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Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

Color Matching Robins Egg Blue With Acrylics #shorts

Another beautiful calming blue-green from the Sherwin Williams collection, Sea Salt is a medium to lighter-toned paint that feels quite soothing.

It tends to revive and rejuvenate your room while exhibiting positive and motivating vibes.

With an LRV of 63, this paint color falls on the lighter end of the scale. And you should definitely use it in every compass direction of your home!

Furthermore, try blending this color with wooden textures, whites, and ample light and dark beiges to go.

Even burnt oranges and mustards tend to pop out with a notable visual interest.

This particular Robins Egg Blue paint is magical as always. Check our my full guide on BM Woodlawn Blue!

Adding a sense of character and bliss to the room, this truest form of blue has the utmost charm and beauty.

With an LRV of 60.74 this paint can truly make your room feel airy and spacious.

Since it can easily reflect tons and tons of light the walls are bound to push away thus, further creating an illusion.

Its best to pair this hue with wooden textures however, you can even pick distressed finishes in the form of Shabby Chic style.

This color palette best complements the coastal and Caribbean styles.

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Best Robins Egg Blue Paint Colors

Isnt this something you have been waiting for?

Well, I too am. So, for this article, I am not just going to restrict to Sherwin Williams hues but also rather take inspiration from other renowned manufacturers like Benjamin Moore, Behr, Farrow and Ball, and Valspar.

So, lets have a look at these 11 best Robins Egg Blue Paint Colors to take inspiration from.

Robins Egg Blue Decor Ideas

" Robins egg blue"

Sherwin Williams Blue Sky makes a wonderful popping hue on the exterior door of the facade.

It can be best paired with crisp white on the shiplap walls and gray on the trims, moldings, and slate tiles on the roof.

Benjamin Moore Healing Aloe is a beautiful Robins Egg blue-green paint that can be used on the accent walls of the living and dining room.

Especially for traditional, transitional, coastal, and contemporary-styled homes, this color is a must recommend.

Sherwin Williams Maxi Teal is comparatively a saturated tone of Robins Egg Blue that is bound to feel stark and extremely contrasting.

You can even have this paint color on the wall paneling !

Generally, this hue works best with tan leather couches and ample multi-hued artworks.

Not just the accent but you can consider painting the Robins Egg Blue paint on all the walls.

Just like in the bedroom above, Sherwin Williams Swimming blends with the existing blue decor to create a calming and seamless bliss.

You can also pick a monochromatic palette with this paint color.

This tone of Robins Egg Blue paint plays a wonderful statement in the kids rooms and play areas.

Works beautifully with tints of golden and mustards, this tone has soft undertones to transform your home into absolute bliss.

Isnt this truly gorgeous paint?

This dining room is somewhere you would love to have a lovely meal in. Especially for the moldings and trims this color plays flawlessly.

It also adds a cool playful vibe!

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The Quest For The Perfect Robins Egg Blue

I spent this weekend prepping and priming a dresser for a good friend in anticipation of painting it for her daughters room. Were sprucing up the space and repurposing some furniture and since the walls and daybed are white, I thought it would be absolute perfection if we painted the dresser robins egg blue. So off I went in search of the absolute perfect shade.

I adore this color so much I even use a version of it as a background on the ol blog. Its that blueish with a bit of green and gray shade that in my opinion just makes the world a better place. Its not turquoise or aqua, but not pastel or too green either. Kind of airy and watery but not as bright as Tiffany blue, and always so so pretty when done right. Im a total sucker for anything painted robins egg blue.

Like this console.

I have a bunch of fan decks that I keep on hand and I do believe it may be a real sickness because not only do I prize my collection of fan decks but I also collect paint swatches everywhere I go, especially in shades of blue and green, being my favorites and all. I cant help it. So I picked up a few more samples from brands I didnt have around town on Saturday and then started to narrow it down.

Moooo haw haaawww, my collection of paint swatches !!!!!!!

See, I told you. Sickness.

I obsess over choosing the right paint color and I can always use a second opinion so Coco got in on the action. This one no this one

Gorgeous right?

