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Egg Replacers â How to Substitute for Eggs when Baking
  • If a recipe calls for three or more eggs, it is important to choose a replacer that will perform the same function .
  • Trying to replicate airy baked goods that call for a lot of eggs, such as angel food cake, can be very difficult. Instead, look for a recipe with a similar taste but fewer eggs, which will be easier to replicate.
  • When adding tofu to a recipe as an egg replacer, be sure to purée it first to avoid chunks in the finished product.
  • Be sure to use plain tofu, not seasoned or baked, as a replacer.
  • Powdered egg replacers cannot be used to create egg recipes such as scrambles or omelets. Tofu is the perfect substitute for eggs in these applications.
  • If you want a lighter texture and youre using fruit purées as an egg substitute, add an extra 1/2 teaspoon baking powder. Fruit purées tend to make the final product denser than the original recipe.
  • If youre looking for an egg replacer that binds, try adding 2 to 3 Tbsp. of any of the following for each egg: tomato paste, potato starch, arrowroot powder, whole wheat flour, mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, instant potato flakes, or 1/4 cup tofu puréed with 1 tablespoon flour.
  • Substitute For Eggs In Cupcakes

    Posted on Last updated: March 22, 2022

    Are you out of eggs and need them to make cupcakes? Or are just looking for an alternative so you can make your recipe without eggs?

    Either way you are in luck! There are multiple ingredients you can use instead of egg no matter what type of cupcakes you are making.

    Eggs play an important role in baking, including when making cupcakes. Eggs provide structure, moisture and add flavor. Because of all the things eggs bring to baking, its important to use a substitute that provides the same benefits.

    So what are the best egg substitutes when making cupcakes?

    The top ingredients to use instead of eggs when baking cupcakes are yogurt, buttermilk, applesauce, silken tofu, banana, arrowroot powder, and aquafaba.

    Like most substitutions, these ingredients have their pros and cons. Make sure to read on for how to best use each alternative in your recipe.

    Bonus: Egg Wash Substitutes

    Vegan substitutes for egg washes are one of the trickier things to get right. Usually, egg wash provides 3 things: stickiness , sheen and a golden-brown hue. There are a few different types of vegan egg washes that I like to use depending on the situation & what I have to hand.

    • 1 tbspmaple syrup + 1 tbsp soy milk
    • This egg wash does provide a slight sheen & darkening but not super effectively
  • 1 tbsp maple syrup + 1 tbsp non-dairy milk + pinch of bicarbonate of soda + pinch of xanthan gum
  • Whisk together until combined.
  • This one is my favourite. Thanks to the xanthan gum, this is thicker than just maple syrup + soy milk alone so it adheres to the dough a lot better. The bicarbonate of soda aids in browning.
  • 1 tbsp maple syrup + 3 tbsp non-dairy milk + 1 tbsp cornflour
  • The cornflour here helps to thicken up the glaze so it adheres but can make the glaze appear more matte.
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    Mix And Match Egg Substitutes

    Eggs often serve more than one purpose in a recipe acting as a leavening agent, adding moisture, binding ingredients together and lending structure and stability to the finished product. If youre making a recipe where you know the eggs are doing more than one job, consider combining a couple of these egg substitutes to create a substitute that will do everything you need it to. This is easy to do in recipes that call for multiple eggs. Just use one substitute for half of the eggs, and another substitute for the other half.

    Heres how to substitute the egg in any recipe, including substitutes for egg yolks and egg whites.

    • Total Time:2 minutes
    • Yield:1 large egg

    Tips For Baking With Egg Substitutes

    9 Best Vegan Egg Substitutes for Baking
    • Dont replace more than two eggs: For any baked good, only replace two of the total eggs that the recipe calls for. More than that can noticeably alter the flavor and texture. If youre not worried about making a dish vegan and you have an egg to spare, leave at least 1 whole egg in the recipe.
    • You can even replace the egg in meringue: Aquafaba works as an egg substitute for a meringue, too. Youll need to whip it until its a little stiffer.
    • Consider egg whites: When youre making store-bought cake mixes, you can get away with using just egg whites as your substitute for whole eggs because the mixes usually include other ingredients that help with tenderness and texture. Two egg whitesor 1/4 cup fat-free egg substitutecan replace 1 whole egg. Of course, thats not a solution if youre looking to make an egg-free recipe!

