Raw Egg In Protein Shake

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It Will Help You Hit Your Daily Protein Goal

Raw Egg Protein Shake

Eggs are high in protein so by combining them with your whey protein, you are creating a high protein meal or snack that will help you hit your daily protein goal.

Getting enough protein in your day is a common struggle many of my nutrition clients deal with. My first recommendation is always to try and increase the amount of protein at each meal by adding higher protein items in, like eggs.

Eggs contain 7g of protein each, which can help to boost the protein content of your typical protein shake. Increasing the protein content of the shake youre already drinking is an easy way to hit your protein goal without having to add an extra meal or snack to your day.

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You Can Have Your Eggs And Eat Them Too

Based on all the research Ive cited here, the prescription is pretty clear: eggs and meat should be cooked, but at relatively low temperatures, and never over an open flame. Any fat that does start to melt should be allowed to drain from the meat and thrown away. Cooking them less will reduce protein bioavailability, and cooking them more- with the exception of boiling, which avoids pretty much all of the issues stemming from cooking- will form excess quantities of PHAs and HAAs, which raise your risk of colorectal cancers.

Eggs should either be boiled, or cooked relatively little so theyre still slightly runny. Bacon should be cooked at lower temperatures for about 5 minutes- you should be eating your bacon soft and chewy, not hard and crispy like a damned dirty heathen.

As for steak and other meat dishes, they should be cooked somewhere in the range from rare to medium. Now most Americans say they like their steak medium-rare, but here we have a serious problem: many of you are damned dirty liars. More than a third of all steaks are ordered well-done or medium-well. STOP IT.

As for protein shakes- youre not Rocky, so leave out the eggs and just use milk and protein powder, mmkay?

Cooked Egg Smoothie Faq

Can you put raw eggs in a smoothie?

Yes, you can put raw eggs in a smoothie if you are comfortable. However, I suggest boiled eggs here to thicken the smoothie and make the protein more bioavailable.

Are raw eggs safe in smoothies?

There is a nuanced discussion around raw eggs in a smoothie being safe or not. I avoid the issue by using cooked eggs. However, from personal experience with fresh eggs from a quality source and my own backyard chickens, they have never caused a problem. If you choose to add raw eggs, make quality and freshness as a priority when purchasing. Furthermore, examine both sides of the argument and conclude if the potential risk is worth the benefit.

Can you taste egg in a smoothie?

Vanilla and optional sweetener smooths and enhances the flavor, so you get the creamy egg yolk flavor, but it isnât overpowering. The egg flavor becomes more pronounced if you omit one or two of those ingredients.

Can I make an eggnog smoothie instead?

Yes! With the simple adjustment of adding ¼ teaspoon ground cinnamon and â teaspoon ground nutmeg to the blender, you can make a delicious eggnog smoothie.

Additionally, you will love sipping this carnivore-friendly Keto Eggnogonce colder weather comes around.

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Are Raw Eggs Dangerous

Theres one serious risk with raw eggs, salmonella food poisoning. This is the reason were often told to avoid raw eggs .

Salmonella is something to be cautious with, as the bacteria can lead to plenty of problems, including stomach cramps, fever, and diarrhea. The symptoms arent short-lived either. Some people deal with them for up to a week.

Thankfully, can is the operative word.

While raw eggs can make you sick, they often dont. Many arent even contaminated with salmonella to begin with.

Micronutrient Deficiency And Raw Egg Whites

High Protein Shake Recipe with Raw Eggs, Blueberry, Avocado, and Green ...

Now we have just learned that cooking eggs increase the body´s ability to utilize the protein in egg due to denaturing of proteins when heated. Whats more, eating raw eggs denatures the protein avidin found in eggs, which in larger amounts can cause a deficiency of the B vitamin biotin . Biotin is for example important for several steps in metabolism . The reason for possible biotin deficiency is due to avidin binding to biotin in the intestines and hampering the biotin uptake.

The dose of raw egg whites you have to consume before you risk a biotin deficiency is several egg whites per day during a few months. This is, therefore, an amount that a person eating a relatively normal, varied diet would have a very difficult time reaching.

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Making A Protein Pancake

Eggs and protein powder can be made into a protein pancake that is a perfect high protein meal option, especially around a workout.

If you are cutting, I recommend sticking to a lower calorie recipe thats 1 egg, 1 scoop of protein powder, and ½ tsp baking powder.

If you have more calories to work with, opt for also adding in cup of oats and cup of cottage cheese.

Use toppings to customize your protein pancake to your nutritional needs, adding fruit and maple syrup is perfect around a workout. If you are looking for a more filling breakfast, nut butter is a good choice.

Provide A Reliable Protein Source For Those With Food Allergies

For those with food allergies to cows milk protein, soy protein, or nut protein, egg whites make an excellent alternative protein source without harmful allergic reactions.

Having an alternative source of protein can help you meet the RDA for better health.

If you have an allergy to eggs, avoid eating or drinking eggs.

