cadge, free-range, or organic eggs. Most liquid egg products do require refrigeration, but always read the carton for storage instructions.

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What Grade Eggs Should You Buy

Eggs are graded on a scale: AA, A and B. The grade is based on the eggs appearance and how firm the white is inside. Youll find mostly grade A at supermarkets but keep an eye out for others:

  • Grade A: Clean, smooth eggs with fairly thick egg whites
  • Grade AA: Thick, clean shell and firm egg whites
  • Grade B: May have bumpy shells and/or thin whites

For cooking and baking, the standard grade A eggs work perfectly.

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SCRAMBLED EGGS – How To Make Perfect Scrambled Eggs for Breakfast

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Egg White Quiche With Vegetables

Eating a quiche is basically like having a savory pie for breakfastand what could be better than that? How about one that’s low in fat and packed with protein? This recipe is also crustless, which helps to make the quiche low-carb and better for weight loss. These healthy swaps have resulted in a quiche that’s only 101 calories per slice.

Get the recipe from The Gardening Cook.

The Best Eggs To Buy: Your Guide To Organic Cage

Shopping for eggs can be a total headache. In addition to choices that involve size, color and grade, eggs may carry labels such as cage-free, free-range, pasture-raised, vegetarian-fed, enriched or organic.

Video of the Day

Read on for some clarity with which you can sort through these label claims so you can buy your eggs with confidence.

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Why Are Eggs So Good For You

Eggs contain a large amount of high-quality proteins. Egg yolks are also a great natural source of Vitamins A, D, and E. Egg protein has the perfect combination of essential amino acids required by the human body to build tissues, and so naturally, we eat them.

But are we eating the right eggs?

Unfortunately, for all its nutritional values and advantage, it has a low keeping quality. And if the egg is not of the right quality, it will not fully supply our body with the complete nutritional content.

Not to mention, if you consume a bad egg, you run the risk of salmonella poisoning, which has symptoms that include vomiting, fever, diarrhea, and stomach cramps, which may last a few days.

Have you experienced any of these symptoms, or would you simply like to prevent them from happening? Maybe you are just wondering which eggs are the healthiest?

Keep reading to find out which are the best eggs to eat, what kind of chickens lay the most nutritious eggs, what are the different grades of eggs, and how to check if these are fresh or not.

Are Better Eggs Worth The Cost

Best Ever Deviled Eggs with Bacon

In summary, the best way to know the quality of your eggs is to know where your eggs come from and to ask questions about how they are raised and what they are fed. Beyond that, organic AND pasture-raised are best.

Though more expensive and sometimes confusing to find, the nutrition upgrade is certainly worth the price when it comes to eggs. Eggs are far cheaper than pasture-raised chicken or beef, and for vegetarians, eggs provide essential nutrition. Even the most expensive eggs can stretch a long way if you cook them up with lots of veggies or stir them into a fried rice dish.

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Pick The Egg Pan Thats Just Right For You

We independently research, test, review, and recommend the bestproductslearn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

The Spruce Eats / Amelia Manley

Eggs have become the ultimate versatile kitchen staple. They’re the perfect start to the day and a crowd favorite on brunch menus. The options to cook this breakfast fix are endless: They can be scrambled quickly, fried to perfection, or even showcased as a perfect French omelet or Denver omelet. And who says we cant have eggs for dinner?

But the pans you choose to cook the eggs in are as important as the quality of the eggs themselves. With the right pan, you can make the fluffiest scrambled eggs that have a curd-like texture and perfectly gooey omelets that will bring you joy. The right kind of pan helps you cook your dishes quickly and makes for an easy cleanup afterward.

Here are the best egg pans to help you enjoy this breakfast staple.

Understanding Labels When Deciding The Best Eggs To Buy

Poultry and egg farmers use a variety of words on their labels to describe how chickens are raised. In many cases, these are just clever marketing to make consumers feel better about their choices when deciding which are the best eggs to buy.

First, lets get the USDA labels out of the way, which basically only tell you how fresh the eggs are .

We believe these are the three labels you need to pay the most attention to:

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Throw In Leftover Potatoes

Best-ever scrambled eggs with Curtis Stone

Last night’s roasted potatoes can be repurposed into this morning’s egg scramble. Heat diced, cooked potatoes in butter until crispy and then add your beaten eggs, scramble, and serve hot with ketchup, if desired. Why go to a greasy spoon when you can recreate this messy but delicious breakfast dish at home?

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So Why Eat Farm Fresh Eggs See Egg Picture Below With The Chicken That Was Free To Roam Which Egg Came From The Healthiest Chicken

Real Free-Range Eggs A recent MOTHER EARTH NEWS study found that compared to conventional American eggs, real free-range eggs have less cholesterol and saturated fat, plus more vitamins A and E, beta carotene and polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids. READ MORE HERE ABOUT REAL FREE RANGE EGGS

So What Are The Best Eggs To Buy

While sorting through all the claims and information on egg containers can be confusing, there are some ways to simplify the purchasing process.

“The best thing to look for on an egg label is the USDA Grade Shield,” Schlachter says. “Then, even though your eggs are not any more nutritious than another egg type, at least they’re meeting the standards for egg quality.”

And remember: Pricey eggs are not necessarily better, Houchins says. “The cost of one type of egg relative to another type of egg is not an indicator of nutritional value. Instead, it is a reflection of the farming method used to produce the egg.”

The best strategy is to make your decision based on the intended use of the egg, your personal preferences and your budget.

For instance, if it’s important to you that your eggs come from humanely raised hens, then you may want to purchase free-range or pasture-raised eggs â if you are willing to pay the higher cost.

If you are seeking the most nutritious egg, enriched eggs are your best bet.

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At the Los Angeles Times, critic Mikael Wood agreed the song is about Swift’s career and specifically “the deliberation and the ingenuity of the moves that took the 32-year-old from being a teenage country phenom to being one of the two or three biggest acts in all of music.”

Swift further sends up her tendency to drop cryptic Easter eggs in the music video for “Anti-Hero,” which includes a scene where her children read her will at her funeral and insist it must contain a “secret encoded message that means something else!”

How To Cook Eggs Over Easy

Best Basic Hard Boiled Eggs

Over-easy eggs are basically sunny-side up eggs that you have to flip. Theyre a great addition to breakfast BLTs and plenty of other sandwiches, and quick to cook.

Step 1: Follow the directions for sunny-side up eggs. But, instead of taking the eggs out of the pan, flip them over and cook for about 30 seconds.

Step 2: Test to see if the egg is done by shaking the pan: The yolk should still be jiggly, but the egg white should be firm.

Step 3: Remove from the pan and enjoy!

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How To Test To See If An Egg Is Fresh

  • Put an uncooked egg in a bowl of cold water. If it sinks to the bottom and lies on its side, its fresh. If it stands up, its about 12 weeks old. If it floats, its an old egg.
  • Hardboil it. Storing eggs for a long time will cause evaporation of the whites, which is why the shell of an old egg is easier to peel off. Fresh eggs will be harder to peel because the whites are fuller and pressed harder against the shell.
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    Are There Nutritional Differences Between These Labels

    When it comes to egg nutrition, egg producers can engineer nutrition profiles with what they feed the hens.

    “There will be a noticeable nutritional difference if are fed a feed that’s intended to provide a marked difference on the eggs’ nutritional quality. The nutritional value of the egg is typically only impacted by the feeding program for the hen,” explains Braswell. In other words, you can create the nutrition profile you want in eggs via the hens’ diets. For example, eggs labeled as omega-3 eggs may come from hens that are fed flaxseed, which is high in omega-3 fatty acids.

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