    Now that you know the best egg substitutes for baking, learn how to replace other common baking ingredients like butter, brown sugar and flour in our guide to baking substitutes.

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    Is There A Substitute For Eggs In Baking

    Eggs are a common ingredient in baking, but they can also be replaced with other forms of protein. Some substitutes for eggs in baking include: vegan eggs, plant-based eggs, soy or bean eggs, and egg whites. These alternatives can provide similar results to regular eggs in terms of flavor and texture.

    Best Substitute For Egg Whites

    To make meringue, macaroons and other light and airy desserts that typically rely on egg whites, aquafaba is the answer. Just measure out two Tablespoons of chickpea or white bean liquid for every egg white that youre replacing. Then, whip the aquafaba at high speed, until it reaches the consistency of whipped egg whites. This should take 10 to 15 minutes. Unlike egg whites, aquafaba doesnt require a stabilizer to hold its shape, so you can skip the cream of tartar, if your recipe calls for it.

    This substitute will not work in an angel food cake.

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    Baking Powder Water And Vegetable Oil

    If the egg is intended to help with leavening, try this recipe of water , vegetable oil and baking powder for each egg called for. This is especially useful in baking.

    2 tbsp water + 1 tbsp vegetable oil + 2 tbsp baking powder = 1 egg

    As you can see, one trick in having success with egg substitutes is to determine the purpose of the egg in a recipe.

    • For instance, if you notice a recipe is relatively dry, then it is likely that the egg is used for moisture.
    • If the recipe calls for baking powder or bakers yeast, the egg likely helps with rising.
    • For structural dishes such as bread and meatloaf, eggs help with binding.
    • If they are used for glazing, you can probably skip a substitute altogether, as the egg probably only affects appearance.

    Water Milk Or Water Mixed With Milk Powder Can Replace Eggs

    Best VEGAN Egg Substitutes | 3 Vegan Egg Replacers for Baking

    In some recipes, simply replacing the weight of eggs with the same amount of water or milk, or slightly less can work well.

    In other recipes, you may need to incorporate some powdered milk with the water to provide extra protein and structure.

    In this eggless chocolate cake recipe, the eggs are replaced with milk and vinegar:

    • the milk will provide moisture to the batter, while the proteins will give it structure
    • the vinegar reacts with the baking soda in the recipe, releasing carbon dioxide which helps the cake rise

    In this eggless carrot cake, the eggs are replaced with a combination of shredded carrot for moisture and flavour, as well as sour cream, for moisture, structure, and fat.

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    Liquid Commercial Egg Substitute

    Available in plastic containers, they are made of water, bean proteins, oil, thickeners and gelling compounds like agar-agar. The remaining ingredients are flavorings: onion powder, turmeric for flavor and color, soy lecithin, tapioca, salt, etc.

    Works for: It’s great for any baking recipe that uses whole eggs, but it is definitely the best option for cooking savory dishes: think quiches, omelets and frittatas.

    How to use it in place of eggs: Use 1/4 cup for every egg youre replacing.

    Egg Substitutes For Baking And Cooking

    Egg substitutes are typically more successful in baking than cooking. Its easy to understand why. When youre baking, you mix the egg substitute with the rest of the ingredients and its flavors are masked. When you’re cooking–say, making an omelet–the egg substitute needs to stand on its own and you can detect the flavor and texture difference more easily.

    As you’re reading along our list, you’ll notice that each egg substitute is paired with a recipe where you can test it out.

