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Tips For Making Egg Bites

Baked Muffin Tin Egg Bites
  • Filling the muffin cups: Keep the ratio of filling to egg mixture at 1:1 so that there is enough egg mixture to bind the ingredients together.
  • Use a large glass measuring cup to whisk the egg mixture . This makes it easy to pour the custard into the individual muffin cups.
  • Let the Egg Bites cool in the muffin tin for a bit for easy removal. This also helps keep them from deflating too quickly.

Why We Love This Recipe

  • Grab and go breakfast option
  • Quick and easy to make
  • 1 cup Monterey Jack cheese
  • ¾ cup fresh spinach
  • ½ cup fire-roasted jarred red peppers

NOTE: This recipe can be totally customized to taste. Add your favorite omelette topping and make them whatever combination you like!


Recipe Notes And Tips

  • Donât fill the muffin molds all the way to the top. The eggs will expand as they bake, so leave them a a bit of room. Place a baking sheet under the muffin tin to catch any overflow.
  • Once cooked, let the baked pizza egg bites sit in the pan for 5 minutes. Then, turn them out onto a cooling rack to cool completely before storing.
  • If the egg bites don’t come out of the molds easily, run a knife around the edge and lift them up from underneath.
  • I used a deep 6 mold muffin tin for these egg bites. The recipe is easily doubled and tripled if you want to freeze some.

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Smoked Salmon And Caper Spread

Six ingredients plus a little black pepper in a food processor. Whirl. Whirl. Done. This is the kind of quick, easy snack that will get you through Thanksgiving day. Serve it on bagels for breakfast. Serve with crackers and raw vegetables for a snack while youre cooking. Or serve it as a first course with crackers and warm slices of crusty bread alongside a holiday salad. The spread can be made several hours ahead of time cover and refrigerate until ready to serve. Best served only slightly chilled.

You could also substitute smoked trout or any other smoked fish for the salmon. If you want to get fancy, top the spread with ½ cup red salmon caviar.

Serves 4 to 6.

  • 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
  • 2 scallions, or 2 tablespoons chives, finely chopped
  • Grinding black pepper


  • In the container of a food processor or blender, whirl together the salmon, cream cheese, capers, olive oil, lemon juice, half the scallions and grinding pepper. Taste for seasoning.
  • Place in a serving bowl or ramekin and serve or cover and refrigerate up to 24 hours ahead of time. Remove from the refrigerator about 15 minutes before serving. Sprinkle with the remaining scallions and then surround with raw vegetables and/or crackers.
  • Can I Use Cream Cheese Instead Of Cottage Cheese

    Starbucks Egg Bites Recipe in the Oven

    Yes, if cottage cheese isnt something that you typically buy, you can use 8 oz cream cheese to replace the 1 ½ cups cottage cheese. It gives it the same delicious flavor and extremely light and fluffy texture.Be sure to use the blender or food processor to blend the egg with the cream cheese or cottage cheese. Whipping it is the start of what makes it so light.

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    Faqs About This Egg Bites Recipe

    Why are my egg bites rubbery?

    If your egg bites are rubbery, then they were probably left in the oven for too long. You’ll only want to bake them for around 3 minutes or until the eggs fluff up and the cheese melts. If you bake for too long, the eggs will dry out and have a rubbery texture.

    What are the ingredients in Starbucks egg bites?

    The base ingredients in Starbucks egg bites are eggs, cheese, garlic powder, baking powder, salt, and pepper. Then there are some additional ingredients based on the flavor. Starbucks offers three flavors – kale and mushrooms, bacon and gruyere cheese, and egg white and roasted red pepper. This copycat recipe is my take on Starbucks egg bites, and I know I’m biased, but I think they’re even better than Starbucks!

    Are egg bites healthy?

    Egg bites can be super healthy depending on what is in them. This recipe is loaded with spinach and peppers, so having the added veggies along with only eggs and shredded cheese keeps them healthy. And if you want, you can add in other veggies like green onion, mushrooms, broccoli, kale, or really anything that you want.

