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Ways To Make The Hunt More Creative

How To Make Glow In The Dark Easter Eggs! Kids Craft!

For additional fun, hide signs with simple riddles written in glow paint, so that the children can get an extra prize if they find the riddle sign and manage to solve it. The prizes can be bigger items that might have been more difficult to hide, like light up swords or fairy wands, fiber optic lamps, or whatever suits the crowd.

Use a black light pen to write invisible numbers on paper to place within certain eggs. The numbers can correspond to a large prize. Kids can bring the blank paper to game leaders to discover the secret prize number.

Using glow sticks for your eggs? Have glass or translucent plastic containers to collect glow sticks after the hunt for a light-up table decoration.

Have a contest to see who can collect the most eggs or fill up a container with the most egg glow sticks.

Make Your Supply List

To prepare for an Easter Glow party, consider gathering the following supplies: Plastic egg shells enough so that each child can collect 5 or more. Glow-in-the-dark egg shells Small glowing toys Mini personal black light flashlights Neon or glow-in-the-dark chalk for marking trees or making signs Candy! Glowing makeup Glow necklaces and bracelets for wearing

How To Make Glow In The Dark Easter Eggs

There are some places that sell the glow in the dark Easter eggs ready to go. You can also make your own.

You will Need

To be honest I didnt know the small mini glow sticks existed until I started to write this post. We always just snag the glow bracelets at the Dollar Tree. They are super affordable, and it is easy to pick them up on a quick run.

Ive also been known to buy the glow stick bracelets in bulk on amazon because we use them for so many things. They are just fun and they can turn a movie night into an extra fun party, or a sleepover into something spectacular.

How to assemble

Shortly before your Easter egg hunt crack your glow bracelet or mini glow stick and place one inside of each jumbo Easter egg. Then hide them as you usually would for an Easter egg hunt.

You can make up rules to make the hunt more challenging.

For example:

  • Each kid can only pick up a specific color
  • Limit sections of the yard to each child.
  • Give smaller kids a head start.

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Easter Egg Glow In The Dark

Easter Eggs With Glow

Glow in The Dark Easter Egg Hunt

The last glow in the dark eggs I want to mention is SLIME EGGS!!!

Now if I had more time or if I had found these at Walmart when I was buying supplies, I would have grabbed these too for my Easter egg hunt! Kids LOVE SLIME/PUTTY! Glow-in-the-dark SLIME in EGGS!!! How cool! My kids LOVE SLIME!

This slime comes in just 1 color.

This putty comes in 5 colors

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Glow In The Dark Easter Egg Variation Ideas

You can place candy inside each egg but it might dim the light so consider giving prizes for most eggs found.

Instead of candy, consider putting a little money in each egg. My mom has an annual adult Easter egg hunt and she loads the eggs with coin and bills. It gets quite competitive but its so fun.

If its raining or chilly, take the Easter egg hunt indoors.

Often the finger lights come in different colors, our pack came with 4 colors so you can have different kids look for different colored eggs.

Try a timed contest, to see who can find a set number of eggs the fastest.

Easter Eggs Glow In The Dark

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Easter Egg Hunt Prizes

If you fill these with candy, it might block the glow a bit. It is better to hunt for the unfilled glowing eggs and offer prizes instead. This is a great way to bypass the candy. I recommend doing prizes for the most eggs found or even money prizes. It is amazing how excited my kids will get to win prizes like packs of sugarless gum, fuzzy socks, matchbox cars, $1 bills or even quarters! These Beanie Boos animals were a big hit with the kids last year. These mini squishmallows would also be a great prize!

If you are looking for ideas to fill those Easter baskets, check out our Easter Basket filler ideas for kids of all ages and adults!

Glow In The Dark Easter Egg Hunt Idea

Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs

Looking for a fun way to liven up this years Easter egg Hunt? Why not have it in the dark with this fun Glow in the Dark Easter egg Hunt Idea?

This year my kids are older and their idea of Easter fun is something out of the box. This year we decided it would be fun to take our Easter egg Hunt into the night with this fun Glow in the Dark Easter egg Hunt Idea!

