Salad With Hard Boiled Eggs

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Ways To Enjoy Egg Salad

How to Make Perfect Hard-boiled Eggs Egg Salad Recipe
  • Straight from the bowl. Ill often eat this straight out of the bowl with a fork because its that good!
  • Top it on bread. You can enjoy egg salad as an open faced sandwich, on either gluten-free toast or my falafel flatbread, with a sprinkle of microgreens on top.
  • Wrap it up. Layer slices of cucumber, bell pepper, and other veggies inside tortillas, butter leaf lettuce leaves, or collard greens. Then wrap it up!

Whats In Deviled Egg Potato Salad

The ingredients in this recipe are kept simple and basic.

  • Potatoes. Potatoes are obviously the most necessary ingredient for potato salad. Choosing the right kind is important, too. For this recipe, Ill typically use about 3-4 pounds of Yukon or red potatoes. Read more about choosing the best potatoes for potato salad in my classic southern potato salad recipe here.
  • Hard Boiled Eggs. Just like in deviled eggs, there are a full dozen hard boiled eggs in this deviled egg potato salad. The yolks are mixed into the dressing, and the whites are chopped and added to the salad, which makes it taste just like deviled eggs!
  • The Dressing. The dressing is a classic mayo-based dressing made the same way that I make the filling for deviled eggs, with mayo, mustard, vinegar, and relish.
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    Fall Cobb Salad Board

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    Enjoy a Fall Cobb Salad Board served on The Big Board, with fall flavors of tomatoes, beets, bacon, hazelnuts apples, and balsamic dressing.

    Cobb salads are one of my favorites. Adding seasonal ingredients to the classic foundation of lettuce, chicken, bacon, boiled eggs, and blue cheese is a must! For this Fall Cobb Salad Board, I used seasonal heirloom tomatoes, and I added bacon, roasted beets, and hazelnuts, along with a balsamic Dijon dressing.

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    Three Ways To Hard Boil Eggs

    The salad base is primarily hard-boiled eggs, so its best to make them just right. To achieve sufficiently cooked, creamy yellow yolks and tender egg whites, I have three methods that you can try.

    My stovetop eggs use the boiling method or the steaming method. Otherwise, my Instant Pot eggs are great if you want to pressure cook them. This recipe uses the boiling technique that I explain more below, but theyll yield perfect hard-boiled eggs no matter what method you prefer.

    How To Cook Eggs In Instant Pot

    Spring Salad with Hard

    Pour the water into the steel insert of Instant Pot. Place a steamer basket or the trivet in the pot.

    Carefully arrange eggs in the steamer basket. Secure the lid on the pot. Pressure valve to SEALING.

    Press MANUAL or PRESSURE COOK button and choose timing based on how you like your eggs done.

    When cooking time is complete, let the pressure release naturally.

    Remove the lid from the pot and gently place eggs in a bowl of ice cold water for 1 minute. Then crack and peel them.

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    Nutritional Benefits Of Eggs

    Whenever I prepare a meal such as this vegetable salad recipe, I aim to include at least one protein-packed ingredient.

    In this hardboiled eggs with veggies salad, both the eggs and chickpeas boast protein. Ill get to the other ingredients in a minute, but first lets chat about eggs.

    As a longtime vegetarian , I eat a lot of eggs.

    They offer many benefits: A large egg offers 6 grams of high-quality protein and is a good or excellent source of eight essential nutrientsincluding choline for brain health, plus lutein and zeaxanthin for eye health.

    The really awesome thing about eggs is they fit into pretty much any dietary pattern. This includes a plant-based diet, the Mediterranean diet, and a heart-healthy diet.

    For plant-based diets specifically, theres one really cool thing you may not know about eggs: Pairing them with nutrient-rich vegetables helps your body absorb the vitamin E and carotenoids in those veggies.

    By the way, eating a plant-based diet doesnt necessarily mean you have to be eating an only plant-based diet. It simply means adding more plants to your snacks and meals!

