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How to Make Egg Shell Powder for Your Dog – Dog Training and Health

This whole thing can be crazy making and whenever I’m overwhelmed with raw feeding, I go back to the basics: 80/10/5/5. In the beginning, we’re taught that our dogs should get everything they need through their diet. If a dog eats a whole duck, then that is a balanced raw meal. I have better access to cuts of meat, instead of whole animals, so it’s important to understand the bone percentage in what I’m feeding to my dogs:

  • Whole Duck 28% bone

How To Make Eggshell Calcium Powder

Once youve used the inside of the eggs, place them into the egg container to store the shells.

1. Rinse the eggshells in water.

2. Boil the eggshells in a pot of water for about 10 minutes. This will destroy any harmful bacteria or pathogens that may live on the outside of the shells.

3. Remove the shells from the water and lay them out to dry for approximately 4 hours.

4. Place them onto a cookie sheet and into the oven at 200° degrees for about 10 minutes to dry the eggshells.

5. Place your eggshells into your Nutri bullet or your Blender. Blend until it turns into a fine powder-like substance.

6. Store your calcium powder in an air-tight container and store it in the refrigerator. I can store this for up to two months.

Recipes With Egg Shells

If youre interested in making your own dog food, there are a few recipes that include egg shells.

  • Egg shell and chicken bone broth. This is made by simmering chicken bones and eggshells in water to make a nutrient-rich broth. The egg shell powder can be added to this recipe for an extra boost of calcium.
  • Egg shell and chicken liver pate. This is a nutrient-dense food thats easy to make at home. Chicken livers are blended with egg shell powder, eggs, and vegetables to create a smooth paste.
  • Egg shell and sweet potato dog treats. These homemade dog treats are made with egg shell powder, sweet potatoes, peanut butter, and oats. Theyre perfect for training or as an occasional snack, egg shell, and salmon dog food. This recipe includes cooked salmon, egg shells, vegetables, and brown rice. Its a complete and balanced meal that your dog will love.
  • Egg shell and oatmeal dog treats. These treats are made by mixing oatmeal, egg shell powder, and water to make a dough. The dough is then rolled out and cut into shapes.

While there are many benefits to feeding egg shells to dogs, there are also some risks. Its important to speak with your veterinarian before adding eggshells to your dogs diet to make sure its the right decision for your pet.

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Is Powdered Egg Good For Dogs

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Pet food containing egg protein powder has been shown to be highly effective. Animal products contain essential amino acids, which are essential for the growth of muscle and the proper development of body tissues. According to the American Shih Tzu Club, eggs contain a particularly high level of protein in their diets.

In addition to IQI Trusted petfood Ingredients, pure whole egg powder is available for pet food. Whole eggs are an excellent source of protein and other nutrients. Furthermore, they are very effective at binding and emulsifying water. This egg yolk contains powerful antioxidants such as lutein and zeaxanthin in addition to lipids.

A study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry in 2015 looked into the effects of feeding eggs to dogs. According to the study, eggs provide dogs with a variety of nutrients such as protein, minerals, and vitamins. Furthermore, the study discovered that eggs provide a high level of energy for dogs. In addition to providing energy and nutrition, eggs can be beneficial to dogs. A healthy diet rich in nutrients and energy is beneficial for both you and your dog.

Calcium Deficiency In Dogs eggshell powder

Calcium deficiency, also known as hypocalcemia, can occasionally occur in dogs even if you adhere to a calcium-rich diet.

Severely low amounts of calcium can be dangerous for dogs and can even be fatal if left unchecked. So always contact your vet if you think it could be an issue with your dog. Most calcium deficiencies can be diagnosed with a simple blood test. The vet will most likely recommend some calcium supplements or develop another plan to correct the issue.

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How Much Eggshell Calcium Powder Should I Feed My Dog

Youll want to check with your veterinarian on how many eggshells calcium supplement for dogs to feed. Basically, these are the guidelines according to the Association of American Feed Control Officials for dogs.

  • Puppies need about 3 grams of calcium.
  • Adult dogs need 1.25 grams of calcium.

I give my 20 lb. Goldendoodle Ruby about ½ teaspoon.

My 60 lb. Labrador Retriever, Callie gets about 1 teaspoon.

I mix the powder into their kibble or their kibble with real food toppings.

Excellent Source Of Calcium

Does your homemade dog food need a dose of calcium? Look no further because the answer is just under your nose . Yes, eggshells are a practical and affordable calcium booster for you and your dog.

And since dogs bones become more brittle and fragile as they age , adding some calcium supplement in their diet can help improve their bone health, immune system, and heart health.

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Are Dogs Able To Consume Egg Shells

You may theoretically give eggshells to your dog, but only if your doctor approves.

Calcium is found in eggshells, which some dogs require in their diets. There are, however, easier methods to provide calcium to your dog, and eggshells arent the most appealing option. Eggshells also have sharp edges.

