How To Make An Easter Egg

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How To Make Giant Papier Mache Easter Eggs

How to Make Easter Eggs

How to make giant papier mache Easter eggs with kids using balloons and newspaper strips. Decorate them as Easter eggs, natural birds eggs, or even dinosaur eggs!

Over the years, weve used papier mache to make all kinds of fun objects: moon nightlights, pinatas, Jack-o-lanterns, and face masks. And weve done papier mache to make bowls, birds nests, volcanoes, and Christmas wreaths.

But what about giant Easter eggs?!

Its a bit messy but always an enjoyable craft for everyone.After making the egg form, you can decorate it anyway youd like. You could even make more natural looking birds eggs or even dinosaur eggs.

How To Dye Eggs Sans Storebought Kit

If you want to go au natural with dyes , all you need are a couple beets, some ground turmeric, and a head of red cabbage.

  • Beets : Take 1 to 2 beets and roughly chop. Combine it with 1 quart water, 1 tablespoon vinegar, and 1 tablespoon salt in a saucepan. Bring to a boil, then cover and simmer for 30 minutes. Strain, reserving the liquid for dyeing.
  • Turmeric : Heat 1 quart water, 1 tablespoon vinegar, and 1 tablespoon salt in a saucepan. Add 6 tablespoon ground turmeric and stir well. Simmer for just a few minutes until the turmeric dissolves.
  • Red Cabbage : Take 1 large red cabbage and shred it. Combine in a saucepan with 1 quart water, 1 tablespoon vinegar, and 1 tablespoon salt. Bring to a boil, then cover and simmer 30 minutes. Strain, reserving the liquid for dyeing.

Simply soak the eggs in the liquids until they are the desired colors. At first, the colors will appear quite pale and they won’t all work equally well. The red dye sets very quickly as does the turmeric, but the blue needs a few hours of soaking. Using this primary colors guide as a jumping off point, you can mix yellow and blue to make green, or red and yellow for orange.

Shaving Cream Easter Eggs

Use an ordinary product to decorate an entire batch of . It’s easier than it looks! Use food coloring to create a design on a plain bed of shaving cream, then roll hard-boiled eggs over the surface to transfer the colors. Let the eggs dry, then gently clean to remove any excess shaving cream. Dyeing eggs this way is a fun activity for children of all ages.

Editor’s Tip: If you’re planning to eat the eggs, use whipped creamsimply substitute a packaged whipped cream for the shaving cream. Whipped cream eggs should be safe to eat.

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Diy Easter Egg Dye Recipe

  • 1 cup boiling water
  • 10-20 drops food coloring

how to make egg dye

Add the hot water and vinegar to each container. Drop in your food coloring and mix well. Place hard-boiled eggs in dye for 5 minutes or longer to achieve desired color vibrancy. Let dry.

More of a visual learner? Heres a video I made showing how to make homemade Egg Dye:

How To Preserve Panoramic Easter Eggs

Marbled Easter Eggs

Once it has set, your Panoramic Easter Eggs are complete! To save it for future Easters, wrap them carefully in paper or plastic and store them in a box in a safe place. Do not refrigerate the egg and do not attempt to eat it! Stored properly, your egg can be saved for years. Just ask my friend, Abby, she still has hers from when my Mom came to our 2nd grade class and made them. You will see in the comments below that Peggy still has eggs she made 40 years ago!

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Where To Buy Easter Egg Moulds

Easter egg moulds are easily sourced from large craft stores, and some supermarkets, though do shop around as the price can vary enormously for the exact same product.

You will also find them on line, I purchased mine from The Cake Craft Shop . Personally I prefer clear plastic moulds to silicone moulds as I think they give a better shine to the finished Easter eggs, although you may find eggs slightly easier to remove from silicone moulds especially if the temper isn’t perfect.

Chocolate will take on the surface from which it is set. Wash the moulds in warm soapy water and dry well . Before using polish the inside of the moulds with a piece of kitchen paper or lint-free cloth to ensure a nice shine once the chocolate is turned out.

Easter Egg Dyes For No

Anyone can easily recreate this egg design with a bit of paint and a few brushes. Once your dyed eggs have dried completely, dip a thin-tip paintbrush into one color of paint and add a few dots to an egg. Let it dry for a few minutes. Rinse your brush and pat it dry before adding a different color of paint. Play around with brush sizes and paint colors to create a stylish design.

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How To Decorate An Easter Egg

Its that time of year! The Easter Bunny is about to make his rounds. Have you decorated your Easter eggs yet? Get the whole family involved with these easy steps to Easter Egg decorating.

Prepare Easter egg dye. You can buy Easter egg dye in many craft stores and prepare it according to the package, or make your own. It only takes a few minutes and a couple of ingredients. Heres how:

Mix 1 teaspoon vinegar with 1/4 teaspoon of food colouring. Pour the dye into 3/4 of a cup of water. Use a different cup for each dye, and be sure there is enough water in the cup to cover an entire egg.

