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Brown Sugar Bacon Breakfast Sandwiches With Chipotle Mayo

9 Egg Recipes for Breakfast

Brown Sugar Bacon Breakfast Sandwiches These Brown Sugar Bacon Breakfast Sandwiches take sweet and spicy to another level. These sandwiches pack a serious flavor punch with smoky and sweet brown sugar bacon, spicy homemade chipotle mayo, fried egg, lettuce, and tomato all layered on a buttery brioche bun. They make the best sweet and savory breakfast, lunch, or dinner option!

Cheesy Grits With Spring Vegetables

A bowl of grits is most often eaten at breakfast, but this Southern favorite is versatile enough for any meal. Our version uses coarsely ground grits cooked low and slow, with Parmesan and cheddar to make them extra creamy. A poached egg adds even more richness, while asparagus, fava beans, and peas bring a nice green snap.

Recipes To Make With Hard

Do you have leftover eggs from Easter, or are you in search of unexpected ways to put a carton of eggs to good use? Well, the search ends here with our collection of tasty ideas to elevate the protein staple and egg salad fixture into filling meals you can enjoy for both lunch and dinnerlong after the Easter bunny has gone. Of course we have warm-weather Southern staples like deviled eggs and potato salad, but there are also veggies with a grated egg topping, crisp salads, and perfectly hard-boiled eggs layered atop slices of toasted bread. Whether you chop, toss, or sprinkle a little paprika on top of them, here are 40 appetizing reasons to start boiling and peeling those shells soon. These boiled egg recipes are the best excuse to use up that carton of eggs sitting in your fridge.

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Avocado And Poached Egg Toast

Leah Maroney

Whole wheat toast topped with a perfectly poached egg, creamy avocado slices, and a drizzle of Sriracha is the breakfast that launched the avo toast craze. A poached egg tutorial is included in the recipe.

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    Say bonjour to the croque madame, the dressed-up cheese toastie that’s one of France’s most popular exports. Take a grilled ham and cheese sandwich, add one fried egg, and pour some creamy bechamel sauce over the top. Voila, breakfast!

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    Diana Rattray

    Dig into a hearty breakfast casserole made with eggs, bread, sharp cheddar cheese, and smoked chicken sausages. Make it the night before and pop into the oven in the morning for an easy and warming family weekend meal.

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    The Spruce

    Use a cast iron skillet to make this savory egg frittata with bacon and cheddar cheese for easy transferring of the dish from stovetop to oven. Whole milk is used to add nice body to the eggs, giving them a custard-like texture.

  • Japanese Pork Fried Rice Omelette With Okonomiyaki Sauce

    Creamy Scrambled Eggs with Ham Recipe: How to Make It

    Omurice is another traditional Japanese egg dish, made by topping fried rice with an omelette. It doesn’t require mastery of the rolled French omelette, since, in the end, all you’ll do is drape it over a mound of stir-fried rice. This version is made with pork and drizzled with sweet-savory okonomiyaki sauce, but you can also try it with diced chicken and a tangy ketchup-based sauce.

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    Quick And Easy Recipes

    Are you in a rush or constantly strapped for time? This varied collection of quick and easy egg recipes is perfect for when you need to cook up something quickly with as little effort as possible.

    From simple egg recipes, such as omelettes and scrambled eggs, to more elaborate dishes like the Micro Mexican pot or the Strawberry and ricotta rollups, these easy egg recipes prove that with the right ingredients and recipe, theres a lot you can achieve in little time.

    Simple in practice but deliciously impressive in results, all of these egg recipes can be created in 15 minutes or less and in some cases just five minutes for those really up against the clock! Why not try out one of our many quick and easy recipes, including Egg in a mug, Spanish omelette or a Veggie breakfast scramble? Get your stopwatch at the ready and get cooking to see how easy it is to make fantastic tasty meals.