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Can Dogs Eat Egg

Eggshell Calcium Powder | Homemade Supplement for Dog | MyPetcipe

Is it healthy to feed dog eggs? It is perfectly safe for dogs to eat eggs, and eggs are an excellent source of nutrition for them. Protein, fatty acids, vitamins, and fatty acids, which your dog needs to support its health, are the three major components of these foods. Only a limited number of eggs are better than the chickens that lay them.

Eggs are an excellent source of nutrition for your dog, in addition to providing a healthy diet. They provide your dog with protein, fatty acids, vitamins, and fatty acids, which help it stay healthy and active. Before giving your dog the eggs, it is critical to consult with your veterinarian. Dogs with certain medical conditions should not eat eggs, so be cautious if you suspect one. If you notice any of the symptoms of an allergic reaction, such as sneezing, swelling, hives, difficulty breathing, lethargy, or coughing, you should get your dog checked out right away. Dogs can have biotin deficiencies, but they are uncommon. Animals treated with egg shell membranes reported significant joint pain reduction and improved joint function.

Dogs should eat the eggs they receive from the oven before eating them. If youre experiencing gastrointestinal distress, such as diarrhea or vomiting, its a good idea to consult your doctor. A dog should never eat more than one egg in a day. Its perfectly safe to treat your dog to a cooked egg on a regular basis, and hell find it quite appealing.

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What Is In Eggshell

Eggshell is about 95% natural calcium carbonate, which is why its such a great substitute for calcium carbonate supplements. In addition to calcium, it does contain trace amounts of other essential minerals, including magnesium. This extra boost in magnesium can make eggshell a better fit for homemade dog foods in particular.

What Is Eggshell Powder

Eggshells are made up of about 95% calcium carbonate. This calcium is essential for a dog’s mineral for bone, enzyme, and muscle health.

Calcium carbonate helps to prevent and treat osteoporosis, which is a low density, porous bone disease.

Eggshells as calcium carbonate also contain magnesium, sodium, potassium, and phosphorous to protect and enhance your dog’s health.

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Can Puppies Eat Eggs And Eggshells

Eggshells are safe for puppies to take. However, they are not an excellent source of the calcium needed for building strong bones. Calcium carbonate is the only type of calcium that you will find in eggshells.

Unfortunately, puppies cannot absorb calcium carbonate well. Also, the eggshell powder doesnt have magnesium and phosphorus. So, in a nutshell, eggshells are not suitable for puppies.

On the other hand, you can give eggs to your puppies.

Ensure that they are not raw but cooked! Raw eggs for dogs are a source of salmonella that may put your puppy at risk. So cook your eggs thoroughly before giving them to your puppy.

Cooked eggs are plentiful in protein, Vitamin A, and linoleic acid. These nutrients help to keep your puppys coat in excellent condition.

Other nutrients in the egg-like Vitamin D help in bone formation and boosting immunity. In addition, choline helps form the foetal brain, while egg yolks help reduce the dangers of cataracts.

Do not cook your egg with fatty oils. Boiled eggs are a better alternative. To avoid gaining weight, only give a small amount of cooked egg to your puppy.

Ground Egg Shells How To Make Your Own Ground Egg Shell Supplement And How Much To Give

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A lack of calcium, or the inability to properly assimilate calcium has been known to cause dental facial problems, as an example. Reports, photographs and x-rays made during Dr. Pottenger’s 10 year cat study clearly illustrates this fact.

Many of the cats eating a deficient diet, as deemed by Dr. Pottenger, had dental facial problems such as an underbite, cramping of the teeth, and in general, under-developed faces.

Although these problems are irreversible once they have occurred, with puppies and kittens it is important to try and prevent these problems by providing wholesome foods and a quality calcium supplement. With mature dogs and cats, good food and a good quality calcium supplement simply help to provide the calcium needed for living.

There are many other functions and benefits beyond the obvious of minerals like calcium. Calcium not only is important for strong bones, but it also is said to help with blood clotting, activating enzyme action, and helps normalize the contraction and relaxation of the heart muscles.

Don’t underestimate minerals. They are the spark plugs of life.

As mentioned earlier, calcium is the single most important supplement that you give your pets. An excellent source of calcium for your pets is finely ground egg shells.

While it’s impossible to purrrfectly obtain this ratio , we can at the very least, get close to creating this ideal ratio for our pets by using finely ground egg shells as a calcium supplement.

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Is Eggshell Powder Good For Dogs

Eggshells can be an excellent source of calcium and protein for your dog, which will support strong bones and healthy teeth. Evidence suggests eggs shells may provide a better source of calcium than a bought calcium supplement. They may also improve joint, muscle and heart health, and support the immune system.

How To Make Eggshells Soluble

Slowly pour roasted eggshells into a glass jar 2/3 full of brown rice vinegar at a weight ratio of 1:10 roasted eggshells to brown rice vinegar. While the calcium is being dissolved into the solution, the eggshell pieces will float up and down in the vinegar, generating carbon dioxide bubbles.