Easter Egg Dye Ideas For A Paint

It’s So Easy To Make This Delicious Easter Egg

For this modern take on Easter egg decorating, you’ll have to get a little messy. Once your dyed eggs have dried, dip a paintbrush in black paint. Hold the brush above the center of the egg and tap the handle to splatter the paint. Play around with the techniquethe harder you tap the brush, the bigger the splatter marks.

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Refrigerate For At Least Three Hours

The last and final step is to place the filled molds into the fridge for at least three hours.

Once your eggs are set, pop open the molds and your eggs should slip right out. They should be as jiggly as ever!

We took a huge batch of yummy Jell-O Easter eggs to our family dinner and all of the kids gobbled them up. They were a huge hit. Needless to say, we are definitely going to make these eggs an annual tradition.

I hope you have as much fun with these eggs as we did! What other fun traditions does your family have during Easter? Leave your comments below.

Make Your Own Easter Eggs

Its so rewarding to make chocolate Easter eggs at home, especially when the results are as good as this. And its also a great way to have fun in the kitchen, especially when you can get little ones involved too. Easy to use, our Easter Egg Moulds includes moulds to make 2 large and 36 mini eggs, which will look really professional when presented as gifts.

Anyone receiving a home-made egg in these moulds is sure to appreciate the care and time youve put in, but theyre actually surprisingly simple to make just melt, mould and decorate. Heres how we made ours

Step 1 Melt

Place your chosen chocolate into a bowl and place over a pan of very hot water, ensuring the bowl is not in direct contact with the water. Melt slowly, stirring occasionally.

If you want to temper your chocolate to give it a really professional-looking shiny finish and make it easier to remove your eggs from the moulds use a thermometer or our Thermospatula to heat to exactly 55°C. Award-winning British Master Chocolatier Paul A. Young has shared his foolproof method for tempering chocolate.

Step 2 Mould

Step 3 Decorate

We also dust a few of the mini eggs with a layer of lustre too for some contrasting colours when the big egg cracks open.

Once your eggs are all done and lustre-dusted, fill the large eggs with the mini ones and use a little more melted chocolate to stick the halves together. Leave to set and theyre ready to gift.

Step 4 Experiment!

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Easter Egg Dyes For A Garden Of Eggs

For beautiful blades of grass, cut origami paper into graduated sizes and shades of green. Starting with the biggest cutout, add white glue to the back and mold the paper onto the bottom of an egg. Repeat with medium-size and small cutouts, staggering the placement of the blades. Top with a craft-punched butterfly. Elevate the elegant designs by placing them atop egg cups and candlesticks.

How To Blow Out Eggs

How to make marbled Easter eggs. This easy easter craft uses fake eggs ...

Blown eggs don’t have to be refrigerated and can be kept and used for more than one year if you don’t break them.

  • Wash your raw eggs well.
  • Carefully poke a small hole in each pointed end of the raw egg.
  • Hold the egg over a bowl and blow into one of the holes.
  • The egg liquid should slowly come out the other hole.
  • Sometimes this is a big job and can take some time to complete. Kids should get an adults help and permission before trying this.
  • Once the eggshell is empty, rinse it off and set it aside to dry.
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    Four Unmoulding The Easter Eggs Set Aside To Firm Up

    Set the chocolate shells aside and allow the chocolate to set for at least an hour, avoid putting them in the fridge.

    Once the chocolate has completely set it will have shrunk very slightly. loosen the edges of the chocolate buy gently pulling at the moulds. Then turn over and carefully press the chocolate shells out.

    Easter Egg Dyes Using Natural Elements

    Turn to nature for colorful Easter egg ideas. Beets, purple cabbage, or turmeric combined with white vinegar will create rich yellows, blues, and pinks. After the dyed eggs dry, decorate them with natural objects, such as petals, leaves, and flowers, using a thin layer of matte-finish decoupage medium.

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    What Chocolate Is The Best For Making Easter Eggs

    The chocolate that we use to make chocolates is known as couverture and contains extra cocoa butter and a higher percentage of cocoa solids. It melts evenly, pours and spreads more readily and will give a more even coating than other chocolate.

    Couverture must be at least 31% cocoa butter and the combined percentage of cocoa butter and other lower fat cocoa solids must be at least 54%. You will need to head for the baking section of the larger supermarkets rather than the confectionary counter for couverture but confusingly it probably will not be labelled as such so check the packaging for the percentage of cocoa butter before opening the packaging.

    If you are going to cook with chocolate regularly it is better to buy larger blocks or bags of chocolate chips sold for catering purposes as it will work out a lot cheaper in the long run.

    If I’m buying bars from the supermarket I like Menier chocolate best, but generally my preferred chocolate is Callebaut chocolate which is a good quality Belgium chocolate at a reasonable price, and sold as drops. I buy it online.

    Chocolate drops are all the same size, so melt more evenly and quickly than chocolate you have chopped by hand from a bar.

    You can use plain , milk or white chocolate to make The Esater eggs.