    As for heart-healthy diets, many people are quick to dismiss eggs because they contain cholesterol.

    But please dont be so fast to do so! In December 2019, the American Heart Association reinforced the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommendation to not limit dietary cholesterol in a science advisory it published.

    How To Cook The Potatoes

    We simmer potatoes whole in salted water when making potato salad. Here are our top tips for doing it:

    Salt the cooking water. Its important to add a generous amount of salt to the cooking water. By salting the water, the flavor of the potatoes comes out. They wont taste salty, only like excellent potatoes.

    Simmer, dont boil. When it comes to cooking potatoes for potato salad, theres no need to boil. When you do they violently bash against each other. Instead, bring the water with potatoes to a boil then reduce the heat to a gentle simmer. The potatoes cook just as quickly.

    Potatoes are cooked when you can push a fork through the center. When they are done, drain the potatoes and add them to an ice bath, which stops them from cooking. After 2 to 3 minutes they are cool enough to handle.

    While I love using skin-on potatoes for mashed potatoes, I like to remove the peel from the potatoes for this. Since I use small potatoes, peeling them before cooking would be a frustrating task.

    Instead, I cook my potatoes with the peel on, let them cool, and then peel. Since the potatoes are cooked, the peel comes off easily .

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    How To Peel The Eggs Perfectly

    I’ve heard that slightly older eggs are easier to boil and peel. So I guess, buy your eggs a few days before you are ready to make this recipe.

    For the easiest way to peel your hard boiled eggs this is what I do. Once the eggs are ready, immediately pour off the hot water, leaving the eggs in the pot. Gently shake the eggs in the pot back and forth to lightly crack the shells. Add cold water and a few ice cubes and let sit until cool enough to handle Peel the eggs and proceed with the recipe.

    How To Make Egg Salad

    Easy Classic Egg Salad – Easy Way To Peel A Boiled Egg -The Hillbilly Kitchen

    Are Your Eggs Fresh? The best egg salad recipe begins with great ingredients. Fresh eggs will cook better and look brighter. A fresh egg will lay on its side on the bottom of a bowlful of water, if they are a little older, theyll still sink, but stay on one end. Dont eat eggs if they float on the surface of the water, this means theyve expired.

    Be sure to finely dice the onion and celery so the pieces are smaller than the egg pieces!

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    How To Make The Best Egg Salad And Hard Boil Eggs:

  • Fill a medium pot of water enough to cover the eggs and add the vinegar and bring to a boil
  • Gently drop in your eggs
  • Cook the eggs over a medium boil for 7 mins for runny eggs or 10-12 min for a fully cooked center
  • Place cooked eggs into an ice bath for 5 mins
  • Then crack and peel eggs
  • Grate the eggs with a cheese grater not a medium bowl and mix with mayo, dijon, bacon and salt and pepper
  • Serve over your favorite piece of bread, bagels or crackers
  • Old Fashioned Potato Salad With Egg

    Potluck picnics were such a huge deal when I was growing up and I kinda wish we could all bring them back to being really cool again. That and tupperware parties because if were doing potlucks, youll need a ton of tupperware because youre going to lose it when you take a dish somewhere.

    I used to go to family picnics totally excited to see what food everyone was bringing because it was always a buffet of the best dishes everyone had to offer. From Aunt Tinas Strawberry Pretzel Salad to my moms broccoli salad, there was never a shortage of good food.but the one thing I was VERY picky about was the Potato Salad.

    Potato Salad is a finicky beast because if not prepared properly it can be bland, gummy or just overloaded with mayo. And even if you DO get it right.Potato Salad without a hardboiled egg in it just isnt even a potato salad to me. And dill.

    I know Im splitting hairs here because I do have other Potato Salad recipes on my website sans egg and dill. But this one is my far.

    My Old Fashioned Potato Salad is overloaded with fresh ingredients and a vibrant, creamy potato salad dressing thats loaded with dill. I fold in a bit of chopped egg for good measure.extra flavor.and added texture.