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Are Dogs Allowed To Eat Raw Eggs

Although most doctors advise that you prepare eggs before giving them to your dog, some dog owners give their pets raw eggs. Owners should be aware of the following problems when feeding raw eggs to their dogs:

  • Salmonella Salmonella is a bacteria that may infect dogs. Owners who feed raw eggs to their pets risk contracting salmonella. Salmonellosis is an infection that may occur if a dog eats an egg that has been infected with salmonella. Fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and lethargy are all signs of Salmonellosis.
  • Biotin deficit Because raw eggs contain avidin, an enzyme that blocks biotin absorption in the body, feeding raw eggs can cause biotin insufficiency. Biotin is a vitamin that helps to maintain the health of your skin, metabolism, cells, and digestive system. Biotin deficiency in dogs is uncommon, although it does occur.
  • Germs As eggs rot, bacteria can form inside them, causing injury to your dog.

Is Feeding Your Dog Too Many Eggshells Harmful Why


Yes. They say too much of something is poisonous. Too many eggshells are not suitable for your canine friend. The eggshells are only supposed to be supplements and not food. Too many eggshells mean adding extra calcium, which may cause an imbalance in the diet.

The calcium imbalance and the phosphorus deficiency will negatively impact Vitamin D, hence affecting the skeletal metabolism. Also, high levels of calcium may lead to chronic kidney disease. The kidney is supposed to filter minerals from the blood. However, when in excess, the kidney is at high risk.

This condition is called Hypercalcemia which is when there is too much calcium in the blood.

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How To Make Ground Egg Shell Powder

If you have access to enough egg shells and if you have the inclination, you can make your own finely ground egg shell powder.

Remember, even if you don’t have enough egg shells, you can always ask friends, neighbors, relatives and others to save their egg shells for you.

Choose the direction based on the type of eggs you are using…

Free Range Eggs:

  • Simply collect egg shells.
  • Wash egg shells . If you do wash the egg shells, it’s easier to wash the egg shells before you crack them than after.
  • Let the egg shells dry on the stove top, in a gas oven or in the sun.
  • Once the egg shells are dry, bake them at 300° F. This helps to make the egg shells even more dry and brittle for easier grinding.
  • Add egg shells to a blender, grinder, etc and grind. Keep grinding until there are no sharp pieces. The egg shells should become a powder although most likely it will not be a fine powder. Use a sifter or strainer to remove large and sharp pieces of egg shells.
  • Non Free Range Eggs:

  • Simply collect egg shells.
  • Wash the egg shells. It’s easier to wash the egg shells before you crack them than after.
  • Let the egg shells dry on the stove top, in a gas oven or in the sun.
  • Once the egg shells are dry, bake them at 300° F. This helps to make the egg shells even more dry and brittle for easier grinding. In addition, this helps to get rid of the mineral oils that have been applied to the egg shells to keep them from drying out in the store.
  • Suggested Doses Of Ground Egg Shells

    Ground egg shells are extremely high in calcium and contain virtually no phosphorus.

    1 teaspoon of ground egg shells contains approximately 1900 mg of calcium. This is a whopping amount of calcium!

    Different meats contain different amounts of calcium and phosphorus. Therefore, ideally I would like to provide a specific amount of calcium based on the meat being fed to help create the 2:1 ratio. However, since ground egg shells are so concentrated and the difference in the amount of phosphorus in meats is relatively speaking minute, it would be difficult to make serving amounts for each meat. So for simplicity’s sake, I have created 1 chart for all meats.

    Based on my evaluation of the nutritional analysis of various meats, the amount suggested is quite close to creating the ideal 2:1 ratio.

    Now wait, I know what some of you are thinking! You are thinking… how do I know how much meat I am going to be feeding anyway?

    Well, not to worry Part 3 of my book explains how to make homemade pet food. Additionally, you can read my previous page about how much to feed.

    So add the following amount of ground egg shells using the table below:

    • 1 Jumbo Egg or 1 Large Egg
    • 2 Jumbo Eggs or 2 Large Eggs
    • 4 Jumbo Eggs or 4 Large Eggs
    • 6 Jumbo Eggs or 6 Large Eggs
    • 8 Jumbo Eggs or 8 Large Eggs

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    How Much Baking Powder Is Bad For Dogs

    Baking powder/soda is only dangerous if your dog has eaten a large amount. A large amount, in this case, is roughly one teaspoon per pound of body weight. If you’re concerned about your dog and you believe they have ingested large quantities of either substance, I recommend you contact your vet as soon as possible.

    Hi, Im Amanda. Im a mom, writer and professional dog trainer who has worked with dogs all my life and has been training them professionally for a little over 10 years. I have trained dogs ranging from standard poodles to golden retrievers to border collies and now the passion of my life is working with aggressive dogs with behavioral issues in order to help them be more confident, calm and easygoing dogs who are well-behaved in their own homes.

    Types Of Eggs To Use For Eggshell Powder


    I don’t recommend using store-bought eggshells for my dogs.

    Store-bought eggshells are cleaned with chemical sanitizer to remove bacteria. Not something I want my dogs to eat.

    If you must use store-bought eggshells, place them into the oven at 400° degrees for about 20 minutes to kill off any chemicals on the eggshells.

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