    How To Store And Freeze

    • Refrigerate cooled egg bites in a covered container within 2 hours and eat within 4 days.
    • To freeze any remaining egg bites, arrange them on a baking sheet. Place the baking sheet in the freezer until solid, about 1 to 2 hours. Place the frozen egg bites in a zip-close freezer bag and freeze for up to 2 months. Thaw the egg bites in the refrigerator overnight.
    • Reheat egg bites in the microwave for 20 to 30 seconds, or place them in a baking dish and heat them in a preheated 350 F oven or toaster oven for about 10 minutes.

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    Recipe Substitution And Alterations

    One of the perks of making your own copycat Starbucks egg bites is the ability to customize them to meet your taste and dietary preferences.

    • Veggie options: Starbucks uses bell peppers in their bites, and I really love that, so I stuck with it for this rendition.
    • But you can use any combo of veggies, like greens, mushrooms, onion or broccoli, for example.
    • As written in the directions, I suggest sauteing the greens, like spinach, kale, mustard greens or chard and the other diced veggies first to soften them a bit and give them a bit of caramelization.
    • More flavor is a good thing! You can also add in a scoop of frozen shredded hash browns, if you wish!
  • Meat options: You can use any variety of breakfast meat, such as ham, crispy bacon or chicken, turkey or pork sausage or chorizo.
  • You can saute the ham a bit before adding it to the mixture, if you’d like, so the edges are browned and crisp.
  • Be sure to cook the bacon or sausage before adding to the cups, for sure. You can also go meatless!
  • Starbucks makes a bell pepper and egg white cup that doesn’t have any meat.
  • Cheese options: I am a huge fan of mild, white or sharp cheddar, Gruyere, gouda, Swiss, havarti, a Mexican blend or any other delicious shredded cheese you like.
  • These would even be great with crumbled feta or goat cheese. The cheese you choose will likely be dependent on what veggies, meat and spices/herbs you go with.
  • Spice and herb options: Anything goes, friends!
  • How To Make The Starbucks Egg Bites Recipe In Your Oven

    Egg Bites in the Wolf Convection Steam Oven

    Have all of your ingredients out and ready to go.

    Preheat your oven to 325°.

    Combine the following ingredients in your blender: eggs, shredded cheese, cottage cheese, ricotta cheese, Greek yogurt, salt, and pepper. Blend on low for 20 seconds.

    Grease a muffin pan thoroughly.

    Fill 7 of the muffin cups halfway full with the egg mixture. Then sprinkle half the chopped bacon and spinach over each cup. Then fill each of the 7 cups to the top with the remaining egg mixture, and then sprinkle the remaining bacon and spinach on top.

    *Ok, I know. 7 is a weird number for a muffin-type recipe to make but this recipe is so perfect I didnât want to risk messing up the ratios for anything to make a different number of egg bites.

    Bake your egg bites for 30 minutes. They will puff up quite large but theyâll come back down once you take them out of the oven.

    Enjoy the egg bites immediately or store them in the refrigerator for up to 5 days in a sealed container. To reheat, place in the microwave on 50% power for 45 seconds.

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    How To Make Starbucks Egg Bites Recipe


    1 cup shredded gruyere 1/2 cup cottage cheese 12 slices of thick bacon, cooked and choppedsalt & pepper, to taste12 muffin tin pan


    Recipe makes 12 Starbucks egg bites.

    Cook the bacon before-hand. I personally like to cook mine on a wire rack in the oven to get it super crispy and drain all the grease. Chop up the bacon.

    Pre-heat oven to 300 degrees F and place a baking dish that is filled with 1 inch of water on the bottom rack. This will create a humid environment and help the eggs cook evenly.

    Add the eggs, cheese, cottage cheese, salt, and pepper to a blender and blend on high for 20-30 seconds, until light and frothy. Spray a muffin tin with a little non-stick spray and fill the tins almost all the way to the top with the egg mixture. Divide the chopped bacon equally among all of the muffin tins and bake in the oven for 30 minutes, or until the center of the egg bites are just set. Remove from oven and let cool for 5 minutes, then use a spatula or fork to carefully remove them from the muffin tin.

    Store the egg bites in the fridge for several days. Reheat in the microwave or warm in the oven.

    Cooks Note: Next time, I will try putting half the bacon on the bottom of each of the muffin tins. Then, I will add the egg mixture, then top with the remaining bacon. My recipe, the bacon was all on the top, and Id prefer it to be a bit more dispersed.