Pale Robin Egg Blue / #96ded1 Hex Color Code

The color pale robin egg blue with hexadecimal color code #96ded1 is a medium light shade of green-cyan. In the RGB color model #96ded1 is comprised of 58.82% red, 87.06% green and 81.96% blue. In the HSL color space #96ded1 has a hue of 169° , 52% saturation and 73% lightness. This color has an approximate wavelength of 496.54 nm.

  • #9fd2cdE = 5.017 / LRV 57.9%
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    Robins Egg Blue: Last Words

    The joyous tones of Robins Egg Blue tend to play a soft and soothing character in any interior space or function.

    Adding an extra dose of drama and delight, this pure blue-green paint can introduce a tinge of vibrant and vivid vibes.

    So, if you crave a sense of renewal in your home, these tones are great to feel revitalized. These colors truly share synonyms with crisp, bright, enchanting, and chic.

    Now that we have discussed every aspect of this color category along with manufacturer examples and decor ideas are you looking to incorporate a striking instance?

    Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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    Farrow And Ball Blue Ground

    Robin Eggs Watercolor Paint Tutorial

    A cool and charming paint, this hue of coastal and Caribbean style is something that you must look forward to.

    This clean mid-toned blue is quite optimistic and friendly hence, makes a remarkable statement in your home.

    It generally pairs best with lighter beiges, crisp whites, hot pinks, and darker and navy blues.

    This refreshing blue is bound to do wonders. And especially if you coat fresh paint, its a given how much youll love it!

    In terms of material accents, pick distressed wood, quirky wallpapers, matte black metals, and ample brushed bronze!

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    Use It In Rooms Where You Crave Renewal

    Our minds also associate robins egg blue with spring, so this particular shade is good for rooms where you want to feel revitalized. This aqua blue is refreshing, but it is also incredibly calming, so it is a natural choice for a bedroom. Grasscloth is a subtly textured and soothing alternative to paint to envelope a space: You can even paper the ceiling, like Grace Mitchell of A Storied Style did.

    Blue And White Is Always Right

    Our brand is known for its use of blue and white, especially in our Dash & Albert rugs. Theres a reason we love this classic color combination: Blue and white is a color palette that works in almost any home from the cutting-edge contemporary to the stately and traditional. If youre living with white walls, take a cue from Sarah of Life on Virginia Street and paint your front door robins egg blue and roll out a coordinating rug for an instantly stylish entrance.

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    Best Places To Use Robins Egg Blue Paint In Your Home

    There are endless reasons to use Robins Egg Blue paint in your home.

    And especially when it comes to a specific area, you simply cant hold back from this paint for utmost creativity!

    So, whether its the kitchen cabinets, bedroom feature walls, living room built-in cabinetry, or the building exteriors this color truly has the answer to each and every inch!

    And to further induce a fun-loving background, you can splash this color category on the furniture frames such as console tables and bed frames.

    You can use this color on all the walls in the living and dining room to create a casual experience. And similar is the situation for bedrooms!

    However, in the kitchens you can play drama and coat a fresh paint on the cabinets.

    Lastly, for the exteriors, its generally best to paint this hue as an accent color on doors, gates, fences, steps or sparingly on trim work.

    Furthermore, when it comes to specific compass directions, this color can be used almost everywhere.

    Yes, you need not worry as far as you pair it with ample natural light to go!

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    Technical Information And Specifications

    This particular tone of blue-green is largely associated with a soothing and tranquilizing vibe.

    Mostly encased in blue or green, the undertones are quite likely to vary from cool to warm.

    So, slightly brown, plumb, or earthy for the warm-toned blue hues, otherwise icy or baby blue for the cool-toned ones.

    Lets say, some are comparatively darker and some light!

    And the LRV can majorly differ from somewhere high at 70-80 to something low at 20-30!

    Here is a list of various specifications and other data that you must have a look at.

    LRV = 63.13%

    Blue= 216

    HEX Code= #B0D8D8

    This particular light and pretty blue paint color can make your space feel calmer than ever and especially for dense areas and city dwellers, its quite a pretty paint to consider.