    You also might notice that almost every substitute is in a 1/4 cup increment. That’s because 1 large egg equals 1/4 cup when whisked. Keeping the volume consistent is one of the keys to success.

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    Flaxseed Or Chia Seed

    Flaxseeds and chia seeds can be used to make very easy, versatile, egg replacements.

    To make a flax egg equivalent to one chicken egg, mix 1 tablespoon of flaxseed meal with 2 ½ tablespoons of water.

    Leave the mixture to sit for five minutes, and it will thicken up and be ready to bake with. It should take on a consistency similar to that of uncooked egg white. Flaxseed can be ground down to make flaxseed meal.

    Its the same process with chia seed. 1 tablespoon of chia seed, mixed with 2 ½ tablespoons of water. Leave to sit and thicken, and its ready to use.

    Flax eggs and chia eggs are super versatile and easy to make. Both are rich with Omega-3s and fiber, which are an essential part of any diet. When used correctly, they add moisture to your bake and act as a binding agent.

    Flaxseed meal is preferred, but if you find it hard to source or you suffer from a flax allergy then chia is still a good option. Both ingredients are good for the store cupboard and can be added to other dishes.

    Flax and chia eggs make good binding agents for savoury cooking as well – vegan meatballs, burgers, or stuffing can all be adapted to use with flax eggs.

    This substitute is best for denser bakes, especially brownies, but are also fantastic in cookies and pancakes.

    Unfortunately they dont have much rise, so avoid using in egg heavy recipes like souffles.

    Mashed Banana Applesauce Pumpkin Puree

    7 Vegan Egg Substitutes for Baking

    These all work in a similar way with a smooth, slightly thick but watery texture. They can impart a flavour or a colour but the most neutral is plain, unsweetened applesauce. They can make things have a slightly denser texture so are best used for heartier bakes.

    1 egg = 1/4 cup mashed banana or applesauce or pumpkin puree

    • Method: mash/blend banana until very smooth and mix into recipe as you would an egg.
    • Works best for: heartier bakes such as pancakes/waffles, muffins, quickbreads
    • Benefits: easy to access and use
    • Example recipe:Vegan Sourdough Banana Bread

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    Carbonated Water And Beer

    Works for: In addition to adding moisture, the bubbles in carbonated water or beer will help baked goods achieve a light and fluffy rise. Beer bread is a quick bread recipe that has no eggs, just the beer. It has a texture similar to that of English muffins.

    How to use it in place of eggs: Use 1/4 cup of carbonated water or beer in place of each egg.

    This no-fail, no-fuss recipe, uses just a few ingredients, requires no rising time and has tons of savory flavor.

    Baking Soda & Vinegar

    Remember that eggs are often used as the leavening agent in recipes. Therefore, if you replace the eggs and there are not any other leavening agents, such as baking soda, consider using a substitution that can bind and help the dough or batter rise.

    If you have ever made a homemade volcano for a science fair, then you know what happens when you combine vinegar and baking soda. That bubbly reaction from combining these two ingredients is the perfect substitute for eggs in cakes or other doughs that you want to be lighter and airier.

    Mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda with 1 tablespoon of white or apple cider vinegar. Add the bubbly mixture to your recipe in place of 1 egg.

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    Why Eggs Are Used In Pancakes

    In case you are wondering why eggs are used when making pancakes, it is used to bind the dry ingredients with the wet ingredients .

    Eggs also help your pancake look fluffier, it helps to make them puff up or leaven, hence giving it a light yet fluffy texture. Eggs help to add the golden brown color seen in pancakes and help for added moisture to your pancake.

    Overall, eggs are essential and useful in baking, and the ability to use them in diverse ways while baking or cooking makes them important in the kitchen. Nevertheless, if you cannot use eggs in your pancake recipe, there are healthy and sweet egg substitutes to try out.