    Eggs are the ideal ingredient to have to hand if youre frequently short of time. Despite the perception that quick recipes have to be very basic, plain or boring, our range of deliciously easy egg recipes proves otherwise. For colourful, easy dinner ideas, check out our Rainbow egg wrap, Avocado and crispy prosciutto omelette or Egg in a hole with tomato and feta. Quick and easy recipes can also offer a healthier twist on your favourite fast food style dishes, such as our Easy egg pizza or Avocado and egg quesadilla with salmon.

    • Prep: 5mins
    • Cook: 5mins

    How To Make A Breakfast Quesadilla

    Breakfast quesadillas are oozing with flavor and are perfect for keeping you full all morning long. The fluffy eggs, crisp bacon, green peppers, and melty cheese create an irresistible combo when wrapped in a tortilla shell.

    Heres an overview of how this quick and easy recipe is made:

  • First youll start by whisking the eggs and milk together.
  • Add in the green pepper and then stir to combine.
  • Add butter to a heated skillet and cook the eggs until soft.
  • Place one tortilla onto the same skillet, top with shredded cheese, followed by the eggs, bacon, and more cheese.
  • Place the second tortilla on top of the egg mixture and lightly press down to seal. Heat for 2-3 minutes on both sides, or until cheese is melted.
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    Monte Cristo Omelet Sandwich

    If you are a fan of Monte Cristos, you’ll love this riff on the popular Indian street food egg sandwich. It’s every bit as crisp on the outside, ooey-gooey on the inside and dusted all over with confectioners’ sugar. A square-shaped bread is ideal: It enables neater folding of the omelet. You will also want to use a nonstick skillet that is at least ten inches in diameter — the omelet won’t fit in a smaller pan.

    Get the Recipe: Monte Cristo Omelet Sandwich

    List Of Foods That Contain Eggs

    POACHED EGGS | how to poach an egg (perfectly)

    Eggs are a healthy source of food packed with nutrients such as vitamins, iron and protein, for only 70 calories each. However, egg is a trigger for allergies in about 2.5 percent of infants and young children. For some of these children, eating or touching eggs can be life-threatening. Therefore, knowing what foods contain eggs is beneficial, whether a person wants a source of nutrient-dense food, or to completely avoid it as a trigger for allergies.

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    Recipe Variatons To Try

    I love this breakfast quesadilla recipe because its so easy to customize depending on your tastes.

    Since the hubster and I love scrambled eggs, bacon, green peppers, and cheese, those were my go-to ingredients for this dish. But, if you prefer sausage, add it in!

    Hate green peppers? Leave those out. Like feta? Throw it in! The possibilities are endless.

    • Switch up the veggies! Mushrooms, red bell peppers, spinach, and/or onions would make a delicious addition.
    • Experiment with different spices! Garlic powder, seasoning salt, Italian seasoning, thymethe possibilites are endless.
    • Dont forget the cheese! Mozzarella, Cheddar Jack or Feta would be so tasty.
    • Add more meat! Swap out the bacon with breakfast sausage, add some chorizo or diced ham.

    These Muffuletta Deviled Eggs Are The Appetizer Your Party Needs

    Recipe: Muffuletta Deviled Eggs

    Deviled eggs have always found their way onto Southern tables, and for good reason. The iconic recipe is the perfect finger food for any get-together or party, as guests can whisk a deviled egg off a passing hors d’oeuvres tray rather simply. Plus, deviled eggs aren’t hard to pull together. Our classic deviled egg recipe calls for egg yolks, mayonnaise, mustard, and sweet pickle relish. Once you’ve mastered this iconic staple, you can move on to trying other varieties. Readers love our Tex-Mex Deviled Eggs, and guests go crazy for our Georgia Peach Deviled Eggs that have a hint of sweetness. This deviled egg recipe is just as unique it dresses up the traditional dish with crispy salami, olive salad, and fresh chives. This appetizer recipe may be a little more unconvential than Nana’s used to, but you won’t regret serving these bite-size gems at your next shindig.

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    Although Hollandaise Sauce Is Typically Served With Eggs Benedict It Also Pairs Well With Fish

    You can whip up a light and flavorful hollandaise sauce with the eggs you have on hand.

