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Egg Beaters Make Eggs Better

How To Cook: EggBeaters Liquid Egg Whites

At Egg Beaters, were passionate about one thing: making it as easy as possible for you to eat more eggs.

Why? Eggs just might be one of the oldest superfoods in the bookthese little nutritional powerhouses are rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals. So we always start with the real thingfarm-fresh, all-natural eggsbut we remove the fat and cholesterol, so you can feel good about using them as a wholesome ingredient in every meal of the day.

Which variety fits in your fridge will depend on what youre cooking up!

Egg whites are the only ingredient in Egg Beaters 100% Egg Whites, and one serving provides about the same protein as shell eggs with less than half the calories, and with no fat or cholesterol.

Egg Beaters Original is also mostly egg whites99%, to be exact. We add beta-carotene for natural color, and then add in the vitamins and minerals found in yolks. Egg Beaters Original is a great option if you prefer a taste and experience closer to eating a whole egg, but want to cut back on fat and calories.

Looking to spice things up? Try Egg Beaters Original in our bold Southwestern Style. Seasoned with real peppers, onions, and south-of-the-border spices, its an easy and healthy way to add flavor to your meals.

What Egg Beater Are Made Of

For those who are new to egg beaters, egg beaters are egg products which are made from ninety-nine percent egg whites as well as one percent added active ingredients. Egg beaters can be made use of in the majority of recipes which entail egg whites. However, not all recipes can take advantage of egg beaters because of its different composition.

Egg Beaters Vs Egg White: What Is Egg White

The egg white is the clear, slimy substance that surrounds the yellow yolk

Its also known as albumen, glaire, or glair. It is 90% water and 10% protein

including albumins, mucoproteins, and globulins.

Egg whites have roughly 56% of the protein content of a whole egg

In contrast to egg yolks, egg whites have little to no fat

and only 1% carbohydrate content. Egg whites are used to create

influenza vaccines, which may come as a surprise to people

who think of them solely as a source of protein. In the clarity

and stabilization of wine, egg whites are also utilized as fining agents.

In the late 1700s, egg whites were also used to prevent edema.

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Real Eggs Vs Egg Substitutes: Which Is Better For Our Health

What is the difference between Real Eggs vs egg substitutes? Are real eggs better for our health than egg substitute products? I often get asked these questions. Sometimes its difficult to choose whats best for our health and environment. In this post, Im going to give you the basic health information and pros and cons for each of these.

Whats The Right Way To Scramble Egg Beaters

Egg Beaters 100% Egg Whites 32oz CTN

For skillet scrambling, spray a nonstick skillet with nonstick cooking spray and preheat over medium. Shake and pour desired amount of Egg Beaters into heated skillet. Cook without stirring until edges and bottom begin to set. Lift cooked portion and gently turn to scramble. Continue cooking until set.

For microwave scrambling, spray a small microwave-safe bowl with nonstick cooking spray. Shake and pour 1/2 cup into bowl. Cover and cook on high for 45 seconds. Stir gently. Cook 20 to 30 seconds more, or until just set but slightly moist.

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Sauders Is Your Egg Expert

When it comes to eggs, its the whole egg that counts and any style egg is better than no egg. Here at Sauders, we deliver the highest quality eggs and egg products from our family to your table.

Check out our delicious fresh eggs or explore our site to stay informed about everything the incredible egg has to offer. We look forward to hearing from you, too.

Our parting message to friendly folks? Eat more yolks!

Are Egg Beaters Healthier Than Eggs

Whole eggs have a reputation for being bad for the heart because of their cholesterol. While they are high in cholesterol, most healthy people can eat one whole egg daily without raising cholesterol levels, notes the Harvard School of Public Health. Fresh, whole eggs have more calories and cholesterol than Egg Beaters. When it comes to nutrients, they’re almost equal, but whole eggs contain more vitamin B-12 and Egg Beaters deliver more vitamin E.

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Are Egg Beaters Healthy

Egg Beaters are convenient liquid egg products that come in Original, Southwestern Style, Garden Vegetable or Cheese & Chive flavors. They can be a healthy addition to your low-calorie or low-carbohydrate diet if you are trying to lose weight, or to your regular diet if you want to increase your protein intake. Just remember to eat them only as part of an overall balanced diet.

The Ingredient List Of Real Eggs Vs Egg Substitutes

Egg whites vs. egg beaters

You make the decision here. One ingredient vs 15 ingredients in the egg substitute product. My basic philosophy is fewer ingredients is better. Also, if I dont know what the ingredients are .. I stay away!

The ingredient list for one Real Egg

The ingredient list for an Egg Substitute Product

Substitute Eggs Ingredient List

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What Are Egg Whites And How Is It Made

Egg whites are raw eggs with the yolk removed. They are typically made by breaking raw eggs into a container and passed through an electric spin separator at very high speeds the yolk is forced to separate from the egg whites. This process is then repeated multiple times to separate the remaining yolks. After being spun, the egg whites are pasteurized at around 180 degrees F for approximately 25 minutes this ensures that any harmful bacteria die off during the boiling process.

Why Real Eggs Win Reason #: If You Eat Egg Beaters You Will Find Yourself In Uncomfortable Situations

Because, if you eat them, I will come after you with my egg-loving minions. And until you change your evil, egg-beating ways, we will force you to sit there and listen to my book, Eat the Yolks, on audiobook. Actually, thats not a bad idea.I KNOW youve got even MORE reasons in your brain. Whatcha got? Oxidized cholesterol? Toxic single-use plastic shell? Let em rip in the comments! Thanks for reading!

