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Can You Bake With Just Egg

JUST egg made from plants. How it cooks and looks. Cholesterol-free, dairy-free.

Yes, baking with Just Egg is super easy and it gives baked goods like muffins, cakes, and cookies the structure they need. You can even use it as a binder in veggie burgers, vegan meatballs, etc.

There are a lot of Just egg recipes floating around the webbut the JUST website has a great online cookbook with recipes for scrambles, mini quiches, omelettes, mug meals, and frittata bites . Ive made their recipe for crêpes many times and its the only vegan crêpes recipe Ive made that even comes close to the real thing. They are thin and delicate and melt in your mouth, with just a little vegan butter and a dusting of powdered sugar.

Is Just Egg A Processed Food

Just Egg is made with several different ingredients, and is a processed food product. But that doesn’t raise concern for Caspero. “While these plant-based egg products do contain additives and flavorings, I don’t think that a food being ‘processed’ automatically makes it an unhealthy choice that’s a wellness narrative that’s been pushed too easily over the past decade or so. That isn’t fair when looking at the totality of nutrients in the diet,” Caspero says. After all, some processed foods should stay in your diet. “None of the Just Egg ingredients are questionable to me from a nutrition perspective,” she says.

Is Just Egg Available In The Uk

Unfortunately, Just Egg is not yet available in the UK as it is only sold around the US, however with the amount of publicity and funding it has received, we wouldnt be surprised if Eat Just expanded into Europe sometime soon. Until then though, if you are looking for vegan egg substitutes you can buy, we love this egg replacer from The Vegan Kind.

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Ok I’m Interested Where Can I Try This

For $7.99 — well above the price of regular eggs — you can get a bottle of Just Egg at almost any grocery store nationwide and start creatively making your own plant-based egg dishes. It’s carried at Albertsons, Whole Foods, Sprouts, and more.

If cooking isn’t your forte, Just has also teamed up with a number of restaurants and chains, with seemingly more to come. As of now, Just is sold at Bareburger locations, Veggie Grill, and — as mentioned earlier — participating Tim Hortons.

“In a matter of months, weve sold the plant-based equivalent of 10 million chicken eggs and were poised to launch our JUST Egg product globally,” a representative for Just said.

Comparing Vegan Egg And Chicken Eggs

JUST Egg Folded Plant Egg Patties, 4 ct / 8 oz

If my memory serves me correctly, the average price for a dozen eggs is about $3 CAD. If we roughly calculate that 1 egg = 1/4 cup of liquid, then a dozen eggs is about 3 cups . Obviously eggs are cheap for a slew of unethical reasons, but cup for cup, its undeniable that vegan liquid egg products are much more expensive than buying eggs .

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What Are The Ingredients In Just Egg

Just Egg is a vegan, plant-based alternative to eggs made with turmeric and mung bean protein to create an egg-like texture and flavor. The vegan eggs are nutritionally similar to chicken eggs, they each pack a similar amount of calories and protein.

JUST Eggs foundational ingredient

A protein-rich legume called a mung bean that magically scrambles like an egg. The mung bean has been in the food system for over 4,000 years and is used in countless cuisines globally, but its never before been used quite like this. We were lucky enough to find something that has already impacted our food system for thousands of years and turn it into a meal that will impact it for thousands more.

What Are The Ingredients In Just Egg?

Just Egg is made with the following ingredients Water, Mung Bean Protein Isolate, Expeller-Pressed Canola Oil, Contains less than 2% of Dehydrated Onion, Gellan Gum, Natural Carrot Extractives , Natural Flavors, Natural Turmeric Extractives , Potassium Citrate, Salt, Soy Lecithin, Sugar, Tapioca Syrup, Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate, Transglutaminase, Nisin .

Serving size 3 Tbsp Amount
Iron 4%

* The percent daily values tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.

Are Vegan as healthy as real eggs?

Are Egg Whites Actually Healthier Than the Yolks?

Would I Buy Just Egg Vegan Egg Again

Yes, Id buy this Just Egg vegan egg substitute again and I actually purchase it regularly, especially since the price has gotten a little more reasonable than when it first came out. Even though I still crave and mostly make tofu scrambles, I like this as a change of pace and its super easy for a quick, filling protein to cook up in about 5 minutes when Im feeling lazy. Also, I love experimenting with it in new recipes and Ive recently created a vegan cheesecake recipe using it . What do you think about this vegan Just Egg liquid scramble? Leave your review below!


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Food safety is also a benefit, even more so in current times.

With the pandemic, a lot of people are worried about what they put in their mouth, he says. These products are sealed under vacuum so theres no cross touch. The end consumer is the one who will open and touch the product for the first time.

The new products from Eat Just will be marketed as premium frozen foods and be sold in packs of four with a suggested retail price of $8.99. The JUST Egg Sous Vide bites will come in four flavors based on different regional cuisines including American, Mexican, Indian and Japanese.

