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Are Your Eggs For Sale? Some Women Are Addicted to Donating Them

Personal information: Your clinic will ask you to provide some personal information. Some non-identifying information will be available to the hopeful parents at the time of donation and any children conceived with your donation when they turn 16. Your identifying information will be available to any donor-conceived children when they turn 18.

Health tests: Youll need to have tests for certain diseases, including any serious genetic diseases, before you can donate.

Its very important you tell your clinic about any problems in your, or your familys, medical histories. If you or your family have a serious physical or mental condition and you dont tell your clinic about it, you could face legal action if a child born from your donation inherits it.

Counselling: Your clinic is required by law to offer you counselling. We strongly recommend you take it up, as it will help you to think through all the implications of your decision and how it could affect you and your family in the future.

Your consent: You need to consent in writing before donating your eggs. You can change or withdraw your consent – see more below.

Donating: The process for donating is exactly the same as the early stages of IVF.

  • Medication taken as a daily injection or nasal spray will suppress your natural hormone production. This will give your doctor complete control of the fertility process.
  • Ready To Sell Your Eggs

    If you came here to learn how to sell your eggs for cash, its good that youre trying to do more research.

    Donating eggs to help other people does sound good, not to mention your potential compensation as a bonus.

    However, being under hormone therapy does carry some health risks.

    Also, if you end up working with shady clinics that wont look out for your well-being throughout the process could lead to serious issues, such as the removal of ovaries or even death.

    If selling your eggs feels like too much of a commitment , you can also sell hair, breast milk, and plasma.

    We Can Help You Become An Egg Donor

    Every day, generous young women like you, help make the dream of becoming a parent a reality. They do so when they become an egg donor. We are interested in donors who have a genuine desire to help someone struggling with infertility.

    Egg donation occurs when a young woman with healthy eggs donates her eggs to help someone else become pregnant. Women who are unable to produce viable eggs due to genetic diseases, ovarian failure, cancer treatment or advanced maternal age can become pregnant with help from a egg donor.

    Until recently, women with infertility didnt have treatment options available to them. Their only options were surrogate pregnancy or adoption. However, many women were seeking a biological bond with their baby. Today, with help from young women like you, a patient can carry a baby that shares her male partners genetic material. As an egg donor, you will join a special group of women who provide this life-changing act of kindness.

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    The Nurses And Doctors Are Wonderful To Work With 5

    kimberly jensen


    My experience with Heartland has been fantastic. We are so lucky to have two successful pregnancies. It was always sad to leave the team at Heartland but for the best reasons, we were pregnant! I would and have recommended Heartland to anyone trying to start a family. They are a great support system.

    What Factors Influence The Cost Of Donor Egg Ivf

    The most and least calorific Easter eggs you can buy on the high street ...

    When purchasing donor eggs there are truly so many factors that can influence the total cost of the treatment. Some of these costs may be necessary, but some of the costs may be add on services that may or may not be right for you. Remember, purchasing eggs is one thing, but having a baby is another. In that, you need to account for the cost of Donor Egg IVF and all that goes into it, not just the cost of donor eggs.

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    What Is The Egg Donation Process Like

    The process begins with your egg donor application and is followed by an interview and preliminary screening . After the screening has been completed and you have been chosen as an egg donor, you will begin taking oral contraceptive pills to prepare your body for an egg donation cycle.

    An egg donation cycle takes around 2 weeks and involves self-administering hormonal injections to produce multiple eggs in 1 month. During the cycle, you can expect to visit the office 5-7 times within 2 weeks to monitor your progress. If you do not live near NYC, some of these visits can be done closer to home at an outside monitoring facility. Once our physicians decide that your eggs are ready, you will trigger ovulation with an injection and your egg retrieval will be performed 36 hours later.

    On the day of the retrieval, an anesthesiologist will administer medication through an IV, which will put you to sleep but you will breathe on your own. The procedure lasts around 10-15 minutes and we require you to stay in our recovery room for about 1 hour. Following the procedure, we require you to be picked up by someone and rest for the remainder of the day. You may feel sore for a couple days after the retrieval, but most patients return to regular daily activities the following day.

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    Egg Freezing For Building Your Future Family

    MyEggBank cares for donors throughout their entire donation process and even beyond. If you complete three egg donation cycles with us, some of our centers offer you the benefit of freezing your own eggs at no cost to you. Freezing your eggs gives you the flexibility to start your family on your own terms, as well as safeguard against fertility issues you may encounter over time.

    No matter what you choose, your gift of egg donation will change lives forever. We look forward to building families together with you.

    The compensation was a big motivator and has helped me in the process of paying for school. It has been really rewarding knowing that I have possibly helped a couple start a family who couldnt do it on their own.Anonymous Donor

    If you’re ready to become an egg donor, the first step is to begin an egg donor application.

