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The possibilities of the EGG are endless. Just like our service. Thats why your EGG has a life-long warranty. A warranty for enjoyment.

You go for quality of life, for the ultimate flavour. For you, theres only one kamado: Big Green Egg.The original, since 74.

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Where To Buy The Big Green Egg

US BuyersOnce youve decided which package or egg youd like, there are a few different ways to order and receive a Big Green Egg. You wont be able to order an Egg from Amazon or find it for sale in a store like Walmart. Instead, the company uses a distribution network that works with local stores that have knowledgeable experts on Big Green Eggs.

Even if you purchase a Big Green Egg on , the order is fulfilled by a local distributor near you. If you prefer to grab your Big Green Egg in-person at a store, youll have to look through the companys distributor network, though Ace Hardware is one such national store that offers Big Green Eggs.

UK BuyersBig Green Egg is available at more stores nationwide in the UK than in the US. Notable stockists include John Lewis & Partners and , although it is possible to buy direct from the Big Green Egg site , too.

Uniquely Flexible And Popular Big Green Egg Grill

The Big Green Egg company have earned their reputation in the barbecue grill market by establishing themselves as the worlds largest producer and international distributor of ceramic kamado-style cookers.

Owning a Big Green Egg represents a great investment because it is protected by a reliable company with more than 3 decades of experience and an enviable reputation for providing high-end products and superb aftersales service.

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Big Green Egg Is A Kamado Grill

The Big Green Egg has become synonymous with what is more commonly known as the kamado grill, which is a cylindrical vessel often made of heavy-duty ceramic and complete with a massive dome lid. The peculiar shape creates the ideal environment inside for not only regular grilling needs, but for smoking foods as well. The grills have a long history. Per Kamado Jim, the kamado style grill got its start in China and then eventually made its way to Japan around 300 AD. And then, it was introduced to the U.S. after World War II.

The ceramic make of the kamado grills provide top-tier insulation, making it easier for the vessel to retain heat. Its a more efficient way to cook food at a particular temperature without having to use a lot of charcoal. Also, the internal environment helps foods retain moisture, which is always an important factor when grilling various proteins. No one likes a dry steak.

How Does The Big Green Egg Compare To Similar Models

Big Green Egg Prices for 2017

Full disclosure, I havent tested any other kamado-style grills, but from what I can find online, the Big Green Egg has a loyal fan base and for good reason. Not only did Big Green Egg introduce kamado-style grills to the US, but theyre designed to be very easy-to-use, made from top-quality materials, and offer a range of sizes for every household.

That said, other kamado grills have become popular like the Coyote and Primo grills. The Primo grill is similar in features and size options to the Big Green Egg, while the Coyote grill runs on the smaller side. Kamado Joe is probably the second-most-known kamado grill on the market. The brand differs from Big Green Egg in that it offers additional features like a multi-tier cooking system, air lift hinge that reduces the domes weight, and extra accessories like a rotisserie attachment.

The prices are similar among all kamado-style grills so if you think you can save more with one over another, thats probably not the case. The one way that Big Green Egg stands out from competitors is the fact that it uses a local distribution network. As I mentioned before, you cant buy a Big Green Egg at retailers like Costco, Walmart, or Amazon, which do sell other types of kamado grills. Potential buyers could see this as a roadblock, especially if there isnt a Big Green Egg distributor near their home. However, there are some major benefits to Big Green Egg using a local distributor.

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What Makes Kamado Grills Special

Kamado grills are known for allowing the userto keep a sustained temperature for a long period of time. Thats due to thembeing built out of clay or ceramic , depending on the manufacturer. While traditionally theywere built out of clay, the Big Green Egg is built out of thick ceramic.

This is one of the reasons why they are somuch more expensive than traditional charcoal barbecue grills. Whereas acharcoal grill is a fairly simple thing, it isnt as easy to build large grills made out of ceramic.

Yet, the benefit is obvious: ceramic is abetter insulator, which means that kamado grills typically perform better thancharcoal ones built from metal. A kamado grill can hold a steady temperaturewithout finicking with coals or fancy igniters.

Typically, these grills are also larger andheavier while Big Green Egg makes smaller grills, chances are if youve seenone before, youve probably seen one in their Large or XL sizes. These grillsarent just large in size, theyre also heavy: so much so that you typicallyneed a special stand to accommodate them. You wouldnt just want to lift onearound by yourself, or just stick one on a typical outdoor table.

A simple look into the fanatical communitiesrevolving around kamado style grills will yield a staggering number of obsesseddevotees who claim nothing comes close to their performance. Barbecuers fromall skill levels seem capable of wielding a control over their final productsthat leaves the mouth watering.