Thus far, JUST Egg has been available in its liquid form and in frozen folded patties designed for breakfast sandwiches, and these new products are the first items for retail that will combine the plant-based egg with other ingredients.

Finding an expert in sourcing the quality chives, peppers, potatoes, mushrooms and other ingredients needed for the sous vide recipes is one reason why Eat Just needed a partner on this project, Tetrick says.

An even bigger reason is Cuisine Solutions expertise. Eat Just has chefs on staff but its tech expertise has been in figuring out how to separate protein from plants in a way that can then be turned into plant-based eggs. It hasnt focused on developing large-scale sous vide cooking techniques and developing that expertise in-house could take decades.

So How Do You Cook It What Does It Taste Like

Delicious. JUST Egg Folded.

I cracked open a bottle of Just in the morning and was admittedly hesitant. I love eggs for breakfast, but something about eating eggs poured from a bottle has never appealed to me — even from a bottle of real eggs. Here, I was diving into the unknown world of mung bean eggs. But I love mung beans, and I love eggs how odd could it be?

The smell was actually inviting. The “egg” mixture sort of smelled like an MSG-packed bowl of instant ramen, and I mean that in the best way possible. I greased up a pan and poured in the yellow liquid, delighted to hear the chorus of bubbling oil as the mixture spread. At first, the faux eggs looked more like pancakes or crepes, but soon enough, curds formed and the “eggs” actually started to look like… eggs. I sprinkled in salt and pepper as I would for regular eggs and scrambled away.

One of the challenges of making these fake eggs was deciding when they were finished. The bottle suggests you cook the Just Egg thoroughly, which may turn off those who prefer their scrambled eggs soft — aka me.

The texture was also a bit challenging. While the flavor of the mung bean eggs could actually pass for real eggs, the texture was gritty in some bites, stringy in others. It felt as if I scrambled the eggs with a breaking cheese sauce, making for an unpleasant mouthfeel. It was nothing like the fluffy texture you expect from a plate of scrambled eggs.

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Eggxactly* What The Planet Needs

The texture of Just hasn’t completely won me over yet, but I think this is a good start for plant-based eggs. The flavor is passable, and the texture is tolerable when combined with other ingredients.

Just Egg isn’t recommended for baking quite yet, but when reached for comment, the company said it’s “working on it!” It’d be interesting to see if Just releases any other “egg” products for people who aren’t as into scrambled .

As with Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, if we can reduce our dependence on animals — even by eating an Impossible burger, Beyond taco, or Just Egg sandwich every once in a while — strides can be made to better our food systems and create more sustainable options.

“The food system needs new tools to improve the way people eat,” the Just culinary team said. “We realized that those tools can be found in the vast world of plants.”

* Did you really think you’d get through this without an egg pun?

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Just Egg Ingredients And Nutrition Facts

Just Egg Ingredients: Water, Mung Bean Protein Isolate, Expeller-Pressed Canola Oil, Contains less than 2% of Dehydrated Onion, Gellan Gum, Natural Carrot Extractives , Natural Flavors, Natural Turmeric Extractives , Potassium Citrate, Salt, Soy Lecithin, Sugar, Tapioca Syrup, Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate, Transglutaminase, Nisin .

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What Can You Eat Instead Of Scrambled Eggs

As the secret ingredient in JUST egg, the protein found in a specific type of mung bean, which has the same texture as scrambled eggs, is isolated. Aside from that, the majority of the ingredients in the recipe are unassuming, such as canola oil, water, and a combination of carrot extract and turmeric for that signature yellow color.

The Many Benefits Of A Vegan Diet

What Do Vegans Eat Instead Of Scrambled Eggs

JUST Egg, Plant

There are a few different vegan recipes for scrambled eggs. One popular recipe uses tofu, which is a food made from soybeans. Other recipes use vegetables like mushrooms or legumes like chickpeas. Some vegans also add vegan cheese or spices to their scrambled eggs to give them extra flavor.

The simplest way to make vegan scrambled eggs is to make them at home with an easy-to-prepare recipe. This is a soft, rich, buttery mess that verges on custardy and is the perfect accompaniment to thick, hot buttered toast. Adding 14 g of protein to one serving is a fantastic addition. All of the hens and chicks on a battery farm, a free-range farm, or an organic farm will be slaughtered, as will those on any other farm. We are sending the message that we oppose the egg industry by avoiding eggs. There are a variety of vegan substitutes for eggs, and there are excellent versions of traditional egg recipes that you can make with them. Easy vegan scrambled eggs that are guaranteed to be perfect every time can be made with a simple, foolproof recipe.

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Where To Buy Just Egg

After years of development, the wait is finally over.

JUST Egg is now available in all Whole Foods Market and Sprouts locations. Check your local health food store now because some locations are already carrying it as well.