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    Fulfill Your Dreams With Egg Freezing

    PFC Egg Donor Agency is proud to offer our dedicated donors a complementary egg saving benefit, also known as “Fertility Preservation”, as part of their third egg bank donation cycle. Eligible donors will be offered the option of having PFC save a portion of their “cryopreserved” eggs from their third egg bank donation for their own personal use.

    I Sold My Eggs For An Ivy League Education But Was It Worth It

    I Sold My Eggs For $18,000 To Pay For College

    An increasing number of women are selling their eggs for as much as $20,000 a cycle to cover essential costs

    My eyes flutter open. Im surrounded by four nurses holding me upside down. They shake me back and forth, urging the blood back to my head. As I regain consciousness I wonder: is this worth it? That it is the $10,000 question.

    Seven months ago, I received my acceptance to Columbia Universitys School of Journalism. I was absolutely stunned to be admitted, but even more shocked by the $116,000 price tag, for tuition and living expenses. The school, whose education is widely considered the golden standard in journalism, would provide me with unparalleled access, in an industry I currently felt immobile in.

    Fortunately, the vast majority of the cost would be covered by scholarships. For the remaining rent and living costs, I looked for something else to plug the gap. I landed on a burgeoning industry offering struggling people vast amounts of cash, relatively fast: egg donation.

    Its 90-something degrees on a June morning in New York City. My wrinkled, green satin skirt sticks to my legs as I rush into the egg donation clinics main office for another screening, a urine test.

    Over the last four months Ive been lying to my somewhat conservative family about where Ive been escaping to on these early mornings: surreptitiously showing up for examinations and psychological assessments in order to donate my eggs.

    I wasnt the patient. I was the product

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    You Shouldnt Have Sex Until Your Next Period After Completing An Egg Donation Cycle Because Youre Very Fertile At This Time

    We warn patients not to have sex until they get their period in the event that an egg was not picked up during the retrieval, we wouldnt want them to get pregnant, Levine says. We educate women that they are very fertile after the retrieval, and while our intent is to retrieve every egg from every follicle, theres no guarantee that one wasnt left behind, so we advise women to ideally abstain until their next period or use condoms. A lot of women will resume oral contraception or the vaginal ring, and we still advise them, for two weeks into the next month to still use condoms.

    What Are The Risks Associated With Egg Donation

  • Egg retrieval is performed under ultrasound guidance. However, there remains a small risk of injury, bleeding and/or infection to the surrounding tissue or organs. To minimize this risk, we give all patients and donors a course of antibiotics beginning the day before egg retrieval. Another risk associated with egg donation is ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome . When OHSS occurs the ovaries become enlarged and fluid may collect in the abdominal cavity. OHSS can cause bloating, weight gain, and severe pelvic pain. In the most severe cases, OHSS can require hospitalization. However, we monitor our donors very closely to ensure their safety. Finally, some studies have shown a link between some ovulation drugs and an increased risk of ovarian cancer. But, this area of research is ongoing, and more recent studies suggest that this is not a risk.
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    What It Takes: Is Egg Donation For You

    Egg donation is an invasive medical process that takes place over many weeks. There can also be psychological challenges with egg donation, which is why psychological screening and consultation is part of the pre-donor process.

    Agencies frequently reassure potential donors that egg donation is completely safe, but there are some serious risks, even if those risks are rare.

    There is also a lack of long-term research on egg donors, which means that doctors don’t know how egg donation could impact your health in the long-term.

    Women decide to donate their eggs for a number of reasons. For example, you might have the desire to help a couple have a baby, or you might need the money.

    If your first exposure to egg donation is through an egg donor wanted ad, there may be a tendency to focus on the cash. Financial compensation is given in exchange for all the time and effort you put in to donate your eggs.

    Before donation, youll need to have basic fertility and gynecological exams, which can include pelvic exams, transvaginal ultrasounds, blood work, and testing for sexually transmitted diseases.

    You may be asked to have genetic testing, but you can choose not to see the results of those tests. At some point during the process, you may be given an unannounced drug screening.

    If you are accepted as a donor and decide to proceed, make sure that you understand the risks associated with the fertility drugs you’ll be taking (the same drugs women going through IVF treatment take.

    How Much Does Ivf With A Donor Egg Cost

    Jumbo Dino Egg

    Our current cost for a complete egg donation cycle is $28,000. This includes the donors fee of $7,000 to $9,000 and $400 for short term medical insurance for the donor.

    The cost of donor egg IVF varies greatly at different IVF centers. Some clinics charge over $30,000 without medications for a single donor cycle. Be sure that you understand all of the costs involved before starting the process.