    And now that you see the average LRV falls on the lighter to the medium end of the scale. This category will help make your room appear larger and enhanced.

    These above-mentioned percentages will help you in the classification of the color and how it is truly made!

    Watercolor Blue Paint Colors

    Inspired by vibrant skies and ocean waves, the appeal of these watery blues is hard to deny. The love of blue is instinctual because we see so much of it in the sky, says New York designer Elaine Griffin, who explains how to translate this beloved hue into a gorgeous blue paint color for your walls.

    First, consider how much light the room receives. “A south-facing room flooded with sunlight will always look great in a rich, bold color,” Elaine says. In a room with less light, opt for a pale color on walls, and save intense hues for accents.

    Paint colors pictured:

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    Eggshell Blue Paint Colors

    Invoke peaceful vibes in your nest with hues inspired by blue-tone eggs. This soft shade of blue-green is Ontario-based decorator Michael Penney’s signature hue. “Robin’s-egg blue is a good beginner color,” he says. “We see it in the sky and water all around us, so our eye is used to it.” However, this pale blue can be difficult to pick from paint chips. “If you look at a real egg, it has a dash of green with the blue,” Penney says. “Choose from blues that neighbor greens.”

    This livable hue can underscore the palette of a whole house. “Maybe it’s the walls in your living room and the ceiling in your bedroom, a table in the den, and china in the dining room,” Penney says.

    Paint colors pictured:

    Robin Egg Blue Color Rainbow Palette

    How To Paint Cute Speckled Robins Eggs For Spring Decorating

    Our Robin Egg Blue rainbow color palette is based on the RGB model and consists of 7 colors, just like the traditional rainbow. You might not see a lot of variation in color, especially if the chosen color is dark or extremely light. However, this can lead interesting rainbow palettes that are faded, soft, pastel or dull.


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    What Does Light Do To This Paint Color

    Lighting is another aspect that must be paid attention to.

    In general, immense light can make this paint color feel light, airy, and extremely beautiful.

    In a room with little or no natural light, the color can feel dull and unexciting.

    So, you must ensure to pair the Robins Egg Blue with natural light to perfectly feel the true beauty of the duo.

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    Benjamin Moore Birds Egg

    This particular paint from the blue collection is something very close to American Robins Egg.

    Closely related to cyan and aquamarine, this paint can equally feel vibrant and refreshing.

    With a bit of visual pop, the stark character of this paint helps revive your home and induce every inch of rejuvenation.

    Its generally best to pair this hue with clean and true whites, and tremendous darker blues or greens per se.

    It has an LRV of 68.14, which is quite a lighter-toned, airy, and spacious color option.

    Find The Blue Thats Right For You

    " Robins egg blue"

    Designers and bloggers have puzzled over the perfect shade of robins egg paint, going so far as to color match an actual eggshell to paint swatches! However, the goal shouldnt be to find the exact shade of eggshell blue, rather, its to find the right one for your room. And blues, including robins egg, are notoriously hard to judge from paint chips. Tiny swatches look pale, but when you put them on the wall, they tend to read very blue. So be sure to sample for the most accurate view of a color. The same is true of drapery, upholstery and rugs–anything that will cover a large surface–so get samples of those too!

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    Ford Robins Egg Blue / #badbe4 Hex Color Code

    The hexadecimal color code #badbe4 is a light shade of cyan. In the RGB color model #badbe4 is comprised of 72.94% red, 85.88% green and 89.41% blue. In the HSL color space #badbe4 has a hue of 193° , 44% saturation and 81% lightness. This color has an approximate wavelength of 486.82 nm.

  • #c3d1d4E = 5.115 / LRV 62.0%
  • Interiors : Decorating With Robins Egg Blue

    How to use natures most beguiling shade to maximum effect

    Its rare that a color name is as poetic as robins egg blue. This shade of aqua is a welcome dose of springtime in any interior, from a soothing bedroom to a cheerful entryway. Robins egg is beguiling because it isnt a pure blue-greenrather it has a hint of brown and the natural world in the mix. Its this balance between vibrant and natural that makes robins egg blue so versatile. Heres how to Natures most calming shade of turquoise into your home:

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