JUST Egg is also from Whole Foods too.

Its also available in select stores like Wegmans, Hy-Vee, Fresh Thyme and Safeway.

To find a JUST Egg retailer near you, use this store locator.

Vegan Liquid Egg Reviews: Justegg Vs Simply Eggless Vs Nabati Plant Eggz

September 10, 2021 by Lisa Le

With so many vegan egg liquid mixtures on the market now, I decided to give the JustEgg, Simply Eggless, and Nabati Plant Eggz a try so you can see how they taste, perform, and if its worth the $$$

I believe this is my first product review on the blog, and while I normally reserve reviews for YouTube or Instagram, I had too many thoughts and comparisons between the three products that I figured a blog post was a better medium!

Ive been testing out a Vietnamese omelette recipe lately, and Ive been trying it with the three vegan liquid egg products Ive been able to find locally at Coven in Hamilton. Ive been so fortunate to have access to so many vegan products thanks to the rad folks at Coven. I know a lot of these are harder to find at a lot of other places, so hopefully these reviews can help you decide if its worth searching for!

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What Sets Just Egg Apart From Chicken Eggs

For starters, according to their factsheet, Just Egg uses 98% less water, 86% less land, and produces 93% fewer CO2 emissions compared to factory-farmed eggs. Of course, since its vegan theres also zero cholesterol! This liquid egg also boasts 67% less saturated fat and a similar amount of protein as a chickens egg.

We separated the egg from the chicken because the industrialized egg system sucks for the planet, for us and, lets be honest, its not a party for the birds either. -Eat JUST, Inc.

While the plastic bottle is BPA-free and recyclable, I do wish it came in a cardboard carton like other liquid eggs. I know this is a popular complaint about their product and word is out that theyre working on it so I wouldnt be surprised to see a change of packaging in the future.

Another thing thats awesome about any Just Egg product is that people with egg allergies can actually eat it. Im fortunate not to have any food allergies but my good friends daughter has a myriad of different food allergies and its really opened up my eyes to how difficult that can be. I find myself looking at ingredients and foods differently and thinking Can Estelle have this?. She has an egg allergy and is also gluten-sensitive so thankfully the Just Egg products are a green light for her! Trader Joes Tofu Scramble is also a good vegan scramble option if youre gluten-free.

Best Just Egg Recipes

I tried Plant Based Eggs! Just Egg Honest Review!

Now, it would be remiss of us to talk about the companys products without talking about the wide variety of food products that you can make with JUST Egg.

Sadly, boiled and poached eggs are still out of reach for the moment but there are plenty of other choices that work brilliantly. We particularly like our french toast prepared with our mung bean based eggs vegan-style.

These are our favorites:

  • Weve always though that eggs were best at breakfast and this use of JUST Egg is about perfect. Tacos the way they were meant to be. Mung beans as you never imagined them!

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Nabati Plant Eggz Review

The first product I tried with my Vietnamese egg omelette recipe was the Nabati Plant Eggz liquid. It is lupini and pea protein isolate based, and is also gluten-free, pareve, and does not contain nuts.

At $6.99 CAD per bottle, it is about $4.92 CAD per 1 cup of liquid

Flavourwise, it is probably the most eggy in flavour compared to the Simply Eggless and the JustEgg. I didnt find this beany in texture or flavour at all, and I found the end result was creamier than the JustEgg and the Simply Eggless. Because it has a creamier texture, it takes a bit longer to set up in the pan

Nabati Plant Eggz Cooking Test

For all three cooking tests, I used the exact same Vietnamese omelette recipe, same cooking method, and same pan.

Cooking it is a bit weird, it bubbles and doesnt seem to set up at first, but with enough time , it will set and fold in on itself. I actually found that even if it seems undercooked , it set up after cooling and was the perfect, creamy omelette texture in the centre.

This was a texture Eddie was really looking for with the different vegan egg alternatives he had tried and nothing else has the same creaminess!

The cooking test I show in the video and pictures here show how I got distracted and burnt the final outer layer of the omelette. Definitely dont do what I did, but it tasted fine regardless.

Overall, it was really tasty and the most eggy in flavour and texture, but structurally was a bit difficult to cook and work with. I think this is my second favourite vegan liquid egg replacement, but itll be my go-to for replicating creamy omelettes or omurice!

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Why People Are Eating Just Eggs

Vegans have taken a liking to the JUST Egg for obvious reasons. Who wouldnt want to enjoy the savory taste of eggs without contributing to the egg industry?

Surprisingly, meat eaters are just as excited about JUST Eggs. Not only is JUST Egg sold alongside real eggs, but its also beating out the non-vegan competition. In just one week, the vegan egg outsold liquid Egg Beaters.

Giving up meat seems like a huge life change to some people, but swapping out eggs isnt as threatening. Heres why non-vegans are giving the JUST Egg a chance.

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