    “It’s a bit more tricky to make, but once you learn how to stream butter into egg yolks to produce the proper emulsion, the sky’s the limit,” O’Brien-Price said.

    She added that you can also mix in herbs or seasonings to make the sauce uniquely your own and use it to top dishes like eggs Benedict or fish.

    Here Are 27 Egg Recipes That Make For A Fine Dinner Any Night Of The Week

    What are some interesting and easy egg recipes?
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    Eggs are an easy-to-prepare, affordable source of protein, which is why they’re so popular for breakfast, lunch, and dinner all around the world. Japanese cuisine includes oyakodon, a bowl of rice topped with a warming mixture of dashi-simmered egg and chicken, and an easy Chinese dish pairs scrambled eggs with flowering chives and shrimp. The Spanish love their tortilla española any time of day, while Italy favors the frittata, and topping a bowl of creamy grits with a fried egg makes for a Southern-tinged meal. Check out these 27 recipes, from North African shakshuka to vegetable fried rice, for our favorite all-day egg dishes.

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    Scotch Eggs Often Involve A Lot Of Guesswork

    Scotch eggs consist of a whole egg, either soft- or hard-boiled, wrapped in ground sausage and coated in breadcrumbs.

    But Patel said that since you can’t see the eggs as they bake or deep-fry, the process is a lot of guesswork.

    Plus the dish can result in overworked meat because you have to mold it around the egg.

    Snack And Appetizer Egg Recipes

    These bite-sized egg recipes are perfect finger foods! Set one out as a starter at a party or gathering, or keep it on hand for grab-and-go snacking.

    Mini Frittata MuffinsThese egg muffins keep well for a few days in the fridge, so I love to make a batch on the weekend for on-the-go breakfasts and snacks throughout the week. Theyre also a fun addition to a special occasion brunch.

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    Egg Pizza With Scallions

    Egg on a pizza? Yes please! Pizza is a fantastic way to eat egg recipes for dinner, since eggs traditionally show up on all sorts of Italian pizzas. The result is incredibly satisfying: the yolk forms a gooey sauce that covers the entire pizza. Instead of tomato sauce, this pizza is brushed with olive oil, covered in cheese, and topped with seared scallion greens . The egg makes for a creamy, gooey mess of an egg pizza.

    Instant Pot Breakfast Casserole

    EGG MUFFINS (3 WAYS) | healthy breakfast meal prep recipe

    All of the favorite savory breakfast foods are cooked together in this Instant Pot casserole. Bacon, hashbrowns, cheese, eggs, and vegetables are layered in a springform pan and cooked in the Instant Pot until set. The breakfast casserole is finished off with a sprinkle of shredded cheddar and fresh parsley.

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    Elaine Lemm

    When you’re looking for a special breakfast dish, try this European-style recipe. Perfectly poached eggs are nestled into a bed of fresh spinach atop toasted English muffins and slathered with buttery hollandaise sauce.

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    Is It Okay To Eat Eggs For Dinner

    Eggs have a firm status as a breakfast food, so maybe that’s why this is a commonly asked question. It is perfectly healthy to eat eggs for dinner. Boiled, fried, waffled, or cooked however you like, eggs are full of essential nutrients including protein, vitamin D, folate and omega-3s. These nutrients are great for your body no matter what time you eat them.

    Southwest Breakfast Egg Recipes

    If you crave something savory or spicy first thing in the morning, these breakfast egg recipes are the ones for you. Pass the hot sauce, please!

    Brussels Sprout Breakfast Tostadas, page 67 of The Love & Lemons CookbookWe all love breakfast tacos and burritoswhy not breakfast tostadas, too?! Try this recipe, and youll be hooked.

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    Scrambled Eggs With Cream Cheese

    For fans of soft, creamy scrambled eggs, this recipe will become the standard. A bit of cream cheese combined with the beaten eggs adds a subtle tanginess while contributing a luscious texture.

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    Eggs in a basketalso called “toad in the hole”is a kid-favorite breakfast that’s easy for little hands to help you make. A fried egg snuggles inside pan-toasted bread for a delicious morning meal.

