How Long To Hard Boil Eggs In Air Fryer

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Why These Eggs Are So Good

How to Make Hard Boiled Eggs in Air Fryer | Easy Peel
  • Hard-boiled eggs cooked in the air fryer are so easy! No water needed, so theres no keeping an eye on the stove. Just set the timer and pop into cold water when done.
  • Boiling your eggs in the air fryer ensures they turn out perfect every time. No under- or overcooked yolks! Plus, theyre easy to peel!
  • Air fryer hard-boiled eggs are perfect on their own with a little salt and pepper, but also great for meal prep, salads, deviled eggs, or any recipe that requires hard-boiled eggs.

Super Useful Air Fryer Accessories

Once youve started using your air fryer more regularly, youll find there are so many other ways you *could* be using it, if you had a few extra useful accessories. Here are a few favorites that we use almost every day.

Whether youre cooking these eggs for Easter or for a tray of delicious deviled eggs, you wont find an easier method for cooking hard boiled eggs in a batch.

The benefits of cooking eggs in the Air Fryer over the stove top are that its a hands-off activity where you dont have to watch a boiled pot like a hawk, and that the eggs turn out perfect every time, because the pressure is consistent, unlike the temp in the pot on the stovetop, which can have fluctuations.

Do You Salt Water For Boiled Eggs

Egg white solidifies more quickly in hot, salty water than it does in fresh. So a little salt in your water can minimize the mess if your egg springs a leak while cooking. The egg white solidifies when it hits the salt water, sealing up the crack so that the egg doesnt shoot out a streamer of white.

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What Do I Need To Make Hard

Believe it or not, all you need is eggs and an air fryer! You will need a bowl of ice water to help cool your eggs after they cook. But, to actually cook your eggs, you just need the eggs and the air fryer. Doesnt get easier than that! Feel free to use white eggs, brown eggs, or eggs from your neighbors chicken!

  • Eggs: I always use large eggs when I am cooking or baking!
  • Cold Water and Ice: This helps coll down the eggs so that you can peel them right away!

Ninja Foodi Hard Boiled Eggs

Air Fryer Hard Boiled Eggs (Easy Peel) + {VIDEO}

Here are a few questions you might have before you get started:

Can you hard boil eggs in the Ninja Foodi

Yes but since the air crisp temp. doesnt go below 300 degrees it is best to follow the pressure cooker hard boiled eggs instructions of 5-5-5.If you want to use the air crisp function then: Leave eggs on countertop for 30 minutes, Put on air fryer rack, Set to 300 degrees for 10 minutes.BEST results will come if you do this though: Add 1.5 cups water into your Foodi, Put room temp. eggs inside vegetable steamer basket, Set to high pressure for 5 minutes with a 5 minute natural release and then submerge in ice water so shells fall off easily.

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Make This Recipe In Advance

Make ahead: Prepare these eggs in advance by cooking and cooling them. You can keep them in the fridge peeled or unpeeled, but if they are peeled, wrap them in a moist paper towel to keep them from drying out.

Storing: These Air Fryer Hard Boiled Eggs can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week, peeled or unpeeled. Place them in a lidded container until youre ready to serve.

Freeze: Hard-boiled eggs cannot be frozen since the egg whites become tough and inedible. The yolks alone could be frozen though.

What Makes This Recipe Work

You may be used to using your Instant Pot for hard boiled eggs, but using your air fryer is even easier!Air Fryer hard-boiled eggs are so easy to whip up and peel. Eat them as is or add them to a meal for additional protein, or check out my list below for some creative ways to eat them!

Eggs are super diet friendly, packing in over 6 grams of protein and less than 1 carb per hard-boiled egg! Whether youre eating Whole30, Keto, or Low carb, these air fryer eggs are perfect!

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Why Use An Air Fryer

An air fryer is an incredibly easy way to cook just about anything. You place the food in a fryer-style basket and hot air rapidly circulates all around the food, making the food crisp much like deep-frying, but without the oil. You can cook anything youd make in the oven.

Ingredients For Air Fryer Boiled Eggs

Air Fryer Hard Boiled Eggs Recipe | How To Cook Eggs In The Air Fryer

Again, only two things are needed:

  • Eggs: Im using standard large eggs, right from the fridge.

  • Water: For your ice water bath!

Of course depending on how youll enjoy your eggs you will probably require other ingredients. Ive got some ideas for how to use boiled eggs at the bottom of this post, so you can click those recipes to see what youll need! If you just want to enjoy Air Fryer Boiled Eggs as a snack, you may want to season with salt and pepper!