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    How To Make Potato Salad In The Instant Pot

    Do I need a steamer basket?

    You do not. Your potatoes will come out perfectly fluffy without a steamer basket for this Instant Pot recipe!

    Should I cut potatoes before boiling for potato salad?

    Yes. You should cut the potatoes to about 1 to 2-inch uniform pieces before placing them in the Instant Pot.

    What kind of potatoes are best for potato salad?

    Yukon Gold potatoes are perfect for potato salad! They hold up to moisture very well.

    How long does potato salad last in the refrigerator?

    In an air-tight container in the refrigerator, your Instant Pot Potato Salad will last about 5 days.

    Can you freeze potato salad?

    You can, but we dont recommend freezing potato salad. The consistency will not be the same after freezing and its easy for it to become mushy.

    How do you steam potatoes in Instant Pot for potato salad?

    Lay the cut potatoes on the bottom of the pot with water. Nestle the eggs on top of the potatoes so they can cook together on high pressure. Quick release the pressure once theyre done cooking. This is the best way to cook potatoes for potato salad.

    How do you make potato salad dressing from scratch?

    It is so easy to make homemade potato salad dressing. Mix mayo, vinegar, salt and pepper, and a little sugar until smooth. Thats it!

    Can you make potato salad ahead of time?

    Yes! It tastes even better after youve let it chill. You can let this potato salad rest in the refrigerator for up to 3 days before serving.

    Using The Best Hard Boiled Eggs

    Garden Salad with Hard Boiled Egg

    Given that this recipe is all about hard boiled eggs, youve gotta make sure you use perfectly hard boiled eggs. You dont want them too hard and rubbery, too soft and not mixable or overly cooked and green around the yolk.

    Ive shared with you how to make perfect hard boiled eggs previously , so make sure to check out that post and video. I use 12 minute hard boiled eggs in this recipe, but anything between 12-14 minutes is fine.

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    I Heard Its Easier To Peel A Cooked Potato And It Saves Time Is That True

    It does save peeling time but it costs some time elsewhere and the quality is altered in the entire production process. Here is a list of what is impacted:

    • The potato is whole and will take much longer to cook.
    • After cooking a whole potato, you have to wait for it to cool down enough to peel away the hot skins or you have to create and use an ice bath.
    • Whole, unpeeled potatoes will retain more starch while cooking, compared to peeled, cut potatoes.
    • A whole potato cooks less evenly throughout.

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    What Our Readers Are Saying

    If you dont believe that our recipe helps you achieve the best homemade potato salad, take a look at what our readers are saying about the recipe! More reviews are in the comments section below.

    Ive made this so many times!! Always so yummy and a big hit with even the pickiest eaters!! Pam

    Best potato salad ever!! Melinda

    Excellent. Tastes delicious! Its so much better than the potato salad purchased at the store. LouAnn

    I LOVED this potato salad! Paula

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    Always Cook Eggs At A High Temperature

    Over the years, Ive learned my lesson to use a hot start and not a cold start for soft or hard boiling eggs. For easy-to-peel eggs, the moment they hit the hot water, it should make the proteins in the egg whites quickly bond together, but not to the membrane between the shell. The membrane causes pits and difficulty peeling eggs when cooked incorrectly.

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    Old Fashioned Potato Salad

    Two Minute Hard Boiled Eggs and Practically Instant Egg Salad – READ DESCRIPTION BEFORE MAKING

    Old fashioned potato salad with hard boiled eggs, mayo, mustard and sugar, a traditional and tasty version of the classic American BBQ and potluck staple.

    Is there anything more Americana in the summer than good old fashioned potato salad? This is a straightforward classic rendition of this beloved side dish.

    I was inspired after watching Jeannie make it for her husbands annual group of golfers, a much loved BBQ side dish after their day of golf. Its a classic small town Iowa version that reminds me of Amish potato salad. Its on the sweet side and yellow with mustard, almost like a deviled egg potato salad.