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    Spinach, onions, and ham are baked in a custardy filling to make this tasty breakfast quiche. The recipe includes tips for an excellent pastry, but this quiche can also be made crustless on days when you’re pressed for time.

  • How To Make Perfect Soft Boiled Eggs

    Better Bar Food: Make Crunchy Thai

    Soft-Boiled EggsWant to learn how to make the silkiest, creamiest soft-boiled eggs of all time? Youre in the right place. This Soft-Boiled Eggs recipe is a super simple, 10-minute method for the perfect boiled egg. Serve these soft-boiled eggs on their own, on toast, added to breakfast bowls, in soup, as a salad topping, you name it.

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    Make Ahead Scrambled Eggs In Puff Pastry

    Gorgeous fluffy eggs in puff pastry make a wonderful special occasion breakfast and it’s easy to pull together with store-bought dough and prepared alfredo sauce. Make it up to two days ahead and warm before serving.

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    Molly Watson

    Adorable ham and egg cups are so delicious and easy to prepare, they might become your go-to trick when guests are coming for brunch. Muffin tins are lined with ham, creating savory, edible vessels for baking eggs inside.

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    Corned beef hash with eggs is a classic country breakfast that makes a hearty Christmas morning meal. Potatoes, cooked corned beef, onions, and bell peppers are tossed together and topped with perfectly fried eggs.

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    Craving a savory morning meal? A simple curry sauce adds zip to hard-boiled eggs. Eat it the traditional way, served over toast points or hot rice.

  • Classic Egg Recipes For Breakfast

    Whether its for the brunch crowd or breakfast for two, these delicious meals will always have a special place on your table. Serve them up with mugs of hot coffee or fresh squeezed orange juice for a classic breakfast experience!

    • Easy Breakfast Tacos: Enjoy the classic scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, and avocado combo in taco form! Theyre easy to make and look extra fancy on a plate.
    • Healthy Eggs Benedict: This is brunch food at its best. But dont worry, Ill show you how to master creamy, homemade hollandaise sauce!
    • Loaded Breakfast Casserole: While this one always receives a little extra love during the holidays, its honestly perfect for any time of the year. Plus, you can meal prep it!
    • Huevos Rancheros: If you love a Mexican flair to your breakfast , these Huevos Rancheros are perfect! Just top a sunny side up egg on a fried tortilla, with some fresh salsa, beans, avocado, and a sprinkle of cheese.
    • Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash: Whats breakfast without a hash? Ive put a delicious, healthy twist to this hash with roasted sweet potatoes and loads of kale.

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    Tips For Making Breakfast Quesadillas

    • Be sure to not cook the eggs too long, as they will be heated on the tortilla after cooking. You dont want tough eggs!
    • I chose not to sauté the green peppers before adding to the eggs, which keeps them slightly crunchy. If you prefer softened green peppers, sauté them in a tablespoon of unsalted butter/oil until softened before adding to eggs.
    • Use butter or cooking spray on your heated skillet before adding tortilla shell. This will help it achieve that golden brown color.

    Tomato & Asparagus Frittata

    10 Egg Tricks

    Next in our egg recipes for dinner: the frittata! Frittatas are a fabulous way to have a simple dinner and use up odds and ends in the fridge. This frittata feels a little fancy, but it uses only a few ingredients. To capitalize on the fresh spring flavor of asparagus, weve shaved it into long ribbons. Not only is the flavor lighter than cooked asparagus, the ribbons look lovely and bright green as they decorate the asparagus frittata. Top it off with roasty cherry tomatoes and a sprinkling confetti of feta cheese.

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    Turmeric Boiled Egg Curry

    We served this vegetarian curry with rice and hoppers bowl-shaped Sri Lankan crepes made with rice flour and coconut milk. Buy them from good Sri Lankan takeaway restaurants, or use parathas or extra basmati rice, says O Tama.Recipe by O Tama Carey, from Lankan Filling Station.

    Start your day the right way with this healthy and fresh brekkie bowl.

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