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There was a time not long ago when mattress topper design was limited to the familiar egg crate foam layer or thin feather beds that did little more than make a mattress feel a bit softer. But the technology used to design and manufacture contemporary mattress toppers has advanced to the point where many of the most popular ones are made from memory foam, the innovative material that pillows and even entire mattresses are sometimes made from. This material helps significantly reduce tossing and turning and relieve pressure points by conforming to your preferred sleep position.

Besides being more durable than other similar products made of foam rubber or goose down, mattress toppers that are made from memory foam can provide the added benefit of helping people who suffer from back problems. In addition to conforming to your specific body shape and sleep positions to relieve pressure points, most memory foam mattress toppers feature open-cell construction that allows for even weight distribution. Not only that, but many also are designed with thousands of tiny ventilation holes which collectively optimize heat retention and help your body maintain its ideal temperature throughout the night.

What Is The Best Filling For A Mattress Topper

As you can see in our comparison of egg crate vs. memory foam toppers, both types have advantages and disadvantages. However, there is one other kind of mattress topper that offers the benefits of both toppers we compared and fewer drawbacks.

And thats a mattress topper made with multiple materials like Beloits DormTopper.

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Sink into a super-soft plush or pillowtop mattress, the best memory foam mattress that conforms to you, or find something firmer in a mattress if you prefer. Find great temperature control options, from built-in memory foam and cooling fabrics to new mattress toppers& pads. Make it a set with a supportive box spring and bed frame. Whether you choose a pillowtop mattress, a foam mattress or a traditional inner spring mattress, get more restful sleep than ever before knowing you have a mattress to keep you comfortable and sleeping easy for years to come.

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Which Is Better Egg Crate Or Memory Foam

Memory foam tends to rank as the better option when it comes to egg crate vs. memory foam mattress toppers.

The cost may be higher. But the level of support is usually far superior to egg crate foam.

Plus, a single memory foam mattress topper can end up lasting for the entire lifespan of your mattress. Lastly, while memory foam tends to be a little less breathable than egg crate foam, it can end up being far more comfortable if you find the right type of memory foam mattress topper.

Materials To Improve Your Sleep Experience

Full Size Egg Crate Mattress Pad / Egg Crate Mattress Topper 8cm Thick ...

A Premium Mattress Topper is made from several materials that can improve your sleep experience for an affordable price.

  • Comfortable. Gel-infused cooling foam adds dense cushioning and support atop even the hardest surfaces.
  • Regulates Temperature. Dense soy-based gel foam and breathable bamboo fabric keep you from getting hot, while moisture-wicking New Zealand wool keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • Durable. Dense foam and wool last long enough for you to get more years out of your mattress.
  • Clean. Hypoallergenic and antibacterial materials protect you from germs and also deter bed bugs and mites.
  • Affordable. At $119 for a twin or twin XL, it comes at a cost you can live with, and its totally worth it. Plus, its backed up by a full 5-year warranty.

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Keep Your Bed Fresher

A mattress topper also helps you keep your bed fresher and your mattress in better condition. The mattress topper absorbs moist and sweat from your body instead of letting it sink into the mattress. The topper is then easy to clean, you can easily take it out of bed and air the whole thing. Some of our mattress toppers also have covers that can be removed and machine washed, making them even easier to keep clean and fresh.

If you like eating or drinking in bed and are worried about spilling, wed recommend you get a mattress protector. They are easy to machine wash and you can put them on top of both a mattress topper or directly on the mattress

Which Mattress Topper Is Right For You

Disclaimer: The information provided is in no way intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or care. Always consult your physician or other health care provider in order to determine the best course of action in treating any medical issues.

Everyone is different, and when it comes to getting a great night’s sleep, no two people are alike regarding their specific sleep needs. So which mattress topper is the right one for you? Kohl’s offers a wide selection of the best brands including Lucid Dream, Comfort Escape, and Serta. If you suffer from back issues, a soft solution mattress topper may not be the best option. Softer toppers, while offering extraordinary comfort, does not offer proper body alignment which can aggravate already existing lower back pain. For back pain problems, a medium firm mattress topper is recommended as it tends to better promote proper spinal alignment.