    Lets Make Oven Baked Starbucks Egg Bites

    Step 1: Prepare egg bites

    To begin, preheat oven to 350F and spray a 12 slot muffin tin with a spray oil. Add eggs, cottage cheese and salt to a blender.

    Blend until a smooth mixture remains. Then, add 1/2 strip of bacon cut in half again to each of the muffin slots.

    Add the cheese to the muffin pan on top of the bacon. Pour the egg and cottage cheese mixture into the muffin pan, filling each pan evenly.

    Step 2: Prepare a steam bath in the oven

    Next, carefully prepare the steam bath by placing a baking sheet on the bottom rack of the oven. Boil water on the stove top and carefully pour the boiling water onto the baking sheet.

    Step 3: Bake the egg bites

    Then, place the muffin tin on the middle rack of the oven. Close the oven and bake for 25 minutes.

    Remove the muffin tin from the oven. Turn off the heat and allow the baking sheet to cool before removing it from the oven.

    Allow the egg bites to cool slightly then remove from the muffin tin and enjoy!

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    Starbucks Egg Bites Ingredients

    If you look on their website, youâll see the primary ingredients listed for the Starbucks egg bites are: Cottage cheese, eggs, shredded cheeses, butter, bacon, rice starch, corn starch, salt, and vinegar. And theyâre cooked in a sous vide.

    I wanted to try to make a version without the rice starch and cornstarch and I wanted to be able to bake them since that is most accessible for people who read my blog ð

    My copycat Starbucks Egg Bites have: Eggs, cottage cheese, shredded cheese, ricotta cheese, plain greek yogurt, salt, spinach, and bacon.

    What If I Dont Like Cottage Cheese

    Make your own Starbucks egg bites in the oven.

    If you are not on team cottage cheese, you have two options. You can leave it out all together, but that does reduce the protein by over 2g per egg bite. The other option, which I would recommend, is adding the eggs and cottage cheese mixture to a blender and smooth it out.

    This will eliminate any little chunks of cheese you may find in the egg cups, which will make the egg cups appealing to everyone who doesnt love the texture of cottage cheese. To be honest, you really dont notice much of the cottage cheese at all after they are baked. Take a peek at the photos and you will see they are hard to find!

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    What Can I Pair With The Egg Bites To Make A Balanced Meal

    You can certainly enjoy these copycat Starbucks egg bites all by their lonesome because they contain a good amount of protein, fat and veggies.

    But if you want to get a bit more fiber in with breakfast, you can certainly do that.

    • Fruit. Adding a side of fruit to breakfast is never a bad thing.
    • Fruit provides fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants!
    • I like to do a mix of berries, pineapple, mango and kiwi. Or you could enjoy an apple, pear, orange or a few clementines.
    • The sky is the limit with fruit options!
  • Potatoes. Potatoes are a good source of fiber and potassium and are the perfect breakfast accompaniment.
  • Go for hash browns, American fries or good ol roasted sweet potatoes, my friends.
  • I highly suggest my recipe for crispy breakfast potatoes, just sayin’.
  • How To Make Oven Baked Egg Bites

    • Eggs, non stick spray or muffin baking cups, salt/pepper
  • Preheat oven to 350ºF. Spray muffin tin with non stick spray or line with baking cup.
  • Crack eggs into tin and season with salt and pepper. I found this fun garlic salt grinder at our local Aldi. YUM!
  • Bake for 15-17 minutes.
  • I like to store my batch in a small Tupperware for quick grab and go snacks
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    How To Make Oven Egg Bites

    Crack and Mix

    Given this is an egg recipe, I opted for the best quality eggs I could find: Free range grass-fed fresh eggs. Crack your eggs into a large mixing bowl. Whisk together and add the heavy cream, salt, and pepper.


    Chop your tomatoes and spinach. Make sure your pieces are not too big and will fit snuggly into your tins.


    Grating your cheese is essential here. This will make your family wonder if this is a hybrid between a scrambled egg or a muffin. The grated cheese will give that perfect texture and also melt into the egg custard giving it a delicious savory mystery!


    Pssst! Always grease your tin, dont let non-stick fool you into thinking you can skip that step. It is essential here because we are starting with the cheese. Into your tins, add a teaspoon of the grated cheese, top that with chopped tomatoes and spinach. Pour over the egg mixture and tap the muffin tin gently onto the kitchen counter to remove any air bubbles. Finally, the moment: top with crispy bacon pieces!