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Getting Your Protein Fix With Eggs

According to Healthline, a large raw egg contains around six grams of protein. The same source confirms that a large boiled egg also contains six grams of protein. And according to Slate’s exploration of raw-versus-cooked, cooking an egg has “little effect on its nutritional content.”

Rocky didn’t have to subject himself to raw eggs. What was he thinking? He could have poached them and sprinkled them with a little coarse salt. No? Perhaps the appeal is not pleasure, but efficiency. Had Rocky chosen to cook his eggs properly, the audience would have been subjected to a grueling four minutes of waiting for the eggs to cook. Drinking down the raw eggs, or mixing them into a shake, happens a lot faster, and for athletes looking to pack on muscle, it’s not so time-consuming.

Do Eggs Increase Cholesterol In The Body

Is Arnold’s Raw Egg Protein Smoothie Really That Tasty?

Eggs are high in cholesterol, with 1 large egg containing 212 milligrams. Thats almost the daily recommended cholesterol maximum .

For decades, popular opinion linked dietary cholesterol to an increase in cholesterol levels in the body, but most recent research has softened that theory . It is now understood that the liver, which produces cholesterol, cuts back on its cholesterol production when dietary cholesterol is consumed, which helps to keep levels of cholesterol in balance .

Still, everyone responds to eating eggs differently. Findings suggest that cholesterol levels stay normal in 70% of egg eaters. The 30% of people who experience a rise in LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol are called hyper-responders.

Research also shows that eggs raise HDL cholesterol, which is the heart-healthy type of lipoprotein. One study suggests that eating two eggs a day can raise your HDL by 10%.

When looking at the research in its entirety, Harvard Health researchers maintain that an egg a day will not increase the risk of heart disease, heart attack, or stroke for most people. If you have diabetes or already have heart disease, three eggs a week is a good maximum to abide by.

Individuals with genetic disorders such as familial hypercholesterolemia or the gene variant APOE4 should limit or avoid egg intake.

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The Benefits Of Egg Nutrition

Eggs are making a comeback after nearly half a century with a tarnished reputation. Before we talk about the cholesterol in eggs and the link between egg consumption and heart disease, lets take a look at all the nutrients to be had from one of the healthiest whole foods on the planet.

A single large boiled egg contains just 77 calories, with 6 grams of protein and 5 grams of healthy fats.

In addition to B vitamins, phosphorus, and selenium, eggs contain the vision-enhancing antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin, as well as the essential nutrient choline, which most people dont get enough of in their diets. Choline plays a crucial role in cell signaling and cell membrane development among other duties.

As for protein content, eggs are a complete protein, which means they contain all the essential amino acids your body needs in just the right proportions. Essential amino acids are the building blocks of protein. They build and repair body tissue, produce neurotransmitters, generate energy, fight infection, and strengthen the immune system.

Potential Health Benefits Of Raw Eggs

There are many vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants found in raw eggs. Lutein and zeaxanthin are two important antioxidants that protect your eyes and make eye-related diseases less likely.

In addition, raw eggs can also:

Help your heart. Eggs are filled with HDL or “good” cholesterol. High HDL cholesterol protects your heart from LDL, the bad cholesterol. Eggs are full of both types of cholesterol, so its important to limit the good so you can also limit the bad. Eggs are also full of fatty acids, like Omega-3s, which bring down the bad cholesterol levels.

Help your brain work better. The high amounts of choline found in eggs are important factors of brain function. Eggs are nutrient dense and just one egg is an excellent source of choline.

Strengthen your immune system. High levels of vitamin A and vitamin B-12 are found in eggs along with other nutrients and antioxidants that make up a well-defended immune system.

Give you more energy. Eggs are packed with nutrients that make you feel full and energized. They are rich sources of protein and considered a complete source of essential amino acids.

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Here’s Why You Should Stick With Protein Powder For Your Pre And Post

How dangerous is it to put raw eggs in my smoothie?

Eating raw eggs is not without risk, says Lauren Antonucci, M.S., R.D.N., the founding director of Nutrition Energy in New York City. According to the USDA, 2.3 million eggs are contaminated with salmonella each year. This bacteria is a common cause of food-borne illness, aka food poisoning, which can last up to one week and in some cases can make people seriously ill. Washing the eggs before eating them raw wont help, since the bacteria can thrive inside the intact eggs, adds Antonucci. But there is a safer alternative to pumping up your post-workout concoction: Pasteurized eggs and liquid pasteurized egg whites have been treated to kill salmonella, making them safe to use in shakes and drinks without cooking them first. Just look for the word pasteurized on the label to make sure the eggs are bacteria-free.

How To Make A Carnivore Diet Smoothie

High Protein Shake Recipe with Raw Eggs, Blueberry, Avocado, and Green ...

As you might expect, making this smoothie with egg is pretty easy. You only need a few ingredients and, if the eggs are already boiled, about 5 minutes to measure and blend the ingredients.