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Glow In The Dark Easter Eggs

Glow In The Dark Easter Egg Hunt

The secret ingredient of these glowing eggs are the mini-glow sticks that are tiny, just 1.5 inch in length. They are the perfect size for fitting into Easter eggs and it will greatly reduce your fill time. I have never seen these sold in stores, so leave time to order these online.

I also recommend buying light pastel eggs for your Easter egg hunt. The light yellow, light green, white and pink colors work the best. You can experiment with the eggs you purchase. Just crack those glow sticks and fill your eggs. If the eggs arent staying closed , then just seal with some scotch tape. If you feel like the glow isnt strong enough, you can fill your eggs with an extra glow stick or two.

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With Siser Easypsv Glow

Question: How do you keep an Easter egg hunt fair and still fun, especially when youre entertaining kids of all ages?

Answer: You can decorate Easter eggs with Siser of course!

Color-coordinate your designs or decorate plastic eggs with letters or numbers using any Siser EasyPSV. This makes it easy to assign them to certain age groups as well as helps with deciding age-appropriate treats to put inside the eggs!

To make this Easter egg hunt extra fun Decorate Easter eggs using for a nighttime egg-stravaganza, indoors or out!

I suggest taking extra care while cutting EasyPSV Glow. Its much thicker than standard EasyPSV so its best to keep designs simple. I cut basic numbers and circles to make polka-dots.

You can find our suggested cut settings on our website.

Im not going to use this time since Im not keeping any text or designs together. I can easily peel and stick these decals to the plastic eggs using my hands in this case.

Remember, since we are using adhesive vinyl there is no need to mirror your artwork. If youre in need of a Siser EasyPSV refresher course, check out .

To make EasyPSV Glow stay bright and illuminated, charge the vinyl for about 15 minutes before hiding the eggs. Make sure to set a time limit on your glowing Easter egg hunt to less than 2 hours. EasyPSV Glow will begin to fade and some Easter eggs may be left undiscovered!

Let the hunt begin!

The Kids Favorite Easter Tradition

Glow In The Dark Illuminated Easter Egg Hunt Game Kids Play Toy Party ...

Its already almost Easter! Can you believe it?

Well, to get crackin on this upcoming holiday, I wanted to share with you some fun ideas that weve made a tradition in our family.

Every year on Easter, we always do an Easter brunch or Easter dinner with extended family, but something we started doing with our kids is a glow-in-the-dark Easter egg hunt!

The kids LOVE it! It is so easy to do and so fun too! All you do is grab some plastic eggs, fill them with glow sticks and candy, and hide them in the yard at night when its dark. The kids go nuts!!

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How We Used The Egglo Easter Eggs

We began our own little at-home Easter egg hunt by reading The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Book. The story was rather long, but it kept the attention of my three oldest children. The story followed three kids on a scavenger hunt. They were looking for a treasure chest with a glowing egg at each of their destinations. Each egg contained a Bible verse and a fun riddle that led them to another destination. I was actually riveted by this story, too!

After we finished the story, I placed the Scripture scrolls in the glow-in-the-dark Easter eggs and the kids took turns hiding them around the house. Then they hunted for them in the dark. The eggs do have to charge before they will glow. We stuck ours on our windowsill for a day. After all of the eggs were found we sat around and read the scrolls and discussed what we learned from the book. Jesus is the light of the world!

Where To Buy Craft Eggs

Most craft stores and major retailers sell cartons of craft eggs around Easter. My favorite to use is black chalkboard eggs. It provides a good surface for glow in the dark paint or adhesive vinyl, without having to paint the eggs. However, feel free to get creative with paint colors if desired.

Ive added Amazon affiliate links below to help you find products used to make this project.

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Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt At Night

As you can see in the photo above, the eggs are very bright at night! We have the lights in our house on in the background and the eggs are near the base of one of our trees.

There are a number of ways to do a night time egg hunt! You can make it really easy or quick a challenge .

For younger kids, just place the glow in the dark eggs out in the open. They will be AMAZED to see these glowing eggs all around the yard 🙂 Since the mini glow sticks are good for at least 6 hours, you can hide the eggs at dusk and once it gets dark, send kids out for the hunt!