So when you’re ready to get that quality night’s sleep you’ve always wanted, shop Kohl’s for the best selection of mattress toppers with all the features you’re looking for including memory foam mattress toppers, hypoallergenic mattress toppers, and waterproof mattress toppers. And while you’re at it, be sure to check out our bedding buying guide and shop our full line of bedding accessories including pillows, blankets, throws, and so much more at Kohl’s!

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When To Get A Mattress Topper

If youre uncomfortable in bed because your mattress is too firm, theres a good chance a mattress topper will help. Adding some padding will keep your shoulders, hips, knees, and other pressure points from digging into the mattress.

What even the best mattress topper wont do is fix a sagging or lumpy mattress. At best, it will add just enough cushioning so that your pressure points feel cradled. If youre sleeping on a mattress thats shot and unsupportive, mattress expert Terri Long told us, putting a topper on it isnt going to make it any more supportive. If youre in a hammock, youre gonna be in a slightly more cushion-y hammock. Similarly, if your mattress is too soft, our experts agreed that, in most cases, a topper cant make it firmer. In both cases, youre better off just getting a new mattress.

Lastly, if you have a hard time falling asleep or you wake with a crick in your neck, you may actually need a new pillow. This can be a much less expensive fix than buying a new mattress topper or mattress so start there.

Create A Double Bed Of Two Singles

Mainstays 1/2″ Foam Mattress Topper Pad, Cut To Fit Full, Queen, King Beds 60×70 Review

Some couples have two different mattresses for different firmness and different needs. But they still want to sleep together, which makes them push the two mattresses together, or even put them in the same bed frame. And that tends to create an annoying gap or edge between the two mattresses. An easy solution is putting a mattress topper over both the mattresses, just chose a topper for a double bed that fits the width of both your mattresses, and voila youve gotten rid of the gap or edge!

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Ready To Start Loving Your Bed

A Perfect Nights Sleep Starts With Your Mattress

If youre looking for the best way to get a great nights sleep, you need to start with your mattress. Because while a mattress topper can help, the biggest improvement is going to come from finding the right mattress for you.

Luckily, weve made it simple to find your perfect mattress using our Mattress Match.

Just fill out a few details about your sleep style and preferences and find the perfect mattress suited to your unique needs.

Q: How To Use An Egg Crate Foam Mattress Topper

The textured side or the peak side of the egg crate should face up so that it’s closest to you. This will help you get the most benefit in terms of comfort and support. Now put a fitted sheet, and make sure the sheet doesn’t sit too tightly. The egg crate foam will create a supportive yet comfortable mattress surface that will help you get a good night’s sleep.

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Egg Crate Mattress Topper Materials 101

Because of their convoluted design, egg crate toppers are usually less durable than flat models, which is why you have to make sure to select a topper thats made with quality materials. Egg crate toppers are made using different types of materials. Lets briefly discuss a few and outline some of their pros and cons.

Other Good Mattress Toppers

Best Price Mattress 2, 3 or 4 Inch Egg Crate Memory Foam Mattress ...

If you prefer wool and want good temperature regulationbut are ok with less support: The Deluxe Wool Mattress Pad from Woolroom is a great option. Its 2-3 inches thick and, unlike our other picks, it comes with an elastic skirt as part of the design, so it stays in place. We also appreciated the companys dedication to using ethically sourced and traceable wool. Like most wool toppers, it offers less support than foam or down, but it does an excellent job at staying both cool and warm when neededand it still added noticeable cushioning to our very firm guest sofa bed. We plan on testing Woolrooms loftier Wooly Topper to see if it can provide the support this one lacked.

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What Makes The Best Convoluted Topper

Now, I may know a lot about mattresses and other sleep products, but heres the deal:

Only you can tailor your choice to your needs.

Still, I can give you all the information I have to help you make the choice of a quality convoluted pad easier.

To check all of these parameters, you can either ask the sellers customer support or read user comments and product reviews on the Web.

A quick note: most egg-crate mattress toppers come without a cover or a fastening system, which can be an issue for combination or restless sleepers. In this case, shoppers can use a fitted sheet to keep the topper in place. However, they need to ensure the sheets pockets are deep enough to accommodate both the mattress and the topper.

Contrary to popular belief, foam mattress pads, including the egg-crate ones, can be used with electric or heated blankets . Just be sure to check the integrity of the cord coating and watch for signs of wear and tear on the protective layer of your blanket.