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How Long Does It Take To Boil An Egg In An Air Fryer

It may take a few tries to get the timings right when making boiled eggs in your air fryer.

Use the following times as a guideline depending on whether you want soft or hard boiled eggs.

Ive tried cooking the eggs at different temperatures in an air fryer and have settled on setting the temperature at 150C.

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What Are The Best Air Fryers

Ive had 3 or 4 different air fryers or the past 5 years and each one of them has worked very well with the air fryer recipes on this site. If you want to be able to cook more food for your family at once then get an air fryer with a large basket such as 5.3 quarts. Look for ones that say nonstick on them and has multiple program settings.

Power XL Air Fryer 5.3 Quart Basket. This was my very first air fryer.

Our 5.3QT Power Air-Fryer comes in handy in preparing amazing meals from your cookbook, and frying a variety of dishes, such as: French fries, chicken, steak, roasts, fish tacos and sticks, waffle fries, pies, pudding and donuts.

Ninja Foodi Grill and Air Fryer This air fryer works very well too but the air fryer setting doesnt go below 300 degrees. If theres a recipe that calls for lower temperatures you have to use the bake setting. It air frys, roasts, grills, and dehydrates food.

Cosori 4 Qt Air Fryer This air fryer doesnt require any preheating and has several different functions for cooking chicken, meat, frozen foods, etc. There are 5 different functions.

Air fryer temperature settings vary according to brand and model. If your air fryer does not have the exact temperature setting called for in the recipe, consult your manual for suggested temperature settings.

What Does The Bar Mean On A Boiler

Air Fryer Hard Boiled Eggs (+ Soft Boiled!)

Your boilers pressure is usually displayed on the built-in pressure gauge, and should read around the 1 bar mark when youre not running any hot water and the heating isnt turned on. Therefore, 1 bar is a low-pressure setting. When the heating is turned on, your boiler pressure should be between 1.5 and 2 bars.

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For More Air Fryer Recipes:

For everyone who recently got an air fryer and looking for more ways to incorporate meals into it, try Air Fryer Hard Boiled Eggs. They cook quickly and easily without any water, theres no clean up involved, and they come out consistently perfect every time!

If youve tried this healthy Air Fryer Hard Boiled Eggs recipe or any other recipe on FeelGoodFoodie, then dont forget to rate the recipe and leave me a comment below! I would love to hear about your experience making it. And if you snapped some shots of it, share it with me on so I can repost on my stories!

Easy Air Fryer Hard Boiled Eggs Recipe

Its hard to believe how easy it is to make hard boiled eggs in the air fryer. Seriously, its crazy to think how simple it is to make air fried boiled eggs. This concept is mind blowing but it works like a charm. If you want to learn how to make boiled eggs in the air fryer, watch our video and our photos below.

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Air Fryer Hard Boiled Eggs

Learn how to makeperfect easy-peelhard-boiled eggs made in the air fryerthat can be used for egg salad sandwiches, salad, Scotch Eggs, deviled eggs, and more! Use the skip to recipe feature at the top of the post if you dont want to read the entire post!

There are MANY methods for cooking a hard-boiled egg out there but using my air fryer is by far my favorite method!. You can make them on a stove, in boiling water, an Instant Pot, and in your oven. Yep, thats right! You will be amazed at how easy it is to cook them in this popular trendy contraption that looks like Darth Vaders helmet.

You can use the hard-boiled eggs to make egg salad, deviled eggs, top them on salads, place them on avocado toast, or use them to dye Easter eggs with.

What Does It Cost Residential Water Boiler Replacement

How To Cook An Egg In An Air Fryer

Boilers for residential heating systems are most often powered by propane or natural gas, but they can also be powered by fuel oil, electricity or even wood. A boiler that burns heating oil costs between $1,700 and $6,500, and the total price including boiler installation labor costs range from $4,000 to $9,000.

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Tips For Perfect Air Fryer Soft Or Hard

  • The time may vary: just like ovens, air fryers can vary, so I recommend using the times mentioned here as a guide and adjusting them, if necessary, to your specific model. If its the first time making soft to hard-boiled eggs in the air fryer, only use ONE or TWO eggs. However, the time can also vary depending on the amount of space between the eggs, the egg size, and the batch size.
  • If you plan on making a large batch: remove one of the air fryer soft-boiled eggs from the basket at the minimum cooking time and cut open quickly to check the level. You can then decide how much longer they need.
  • Use the correct wattage: the air fryer I used is 1200 watts,so this method works best for 1200-1500 watt air fryers!
  • Dont overcrowd the basket: like any air fryer recipe, overcrowding will affect how evenly the eggs cook through. You can cook up to a dozen eggs in a large air fryer.
  • Use an air fryer rack if you have one: the wire rack can help hold the eggs in place better and prevent the eggs from rolling around/cracking. However, its not 100% necessary.