If you’re doing the hunt with olders kids, tweens, teens and adults — try these ideas:

  • Hide the eggs behind trees, in flower beds, under the edge of a bush, near the corners of a shed or play structure — bascially half-hidden but a little out in the open so as people walk around the yard, they will spot the glowing eggs.
  • Do a timed scavenger hunt! Set your timer for 5 minutes to pick up the pace of this egg hunt )
  • Do a color-coded egg hunt! Have each person choose one of the six egg colors and then ONLY collect eggs of that color.
  • Do a Spoon Egg Hunt! Give each person 2 spoons – the rule of the hunt is that they can only pick up the eggs with the spoons and then carry it over to their basket and put the egg down before heading out to collect another egg. Lots of running in this game 🙂

This is now one of our favorite Easter egg hunt ideas!

Glow In The Dark Easter Egg

Glow In The Dark Easter Egg Hunt!

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Ways To Make Your Eggs Glow

For the eggs themselves, there are a variety of options. These days, you can find plastic eggs that are made from glow in the dark plastic, or clear eggs that can be filled with glowing items. Alternatively, you can decorate plastic or even real hard boiled eggs with glow or neon paint.

If you already have eggs on hand from past years, the simplest methods is placing small glow sticks inside. If the eggs are larger in size, flexible glow bracelets can be coiled up and placed inside. This can be a snug fit if the eggs are too small.

If you have saved eggs from previous years and only need the light sticks, a better option may be mini glow sticks which are less than 2 inches a piece and made for this specific purpose. Keep in mind that medium or large size eggs work best for glow sticks. Need both eggs and glow sticks together? See the products below for a great package.

Below are two of the most popular and highly rated products. For both the glow in the dark eggs, and the eggs that come with glow sticks, neither come pre-filled. Both types of eggs also have enough room inside for small treasures.

Diy Glow In The Dark Easter Egg Hunt

Take your Easter Egg hunt to the next level this Spring with a glow-in-the-dark Easter Egg Hunt. Fill plastic Easter eggs are filled with glow sticks and scatter them around your yard or a darkened room! Our kids loved finding them in the backyard, but when the rain rolled in they turned off the lights in the basement and moved the egg hunting inside.

We found these fun supplies at our local Walmart store, but you can find similar supplies at craft stores, the dollar store, etc. We found these Easter Egg glow sticks at our local Walmart, but we also found kits of plastic eggs and mini egg sized glow sticks on too! If you cant find these, small glow bracelets would also work.

Our store also had these fun light up Egg Hunt signs, Easter themed head lamps, little flash lights and glowing buckets.

You can also fill them with treats, stickers, etc. if you are throwing a party or would like to use filled eggs. Just make sure the glow stick and the treat can fit inside of the egg.

Open up all of your Easter Eggs and fill with one egg glow stick each.

This was a fun new way to do an Easter Egg hunt for kids of all ages. For other fun Easter ideas check out our DIY PEEPS Easter Centerpiece.

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Glow Stick Easter Eggs

  • The easiest glow in the dark egg craft is made with glow sticks and plastic eggs.
  • Illuminate the glow stick by snapping it in half and place inside the plastic egg.
  • This project can be made with small 2-inch glowsticks or regular size glowsticks slightly folded in half.
  • Scatter around the house or backyard at night for a fun egg hunt in the dark!

Glow In The Dark Easter Eggs With Glow Sticks


By Mavis Butterfield on –

These glow in the dark Easter Eggs have been such a hit with my kids in the past I wanted to share the tutorial again for those of you with kids who are growing a little tired of the same of Easter Egg hunt.


This year instead of a traditional Easter Egg hunt on Sunday morning, Ill be hiding Monkey Boy and The Girls Easter eggs after the sun goes down. They are teenagers, and getting them to go outside and hunt for candy filled eggs at the crack of dawn just isnt as fun as it use to be. So in an effort to bring back some of that fun, Ive decided to make egg hunting a little more exciting this year by making my kids hunt for their Easter eggs in the DARK! How to Make Glow In the Dark Easter EggsSupplies 12 plastic Easter Eggs 12 Glow Stick Bracelets a wee bit of candy Directions Open plastic eggs, snap bracelets to activate and stuff the bracelets in to the Easter Eggs along with a treat. Happy Hunting! ~Mavis

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