    If you like plain chocolate and are new to chocolate making I highly recommend that you start with plain chocolate as it is the easiest to temper. White chocolate is the hardest with milk somewhere between the two.

    How To Make Easter Eggs

    How to Make Easter Chick Deviled Eggs | Easter Recipes |

    Easter eggs are always fun to receive but did you realise you could have even more fun by making your own.

    It’s an easy task to make your own Easter Eggs at home if you follow this how-to guide. As well as being lots of yummy fun, it’s the perfect way to customise them to make them even more special.

    With the range of chocolate Easter eggs available in shops, stacked from floor to ceiling, I think it’s fair to say that chocolate is a key ingredient as part of our Easter celebrations!

    There’s a huge amount lot of choice available from the ever-popular cream eggs, through to large eggs with intricate decorations and jaw-dropping price tags.

    But have you ever wondered how to make your own Easter eggs? Well, it’s not that difficult! It does take time and patience but it is great fun and very rewarding.

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    Easter Egg Dyes For A Tissue

    If you have a few sheets of tissue paper and a glue stick, you can create these festive, confetti design Easter eggs. To make, dye Easter eggs using food coloring. Stack several layers of brightly colored craft tissue paper, then use a hole punch to create dots. Spread the dots on a flat surface, separating them with your fingers. Working in sections, rub a glue stick on a dyed egg, then roll the egg in the dots. You can also use glue stick on your finger to dab dots onto the egg.

    How To Make A Papier Mch Easter Egg

    Gift your loved ones an Easter gift they will always treasure with an exquisite quilled papier-mâché Easter egg, which you can fill with sweet treats, jewellery or a pair of super-cosy socks. To create your fillable papier-mâché Easter egg carefully cut a premade papier-mâché Easter egg in half across the middle. For a different look, you could cut a peephole into the papier-mâché Easter egg to pop the treats into.

    First lets learn how to make papier-mâché! Check out our full guide to papier-mâché, with step-by-step photos and handy video guide. Once youve learnt how to make paper mache, why not try some of our brilliant paper mache projects for kids?If youre new to the world of quilling, you can check out our handy ideas guide to quilling. You might also like our Easy Salt Dough Recipe post!

    We love seeing what you make, so dont forget to share your craft projects with us on and , too!

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    Keep It Simple Or Go To Town

    As for the exterior of the egg, you can of course leave your chocolate Easter egg plain and simple.

    You can choose to opt for a fancy iced egg, and personalise them with the name of the lucky recipient. Or simply fix a few sugar flowers or other ready-made sugar decorations to them.

    Or you could opt for a more contemporary design which is surprisingly easy to achieve by drizzling some contrasting chocolate back and forth over the mould before fully coating with the milk chocolate.

    You can also do that after making the eggs which would give a different effect again.

    Whichever you choose it’s so much fun to make your own bespoke Easter egg whilst allowing your creativity to shine. And if your egg doesn’t turn out perfect, don’t worry because you still have the consolation of having all of that lovely chocolate to eat! Chocolate heaven!

    Texture Packs: Easter Egg

    BEST Dyed Easter Eggs! How To Dye Easter Eggs With Skittles Candy ...

    Another vanilla method of making Easter eggs is through Minecraft texture packs! These nifty tools replace vanilla textures and can be used client-side or on a server. In this case, rotgruengelb has created a simple pack that replaces the vanilla egg with more colorful Easter versions. A perfect and quick way to set up an Easter egg hunt!

    For those running spigot servers, this absolutely fantastic plugin offers one of the best ways to make Easter eggs in Minecraft and does so using player heads. With a few simple commands and no mods at all, servers can have fully collectible eggs that remain even after the plugin is gone.

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    How To Make Marbleized Easter Eggs

    A holiday spent with family and friends, Easter is a time for traditions both old and new. And whether you’ve been taking part in the same tried and true holiday activities or are in search of a few new ways to enjoy time with loved ones, you know that Easter happenings are meant to be fun for the entire family. That’s why we love the multiple techniques available for dyeing Easter eggs. With a plethora of possibilitiesand eggs as the blank slateallow your creativity to run wild with this artful way of decorating the holiday classic. Marbleizing Easter eggs is both an elevated and hands-on approach that the whole family will enjoy.

    Small on mess and big on fun, this marbleized is sure to be everyone’s new favorite. All you need to create these luxe-looking eggs is an egg blower, a dozen eggs, dye, oil, and a dash of creativity. The trick to this colorful holiday craft lies in the oil, and its inability to combine with water, which allows for the dye to stand apart. This creates the gorgeous marbleized effect when it’s dipped into the oil and water mixture.

    After embellishing the eggs as you and your entire family see fit, let them dry and either leave the finished products out as or hide them as part of an epic hunt. Placing these gorgeous eggs on your dinner table, alongside a delicious meal full of springtime favorites and fresh produce, will make this a holiday to remember. Continue on for our simple and easy method to making marbleized Easter eggs.

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