Air Fryer Boiled Eggs

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How to make soft, medium, and hard-boiled eggs in an air fryer for a water-free, hands-off method! Did I mention these air fryer boiled eggs are fuss-free and super easy to peel, too?!

Ive already shared my method for stove-top boiled eggs to achieve the perfect results every single time. However, did you know that theres an even simpler option in the form of air fryer boiled eggs?! Theres no having to wait for the water to boil, watching the pot for overflow, added humidity in the kitchen , etc. Plus, they take less time than baked hard-boiled eggs.

Instead, this method of making soft, medium, or hard-boiled eggs in the air fryer just has you place the eggs in the pre-heated basket and cook to your desired level! Honestly, its the easiest method Ive found for boiled eggs so far, and it doesnt even include any water!

Once cooked, transfer the eggs to an ice bath and then either enjoy the air fryer soft-boiled eggs jammy for dipping or, as a further bonus, watch as the shells practically slip off if peeling! I dont know how or why this works, but these really are super easy to peel!

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How To Cook Soft Eggs In The Air Fryer

  • Put the eggs directly into the basket.
  • Next, cook at 250ºF for 8-10 minutes.
  • Then, remove the drawer and retire all the eggs with tongs.
  • Let the eggs cool in a cold water bath.
  • Pull off a piece of eggshell on top, then take the whole egg out carefully so the yolk does not spill.
  • Add a dash of salt and lemon to your serving of air fryer hard-boiled eggs, along with bread.
  • Tips For Making Air Fryer Hard Boiled Eggs

    We tried air fryer hard boiled eggs, and here
  • Play around with the time for your ideal doneness. Since all air fryers makes and models vary in strength and watts, I recommend trying out the different times to find whats perfect for you. And then you can keep using those settings. The air fryer I used is 1700 watts.
  • Use an ice water bath to stop the eggs from overcooking. While its not necessary to cool the eggs, I always run them under cold water or an ice bath because it immediately shocks the eggs temperature, and stops them from cooking.
  • Use a grill rack or mesh rack if your air fryer doesnt have a basket. That works perfectly fine to allow the air to circulate fast around the eggs even if you dont have a basket.
  • Cook up to 12 eggs at once. Air fryer hard boiled eggs are great for meal prepping since the eggs last up to one week in the fridge. Once youve tested the perfect time in your air fryer, you can cook them in bulk.
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    How Does The Air Fryer Work

    Cooking with Air Fryers has made it easier to eat healthier without submerging your foods in oil.

    Air Fryers cook foods by using a heating element and a fan, and that circulating of heat and hot air is what helps cook the food and crisp it.

    Air Fryers can cook with heat as high as 400° Fahrenheit/200° Celcius. Some air fryers may even cook to higher temps.

    What Is An Air Fryer

    An air fryer is a small kitchen appliance that acts as a convection oven. The air circulates in a small space, leading to a crispy exterior and a warm interior. Thats why air frying is often used as a replacement for deep frying. The final product ends up being crispier than baking in the oven, and the cooking time is often cut in half or more! I have plenty of Air Fryer Recipes on the blog, and youll often see me make fries or chicken wings! They give you the delicious crispiness without the large quantity of oil and the mess that comes with deep frying!

    In this case, well see if the circulation of air in the confined space will help boil your eggs faster than if you were to wait for water to boil over the stove and then actually boil the eggs, or for you to place the eggs in an Instant Pot and allow the pressure to rise then release.

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    Tips For Making Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs In The Air Fryer Every Time

    • Use an air fryer rack to prevent your eggs from cracking.
    • Dont skip the ice bath! This will prevent your eggs from continuing to cook after youve removed them from the air fryer. If your eggs are still warm to the touch, leave them in the ice water until they are fully cooled.
    • Cook for slightly longer if you want a stiffer yolk and a little less for jammy eggs or even soft boiled eggs.
    • Use slightly older eggs for easy peeling. I like to use mine when theyre set to expire in a week to use them all up.

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