    Can I Make Dairy

    I Tried 6 Vegan Egg Substitutes For Baking Cupcakes

    My condensed milk recipe contains milk, however, if you are dairy-free and/or like vegan baking I also have the exact same recipe but using coconut milk rather than dairy milk. It is just as easy to make and it tastes great too. Find my Dairy Free Condensed Milk recipe. You can also use Nut Milks and other sugars such as Agave, Honey, maple syrup, see the notes section in the recipe for more details.

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    Most Commonly Used Egg Substitutes For Baking

    The choice for egg substitutes really depends on what it is for in a recipe. It could be used as a binder, or even to enrich the flavor of the bake. In some recipes, substitution is not possible and if youre ever in doubt, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of any of our recipe pages and well respond!

    How To Decide On An Egg Substitute:

    Different substitutes work better for different things. An egg has many diverse properties. In baking it acts as a binder, a leavening agent, and adds moisture. Simply put, an egg is what makes your cake spongy and well structured.

    The most important property of egg will vary from recipe to recipe. Before picking what replacement to use, be sure its the best available. Especially when making an egg heavy recipe such as meringue.

    If you want to try baking without eggs, then first find recipes designed specifically to be egg free. Vegan baking is a popular market, and with hardly any searching youre sure to find something to make your mouth water.

    Once youve mastered the basics, you can begin substituting eggs in your favorite recipes.

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    Vegetable Oil Water And Baking Powder

    These two pantry staples can be combined to make an egg substitute with leavening power to make quick breads, scones and other baked goods that dont already have another leavening ingredient in the recipe. To substitute for one egg, simply combine 1 ½ tablespoons of vegetable oil with 1 ½ tablespoons of water and 1 teaspoon of baking powder.

    How Long Can You Keep Homemade Applesauce

    The Best Ideas for Applesauce Replacement for Eggs

    Store your Homemade Applesauce in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. They also freeze really well, so you can freeze them in labeled Ziplock bags or even in ice cube trays. I find it really helpful to have them on hand for baking emergencies or even to serve with pork for dinner. The sweet puree compliments the pork really well give it a try!

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    Effective Substitutes For Eggs

    Eggs are incredibly healthy and versatile, making them a popular food for many. Theyre especially common in baking, where nearly every recipe calls for them.

    But for various reasons, some people avoid eggs. Fortunately, there are plenty of replacements you can use instead.

    This article explores the various ingredients that can be used as egg alternatives.

    Egg Substitutions In Baking As A Binder

    For recipes which use eggs primarily as a binder , possible substitutions for one egg include:

  • 1/2 of a medium banana, mashed
  • 1/4 cup of applesauce
  • 3 1/2 tablespoon unflavored gelatin blend: 1 cup boiling water and 2 teaspoon gelatin. You will have a bit leftover so only use 3 1/2 tablespoon!
  • 1 tablespoon ground flaxseed mixed with 3 tablespoons warm water
  • Commercial egg replacement products
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    Can You Substitute Applesauce For Eggs

    My Homemade Applesauce is the secret ingredient to making any recipes extra moist, and they are a great substitute for eggs. Baking with applesauce is as easy as using my handy Egg Substitutes Chart. which gives you the best ways to use applesauce in different desserts like cakes, cookies, and brownies along with the substitute measurements youll need.

    Chia Seeds Or Ground Flaxseeds

    Egg Substitute: Baking Quick Tip from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio

    This may seem odd, but chia seeds and ground flaxseed can perfectly replace eggs in baking. They are friendly to a vegan diet, suitable for LCHF, keto, and paleo diets. Besides, these seeds contain many omega-3 fatty acids and other healthy nutrients.

    How to use them? Simply. Take one tablespoon of chia seeds or ground flaxseed and mix it with three tablespoons of water. When you add water to the tiny seeds, youll get a gelatinous mixture that works the same way that eggs would. This mixture will replace one egg white.

    Chia eggs and flaxseed eggs are equally good in sweet and salty foods. Chia and flax seeds can also be whole egg substitutes, and you can buy them in health food stores or online.

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