    Bake the oven egg bites in the preheated oven until golden around the edges.


    Best served while warm out of the oven. I had some leftover grated cheese to serve this with and a surprise element: sriracha yogurt! Yes! Thats a thing now, I just made it one! My pleasure FFF family!

    What Makes Them Better Than Starbucks Egg Bites

    Egg Bites Recipe | Easy Breakfast Ideas

    Well, to start, the carb count. Totally unassuming, the Starbucks egg bites come in at a whopping 9g carbs for two. What we thought was going to finally be a low carb option turned into quite the opposite. Why do egg bites with bacon and cheese have 9g carbs? Hmm, to name just a few suspect ingredients, they use skim milk, maltodextrin and rice starch. Carbs aside, our egg bites trump Starbucks on quality, taste and moistness every time.

    You know exactly what is going into them and you can change up the add ins every time, and they are way more tasty and moist than the pre-cooked, reheated sous vide egg bites at Starbucks!

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    My Journey To Attempt The Starbucks Egg Bites Recipe

    Our journey to make the perfect Starbucks egg bites started when we first learned about them. We dont go to Starbucks much, but we enjoy the challenge of making copycat versions of some of their foods and drinks at home to see if we can accomplish the same thing.

    And we think this can compete toe to toe with theirs. Its that good.

    How To Make Copycat Starbucks Egg Bites:

    This is a very easy recipe! Youll need a regular-sized muffin tin . And youll spray 6 cups of the muffin tin with nonstick spray. . Eggs are whisked together with Swiss cheese, cottage cheese and a little salt and pepper. Readers have suggested putting the mixture in a blender to really get the cottage cheese blended in its a little more fluffy that way. Id probably blend in the blender with the eggs and cottage cheese and then stir in the cheese after blending. Then the egg mixture is divided between the 6 muffin cups. Fill the cups 1/2-full since you will want room for them to expand while baking. Before baking, youll top each one with cooked, crumbled bacon. They bake in the oven for 30 minutes.

    Try making different variations of egg bites. Ham and cheese are a good combo. Use all vegetables. Try cheddar or another cheese in place of the Swiss cheese. Be creative the possibilities are endless!

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    Are Egg Bites Healthy

    These egg bites are packed with healthy protein and are just under 50 calories for a serving of 2 egg bites.

    WebMD says that eggs are hard to beat for a nutrient-rich breakfast:

    One egg has only 75 calories but 7 grams of high-quality protein, 5 grams of fat, and 1.6 grams of saturated fat, along with iron, vitamins, minerals, and carotenoids. The egg is a powerhouse of disease-fighting nutrients like lutein and zeaxanthin.


    The Essential Gluten Free Grocery Guide

    The BEST Starbucks Copycat Egg Bites Recipe (In Oven)

    Just because youre gluten free doesnt mean you have to give up your favorite foods! Grab my free guide that has dozens of delicious gluten free brands and products that are ALL available at major groceries or online for at-home delivery .

    • Original diced potatoes, onions, cheddar, cooked bacon
    • Denver diced cooked ham, onions, green pepper, cheddar
    • Greek diced roasted red peppers, red onions, spinach, feta
    • Veggie mushrooms, onions, spinach, zucchini, Swiss or goat cheese
    • Mexican cooked chorizo, onions, jalapeno, diced potatoes, Chihuahua or cheddar cheese
    • Spanish cooked chorizo, onions, roasted red pepper, manchego cheese
    • Scandinavian diced smoked salmon, dill, diced cream cheese, onions, and top with capers
    • Italian diced cherry tomatoes, chopped basil, cooked Italian sausage, grated provolone
    • French zucchini, grated gruyere, fresh herbs such as chives, tarragon, and thyme
    • Get Your Greens zucchini, asparagus, spinach, gruyere or goat cheese
    • Meat Lovers diced ham, bacon, breakfast sausage, onions, cheddar or Monterey jack cheese

    As you can see, the flavor combinations are endless and easily interchangeable. If you dont like cheese or cant eat it, you can leave it out and add some more veggies or meat. Dont eat meat? Amp up the veggies, swap out the meat for tofu, or use a plant-based meat substitute.

    Tips for Making Quick and Easy Egg Bites
    Lets Eat!

    Cheers to you, friend!

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