Accessorize Your Bge Grill

Once you’ve got your EGG, get some gear to kick up your cooking. Make your backyard hangouts memorable with these unique add-ons, including utensils, fuels, seasonings and sauces.

  • EGG Covers: Protect your Egg from the elements with a ventilated cover made in heavy-duty, weatherproof material.
  • EGG Fuel: Try different types of fuel that impart unique flavors to meats and veggies, such as the premium Big Green Egg hickory and oak lump charcoal, or smoking chunks for even more flavor.

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Big Green Egg Product Magazine

For every food lover the Big Green Egg is the holy grail. And the more often you use it, the happier you will be about all the possibilities, the results and the reactions. Do you want to raise the bar even higher, create more cooking surface or make things easier for yourself? Then go to town with our huge collection of accessories. Download now our new Big Green Egg product magazine.

Read more

Big Green Egg Product Magazine

Whether you are looking for the essentials or want to push your limits with the latest accessories. In the Big Green Egg product magazine you will find everything you can get for your Big Green Egg. Download the magazine or pick it up at a Big Green Egg point of sale near you.

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The real EGG fan will always stand out due to his passion for food and because he prefers to spend his time in front of his Big Green Egg. Then again, his hoodie and socks may be a dead giveaway. You can find these and other original gift tips in our Fan Shop.

Quick And Simple To Clean

What To Know Before Buying The Big Green Egg – Ace Hardware

Burning natural lump charcoal results in less ash than burning briquettes, thus less frequent ash clean out is required. The Big Green Egg exterior has a lifetime glaze that maintains its good looks and easily wipes clean with a damp cloth. Inside, the heat burns off any grease build-up like a self-cleaning oven.

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Should You Get A Big Green Egg

It depends! If you get one, you may never need to buy a smoker or any other grill. And the more you tinker with it, the more youll love it and the more comfortable youll get with it. However, it is expensive. I really do recommend the Big Green Egg, but ideally only if youre already a serious griller. And if you know youll be using it a ton and have time to tinker and learn with it.

Do you have a Big Green Egg? Let us know in the comments!

Ordering And Setting Up The Big Green Egg

There are a lot of things to consider when ordering and setting up a Large Big Green Egg at your home. Those with a complete outdoor kitchen can order the Large egg itself for about $950. However, most people will probably require a base for the grill, and the best way to do that is to order your Big Green Egg as part of a package deal.

I received the Nest + Handler Package, which means my Large Big Green Egg was placed in a metal base that had a handle and wheels. The package also included a bag of natural lump charcoal, SpeediLight All Natural Charcoal Starters, an ash removal tool, and a Grid Gripper, a tool to safely remove the cooking grid when its hot. The best accessory in the package was a convEGGtor, a ceramic plate that you place under the cooking grid for indirect cooking or to bake, smoke, and roast.

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The Big Green Egg: Endlesseggcessories

Speaking of limits, the BGEs unique naturemeans that youve got to have somewhere to put it. This means that youreprobably going to want to purchase a rack from BGE to accommodate your grill ofchoice.

This is, unfortunately, an added cost.

Likewise, there are a handful of otheraccessories , that can improve yourexperience. Theres customizable regulators, rain caps, thermometers, bakingstones, and more.

Theres even the EGG Genius that allows you tofinely-tune your temperatures through an app.

Theres plenty here to push the limits of whata kamado grill is capable of.

Yet, the sheer number of accessories might beoff putting to some especially after youve already bought an expensivegrill.

Can the cost of all the additional accessoriesyou’ll likely want be overlooked? Thebenefits of kamado grills extend into other benefits the average grill usershould consider. BGEs are notorious for lasting a long time after all,theyre essentially huge chunks of ceramic. While we cant say for sure if theEGG Genius will stand the test of time in the same way, we can at least saythat most people seem satisfied with it so far.

Ultimately, we think the amount of flexibilityoffered by the accessories is a good thing just dont assume that buying thegrill by itself will be enough to achieve the results youre looking for.

ItsGood, But How Does The Big Green Egg Compare to Other Kamado Grills?

The Big Green Egg lauds itself as being thebest kamado grill there is but is it?

Big Green Egg Grill Cookers

Big Green Egg (XL) Outdoor Grill for Sale in Plant City Florida : G5 ...

Utilizing charcoal for superior flavors, smoke ribs and sear steaks like a champ with adjustable airflow that gives you precise control over the temperature, and enjoy tender and flavorful meat, poultry and fish with a design that retains moisture and heat. The Big Green Egg grill is not just for your main courses, as you can easily grill vegetables for appetizers and bake up bread and cookies with the versatile design that will have your guests coming back for cookouts time and time again. Available in a variety of sizes, theres a BGE grill at Ace to suit the needs of every backyard chef.