What Is The Purpose Of Egg Crate Foam

Egg crate foams are a specific foam type with one side designed like an egg crate. This type of foam has two main purposes: to provide more responsiveness, and to evenly distribute your weight across the mattress. Unlike thick-layered memory foam which has a bad reputation for trapping body heat, egg crate foam has a convoluted design which increases breathability and cooling. The grooves on egg crate foam also help relieve pain from pressure points all throughout your body to enhance your sleep quality and prevent pressure buildup.

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Pressure Relief And Support

When it comes to egg crate vs. memory foam toppers, theres a big difference in the ability to relieve pain and pressure. The bumps and dips of an egg crate topper contour to the body to provide support, reduce pressure points, and help you sleep comfortably at first.

But egg crate topper foam is thin and pliable, so after several months of use, it will break down and leave a permanent indentation where you lay, reducing its ability to relieve pressure.

Standard memory foam tends to hold its shape better, making it more effective at providing contouring pressure relief for a longer time. In addition, a memory foam topper is strong enough to support even those who weigh more and allows side sleepers to rest comfortably by relieving pressure in the shoulders and hips.

Once you roll over or get up, memory foam remembers its original shape and bounces back.

Why You Should Trust Us

âMattress Topper: Best Mattress Topper (Buying Guide)

We went to Longs Bedding & Interiors and met with co-owner and fourth-generation mattress expert Terri Long to test some high-end toppers and learn about what sets different kinds of toppers apart. We also spoke to Dr. Eric Robertson, physical therapist and an American Physical Therapy Association spokesperson, to find out if mattress toppers could help relieve back pain.

We read customer reviews of mattress toppers on Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, The Company Store, Cuddledown, and other bedding websites for pointers and to learn more about peoples experiences with mattress toppers. As a former staff writer for Wirecutter, Alex Arpaia spent hundreds of hours testing bedding products and contributed to our guides to air mattresses and comforters.

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How Long Do Memory Foam Toppers Last

Memory foam toppers tend to last quite a bit longer than egg crate foam toppers, anywhere from 3-10 years.

Their dense structure makes it more difficult for the materials to break down. Plus, many types of memory foam are actually used in vehicle seating and other high-use materials.

That being said, just as quality correlates with lifespan in egg crate foam, the same applies to memory foam. The higher the quality, the longer the topper will likely last.

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Big Lots Mattresses & Mattress Sets

Big Lots is known for our deals on everyday items you need, at prices that fit your budget. In addition to our full line of bedding, blankets and more, we also carry the mattresses and box springs you are looking for. We carry every size and material type , all made by the trusted brand names of Sealy and Serta.

Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Egg Crate Convoluted Foam Mattress Topper Orthopedic Firm

Polyurethane, a polymer, is used to make memory foam mattress toppers. Despite being created synthetically in laboratories, this material can decompose, making it a more environmentally friendly alternative to plastic. We do not sell memory foam but if you buy make sure to buy from other brands which are reputed and the memory foam is Certipur US certified or has other well known certificates to show they are harmless for humans.

Memory foam isn’t just polyurethane, though. It is a mixture of polyurethane and other chemicals, such as polyols, diisocyanates, and blowing agents. When buying a memory foam mattress topper, be wary of cheap ones. Most companies have stopped using harmful chemicals that were predominant earlier, such as toluene, formaldehyde, and CFC, yet some may still use them to cost-cut.

Synthetic additives in the memory foam recipe are one of the many causes of reported off-gassings . Not all is doom and gloom with memory foam though. Their pros include:

  • Soft and Sinking

  • Molds to the body shape

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How To Install Eggcrate Foam On A Bed

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An eggcrate foam mattress topper can help ensure a good nights sleep. Also called convoluted foam, these mattress toppers are covered in egg-shaped bumps that provide a soft sleeping surface that promotes air circulation. The foams peak-and-valley design can improve blood flow by decreasing pressure on the skin, especially at pressure points such as hips and shoulders. According to The Better Sleep Council, an eggcrate foam mattress topper can even extend the life of your mattress by protecting it from dirt and dust. Installing an eggcrate foam mattress topper takes only a few minutes.

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