Itâs a quick option for the morning or afternoon. Choosing a keto egg smoothie starts the day with a healthy dose of satiating protein and fats and will help you continue to feel full for hours. Alternatively, when the afternoon rolls around, and you want a snack, this smoothie will keep you full until dinner. Either way, you canât go wrong.

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Making Protein French Toast

Protein french toast, similar to a protein pancake, is an easy high protein meal option that is easy to customize to your nutrition needs based on the toppings.

No need to drastically change your french toast recipe, just add ½ scoop of protein powder into your egg mixture and cook as usual.

This has the added benefit of adding sweetness to your french toast without needing extra sugar, great for anyone on a lower calorie diet.

Okay But Won’t I Still Get Cancer From Cooked Meat

The cancer thing is true. Much like a caveman, that statement has a big hairy BUT.

But only if you burn or smoke your meat. Grilling meat over an open flame can form polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, a class of chemicals which can damage your DNA. To quote that study: PAHs have been found to be mutagenic-that is, they cause changes in DNA that may increase the risk of cancer.Significant reductions in the sum of the four PAHs were observed through treatments which removed meat drippings and smoke with alternative grilling apparatus. The sums of 4 PAHs were reduced 48-89% with dripping removed and 41-74% with the smoke removal treatment in grilled pork and beef meats than conventional grilling. We investigated the components of meats drippings. The major constituent of meat dripping was fat. The most important factor contributing to the production of PAHs in grilling was smoke resulting from incomplete combustion of fat dripped onto the fire.

Based on these two studies, the way you cook your meat makes a huge difference. They suggest the following guidelines.

  • Dont cook meat over an open flame, or smoke it. Sorry to all the barbecue lovers out there, but cooking with a stove or oven is healthier.

  • Dont burn your meat or cook it until it is crispy.

  • If any fat drips off the meat, remove it. Dont collect the fat to use for cooking other stuff.

  • Cook at relatively low temperatures to prevent all of these issues in the first place.

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    Who Should Not Mix Whey Protein With Eggs

    You should not mix whey protein with eggs if you are in an extreme calorie deficit and need the lowest calorie protein option.

    While mixing eggs and whey protein is a great option for most, this may not be the case if you are in an extreme calorie deficit such as a bodybuilder closer to competition. In this case, you are likely to need to mix whey protein with the lowest calorie option, which would be water.

    Check out my other article on: Can You Mix Whey Protein With Hot Water? This discusses the most calorie-efficient way of consuming protein.

    If you are a casual gym-goer, however, this is likely not the case and you can just opt for the type of eggs that best fit your goals.

    Should You Eat Raw Eggs

    Jim’s Daily Raw Egg White Protein Shake

    Weve seen some clear benefits to eating raw eggs. There are risks too, but these are minor for most people.

    Still theres a much more pressing question are raw eggs worth eating?

    Heres the thing. Most of the benefits weve talked about here arent exclusive to raw eggs. Youll see them with cooked eggs as well.

    While raw eggs are a little higher in nutrients than cooked eggs, these nutrients are also more difficult to digest. So, you end up with roughly the same amount of nutrients either way.

    Eating raw eggs for protein mightnt be ideal either, as the protein in cooked eggs is more digestible.

    Most of the reasons for focusing on raw eggs are practical.

    For example, if youre making protein shakes, its very easy to throw a raw egg in the mix. Making a protein shake and also cooking eggs for breakfast would probably feel a bit silly.

    Some recipes also need raw eggs rather than cooked ones. Mayonnaise is a classic example. Raw eggs also feature in some cocktails, providing an interesting texture.

    So then, if raw eggs are more practical for you, then theyre a good choice. But, if you want the most nutrients and protein, its better to focus on cooked eggs instead.

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    How Many Eggs Should You Eat

    Theres no ideal number of eggs per day. The best amount will depend on your health and the rest of your diet.

    Eating an egg every day appears to be safe for most people. Many people can go up to two or three eggs per day without any problems.

    If youre not sure, why not talk to your doctor? Theyll have a good idea of the best amount for you. Your doctor should be able to keep an eye on your cholesterol levels too. Doing so is important, as some people are hyper responders, where they react more strongly to cholesterol in their diet.

    Raw Eggs In Protein Shake

    So I make my own protein shakes : 2 eggs, 400ml milk, 1 banana, 2-3 tea biscuits, 2 scoops of sugar. That’s about 30 grams of protein.Raw eggs okay to eat/drink??

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    I think you’d be better off using egg whites from a carton as they are pasteurized. I think as far as budget the egg whites in cartons can be found for a better deal than eggs. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

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    How To Make Your Own Protein Shake With An Egg

    Protein shakes are often the “meal” of choice for everyone from bodybuilders to people trying to lose weight to those who are looking for an easy way to get some nutrients in. There are many pre-made shakes out there, but if you want to make your own, adding egg to a shake is one way to get protein.

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    However, unless it’s pasteurized, using a raw egg presents a risk of salmonella. If you want egg protein, a better choice is egg white protein powder, which is properly cooked and then dried, so that you don’t have to worry about getting sick.

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