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Lighting The Big Green Egg

The Large Big Green Egg is a charcoal grill, so it is a bit trickier to light than gas or wood pellet grills. However, Big Green Egg has tried to make it as easy as possible. To start, I removed the grill grid and placed lump charcoal in the bottom of the egg. My package came with SpeediLight All Natural Charcoal Starters which are break-apart fire starter pieces . The first time I lit the grill, I did as the delivery guys suggested and took two starters and twisted them, so they didnt quite break apart and then placed them in the middle of the charcoal. After lighting the starter, I closed the dome and opened the top and bottom hatch to allow air to flow through and the charcoal to catch fire. This worked, but it took about 30 minutes for the grill to reach 350 degrees.

Once the charcoal was lit and the dome was closed, I started regulating the temperature by controlling the air flow through the chimney and the bottom hatch. The more open those two hatches are, the higher the inner temperature of the grill becomes. Close them slightly, and the temperature goes down. I monitored the temperature change with the built-in temperature gauge on the front of the dome.

Once I set the grill at the right temperature, I kept the grill closed most of the cooking time, only opening it to turn my meats or vegetables when necessary. This allowed for the food to be enveloped by the smoke and produced juicy, delicious flavors.

This Is Big Green Egg

Do you remember that magical night? We talked, laughed, drank and toasted all night long. It was one of those nights you never forget.

Big Green Egg is the most popular kamado BBQ made of the best ceramics. We have been creating beautiful memories since 1974 and we will continue to do so. Big Green Egg is the original. The Evergreen.

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When You Switch To A Big Green Egg You Have To Adapt

If youre used to using a gas grill or conventional charcoal cooker, youll have to change your grilling style when you get a Big Green Egg. As previously noted, the BGE grills have a pretty complex air ventilation process to have optimal temperature control inside. As Fines Gas details, there are a few critical things to know before firing up your Big Green Egg for the first time. One of the most important items is to utilize the vents in the lid, rather than lifting the lid to let smoke out or check on food. There are vents at the top and the bottom of the grill for air flow, so opening the lid will mess up the internal temperature and could lead to uneven cooking.

Also, as pointed out by BGEs website, the grill master has to burp the grill, or slightly crack open the lid slowly before removing the top. If not, it can cause a flare up that will not only ruin your dinner, but result in burns. Luckily, Big Green Egg offers a wide variety of first-timer tips so switching over to the BGE lifestyle is an easy process.

Indirect Barbecue & Smoking

Big Green Egg Vs. Kamado Joe | Comparison of Features |

This is my favorite cooking technique, as it produces the most dramatic results. There is also something about the anticipation of a long cook that adds to the satisfaction. The tenderness and flavor of meats cooked slow and low cannot be matched. This technique takes a bit longer than other methods, but you will not be disappointed by the results.

Smoking and indirect cooking requires the Big Green Egg platesetter, which is a three-legged ceramic piece that creates a firewall between the coals and the food. This assures that the temperature will be even on all sides of the food, so rotation is not required and food is cooked evenly everytime. Put your platesetter legs-up on top of the fire ring. The cooking grid rests directly on top of the platesetter. The platesetter also provides a place to put a drip pan below your meats to capture juices that escape during the cooking process.

If cooking at low temperatures, it may be useful to only light a very small portion of the charcoal, as it will slowly burn across the firebox for many hours. There is no need to light most of the charcoal.

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Maintenance For The Big Green Egg

Protecting your Big Green Egg also includes maintenance, and youll be happy to know that this grill doesnt require too much work. I like to brush the grill grates and food particles off the convEGGtor before each use, but thats about all I do when it comes to pre-grilling maintenance. Cleaning the inside with water or soap is not advised.

As I mentioned above, you can only use lump charcoal in this grill. What I didnt mention is that you should never use lighter fluid to start a fire. The lighter fluid will ruin the Big Green Eggs inner materials, so always use fire starters or a butane starter. Once youve filled the Big Green Egg with charcoal to the full line, you can cook about three times before refilling the grill again. Lump charcoal doesnt produce a ton of ash, but you will need to clean out the bottom hatch occasionally with the Big Green Ash tool. Collect the ash in the included pan and throw the ash in the trash or use it in compost.

The Big Green Egg is warm to the touch while cooking, so be sure to keep children away from it. Once youre done grilling, it does take hours for the grill to fully cool down. I snuff out the fire by closing all the grates which removes the airflow and lets the fire die.

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