    • Donor medication costs are additional and usually cost about $4000-6000
    • The recipient woman also needs medications cost is usually about $800-1500

    This is a cash discounted cost for couples paying in advance. We do not do insurance billing for cash discounted cycles. The undiscounted fee for an egg donation cycle is about 5% higher. This package includes all monitoring and procedures, for the egg donor and the recipient.

    Costs for additional procedures

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    How Much Do You Get Paid To Donate Eggs

    The exact amount you are paid varies based on different factors just like with sperm donation which I explained in our How Much Do You Get Paid to Donate Sperm post.

    Some centers pay a few thousand dollars and some more.

    The good thing is that every center will give you this information before you start the process.

    Of course, for the companies listed in this post, you will see the exact pay.

    How To Donate Eggs

  • Fill out the online application formOne of our egg donation coordinators will contact you as soon as we review your application.
  • Consult with a doctor at our Santa Monica Fertility Clinic or Santa Monica Fertility MiamiYou will have a phone or in-person appointment with a fertility specialist at our clinic in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, or Miami, who will review your medical history in more detail, perform an ultrasound of your ovaries, and obtain blood for various medical and infectious disease screens.
  • Consult with a psychologist and genetic counselorAfter your medical screening tests are returned, you will have a telephone interview with a psychologist, and a genetic counselor.
  • Creation of an electronic donor profileWe will create your profile once youve completed all your medical, psychological and genetic screening tests and you qualified to donate eggs. We will ask you to provide photographs and may invite you to a professional photo shoot . Your profile will be password protected and shared with intended parents interested in choosing you as their donor.
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    How Does Egg Donation Affect My Fertility

    Each month, women have many eggs in their ovaries but generally, only one egg develops.

    In an egg donation cycle, we aim to retrieve 15-20 eggs. These additional eggs are not taken from future cycles. Instead, we grow and retrieve the eggs that would not otherwise develop. Therefore, you will not go into premature menopause and it will not be harder for you to get pregnant. Egg donation has not been shown to have any long-term adverse effects on fertility.

    During an egg donation cycle, you are more fertile. After the egg retrieval, your fertility status will begin to return to a normal state.

    Not Everyone Can Be An Egg Donor

    Women Find Out How Much Their Eggs Are Worth

    Women must meet specific requirements to become an egg donor. These requirements are designed to ensure we are providing recipients with healthy eggs from reliable donors. Potential donors must be between 21 and 30 years old and meet certain other qualifications, including submitting to a full medical screening. Logistical considerations, such as your ability to keep appointments, will also be taken into account.

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    How Much Does Egg Donation Cost

    Our egg donors are paid between $7,000 and $9,000 per successful cycle. Hopeful parents can also expect to pay for tests and treatment associated with the egg donation. During your consultation at our clinic, our team will review the costs of egg donation in detail.

    Worried about how you will pay for egg donation? We accept financing and work with trusted third-party lenders. By outsourcing financing to trusted third parties, our clinic can do what it does besthelp families grow.

    There Are Three Main Ways Of Donating Your Eggs: Through An Agency Through A Clinic That Runs A Donor Service Or Doing A Directed Egg Donation

    Agencies are basically headhunters and can pay more depending on the specifics of a donor. Compensation varies but Dr. Devine says, Appropriate compensation for eggs donors should be based on the local cost of living and should cover her lost wages, mileage, parking, and other expenses. For example, she explained that in the Washington DC area, compensation for donors ranges from $6,000 $8,000. Going through an agency, however, you can earn up to $25,000 for donation. You can also seek out an agency or clinic with a donor service on your own, without being headhunted by them. Theres also directed egg donation, which could be a donor donating eggs directly to a family member or friend, but without the process of the agency or clinic doing the matchmaking for them. Levine also adds that some families who have specific criteria, like wanting a donor who goes to Harvard, might put an ad in the Harvard newspaper and pay anywhere from $25,000-$50,000 for that directed donation.

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    Examples Of The Cost For Donor Eggs

    As an example scenario, an ID Release egg donor has 18 eggs available for sale at a price of $2,750 per egg.

    Our donor egg database may have those 18 eggs divided in the following way:

    • One straw containing one egg costing $2,750 per straw
    • Seven straws containing two eggs costing $5,500 per straw
    • One straw containing three eggs costing $8,250 per straw

    Total = 18 donor eggs.

    You are able to buy any combination of available straws you need and therefore choose the quantity of frozen eggs you choose.

    Using the example above, if you or your fertility clinic wants you to purchase six eggs, you could purchase three straws with two eggs per straw. Each straw would cost $5,500 and the total price would be $16,500.

    To view our database of egg donors and their available eggs, go to and click See details for more information about individual donors, including cost of eggs.

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