    I spent my college years in Iowa and my graduation brunch was in the Amana Colonies. I have a great fondness of the state, culture and food. Not sure how authentic this is, but Ive heard Amish potato salad is sweet and yellow mustard-based, with onion, sugar and vinegar. No vinegar here, but the rest seems on point.

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    Healthy Egg Salad Mediterranean

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    If you’re looking for a healthy egg salad that is anything but average, this recipe is the one for you! Prepared Mediterranean-style, this simple egg salad with avocados, fresh herbs, and crunchy garden veggies is loaded with texture and bright flavor. It will be your new favorite! Low carb and gluten free.

    Be sure to read through for tips and ways to serve this healthy egg salad recipe.

    Having spent my college years in the Midwest, I’ve had my share of cafeteria-style egg salad. You know the kind…mushed egg salad, drowned in mayonnaise.

    When I moved out of the dorms into the grown-up apartments across the street, I experimented a little with a healthier version of that egg salad. I simply replaced the mayo with Greek yogurt. Added more celery for extra crunch. Plus some fresh herbs for better flavor.

    But, I have finally arrived at a healthy egg salad I can totally stand behind. An egg salad with a bright Mediterranean twist. Loaded with texture, color, and flavor. No heavy mayonnaise to mask the eggs. And no, in this recipe, we don’t just use Greek yogurt to healthify it the egg salad.

    Here, simply seasoned hard boiled eggs are combined with herbs and other fresh favorites including avocados, tomatoes, cucumbers and red onions.

    A beautiful composed egg salad that is truly more than the sum of its parts!

    The Best Potato Salad Recipe Ever

    My moms potato salad is better than your moms potato salad.

    There, I said it and Im not taking it back! *wink*

    Seriously though, my mother has magical abilities in the art of potato salad making. My mom makes traditional mustard, pickle, and hard-boiled egg potato salad. Its simple, but I have never made or tasted another potato salad better than her version And Im not the only person to think so.

    Over the years Ive watched countless relatives and friends swoon over her classic potato salad.

    The problem is, when you ask her for the recipe she has a hard time sharing it, because she doesnt actually have a recipe written down. She makes it by feel.

    Its taken years of watching, assisting her, and asking questions to come up with what I consider to be her recipe.

    Want to know moms secrets?

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    Summer Egg Salad With Basil & Peas

    Drizzle seasonal greens, new potatoes and eggs with a tangy, herby dressing to make this healthy vegetarian lunch or dinner, packed with iron, folate and fibre

  • A star rating of 4.6 out of 5.13 ratings

    A vegetarian Niçoise salad, that’s packed with goodness – fibre, folate, iron, vitamin c and gluten-free too

  • A star rating of 3.8 out of 5.5 ratings

    Great for a summer lunch, picnic or barbeque – takes no time at all.

  • How To Cook Hard Boiled Eggs

    Made this Cobb salad for dinner tonight! So delicious. Green leaf ...

    There are a couple of different ways to cook your eggs for this salad. and you can choose whichever method suits you best.

    On the stove top eggs usually take 6 mins to cook once the water is boiling.

    We can also cook them In the Instant Pot like we did for our Instant Pot Deviled Eggs.

    Mayonaise is traditionally used in egg salad, but we use Greek Yoghurt as a healthy alternative!

    For this recipe, I boiled the eggs in my Instant Pot but I have written the recipe for both methods as once they are cooked, all of the steps are exactly the same!

    In case you are a soft boiled egg fan, then cook your eggs for 3 mins, ie half the cook time of hard boiled eggs!

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    What Is A Cobb Salad

    A Cobb salad is a classic version of a chopped salad, thatâs been around for years. My mom served Cobb salads growing up, and we love them to this day. Especially served with our homemade Thousand Island dressing.

    Most typically a Cobb salad is a classic American main dish salad. Originally it was made with a mix of chopped salad greens, chicken, bacon, hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, blue cheese, avocado, and chives. Itâs very flavorful and protein rich.

    Letâs get started! Start with your favorite dinner board. We love a board with a raised edge, so the food stays on the board when you go to serve it.

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