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How Are Egg Beaters Different From Egg Whites

Egg Beaters is a powdered egg white substitute often used in cooking and baking to reduce cholesterol and calories without sacrificing protein content. The product contains dehydrated egg whites with added nonfat milk solids, corn syrup, salt, food starch-modified, and soy lecithin to help mix the ingredients. The product is easy to use in recipes that call for egg whites or just eggs. It can be purchased at most grocery stores throughout the United States.

Egg whites are raw eggs from which the yolk has been removed. They are produced by passing raw eggs through an electrical spin separator at high speed, forcing the egg whites to separate from the egg yolks. Egg Whites must be cooked before consuming to kill salmonella bacteria that may be present in raw eggs.

Egg Beaters are a powdered substitute for raw egg whites. Egg Beaters are pasteurized eggs without the yolks whipped into a foam with added milk solids, corn syrup solids, salt, soy lecithin, and food starch-modified. Egg Beaters can be used in recipes that call for egg whites or just eggs.

Egg Whites and Egg Beaters are reduced in cholesterol and fat compared to whole eggs, making them an excellent substitute for baking or cooking.

They are healthier options for consumers looking to reduce cholesterol and fat without sacrificing protein or flavor.

Egg Beaters Vs Eggs: Which Is Best

5 Reasons Why We Dig Egg Beaters 100% Egg Whites

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So, whats the difference between egg beaters vs eggs? Theres actually more than you think.

Egg Beaters have been around since 1972, and were introduced by Fleischmanns during the anti-saturated fat and cholesterol crusade, claiming to be the superior option for heart health alongside the companys other popular food product currently in the marketplacemargarine.

Forty years later, when comparing Egg Beaters vs eggs, the company continues to promote that Egg Beaters are the smart choice for better health because the liquid mixture is lower in calories, and contains no fat, saturated fat or cholesterol. However, a closer look shows that declaring this concoction-in-a-carton to be health promoting just might be incredibly misleading.

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Here Are Some Different Ways To Fry An Egg Which Method Do You Prefer

1. Sunny-Side Up

To make a sunny-side up egg, the egg is never flipped. The bottom of the egg and the white part cooks, but the yolk stays runny.

The best way to cook a sunny-side-up egg is to use a low amount of heat. This way you have a better chance of preserving the yolks nutrients and a lower chance of oxidizing the yolk fats. Also, because you dont have to flip the egg, you wont need to use more oil in the pan, making this the healthiest way to fry up an egg.

Its not always easy to cook the perfect sunny-side-up, but the trick is in the heat. Heres the right way to cook an egg sunny-side up:

Heat a non-stick frying pan over medium heat. If oil spits during the process, turn the heat down. Pour half a teaspoon of water in the pan to test its heat level. If the water evaporates, the pan is ready. Coat the bottom of the pan with about one tablespoon of butter or oil. If you use butter, let it melt. Gently crack an egg and pour it into the pan. Cook the egg until the whites are set, but the yolk is still runny, or for about two minutes. Remove the pan from the stove. Use a large metal spatula to scoop up the egg, and enjoy.

Heres a quick tip on how to crack an egg without broken shells:

Firmly hold the egg and tap it against a flat surface like a countertop. Find a crack in the shell. Place your thumbs on either side of the crack and gently pull apart.

2. Over-Easy

3. Over-Hard

4. Baked

Serve these eggs with your favorite toast for a trip on cloud nine.

Main Differences Between Egg Beaters And Egg Whites

  • Eggbeaters are industrially produced forms of eggs with added vitamins, flavors, xanthan gum and guar gum while egg whites are manually extracted from regular eggs.
  • Egg beaters contain added flavors and vitamins while egg whites are either extracted manually by you or you can buy them from a supermarket but egg whites dont contain any added ingredients.
  • Egg beaters are cheaper in comparison to regular eggs but if you are buying in bulk then regular eggs would be a better option as they come cheap in bulk.
  • Egg beaters come in different flavors and can be bought according to your liking while egg whites have the same kind of aroma and flavor all over the world.
  • egg beaters are fat-free while egg whites have some hints of fat. So if you are on a strict diet of fat-free food where even the tiniest fat content matters, we would recommend you to give egg beaters a try.
  • Egg beaters have 75 mg of sodium while egg whites have 166 mg of sodium. Cutting on sodium can help you to avoid high blood pressure, heart diseases and stroke.
  • Egg beaters are low on calories as compared to regular egg whites which can immensely help in maintaining a fit and healthy body in turn protecting you from the worthless accumulation of carbohydrates and fats.
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    Emulsifying With Egg Beaters

    Are pasteurized egg products a good substitute for raw egg yolks in foods like mayonnaise?

    Egg Beaters is one of the only pasteurized egg options available to most consumers, but we had our doubts about its ability to serve as a good substitute for real eggs in something creamy like mayonnaise. Real egg yolks contain the emulsifying agent lecithin, which helps thicken mayonnaise, whereas Egg Beaters is made from egg whites and therefore contains no lecithin. That said, we gave it a whirl in our Garlic Mayonnaise, replacing the two egg yolks with ¼ cup of Egg Beaters. The result? An incredibly thick emulsion, albeit slightly less rich-tasting than the real thing.

    Encouraged, we went on to make Egg Beaters-based hollandaise sauce and Caesar dressing, both with great success. For a final cooked application, we prepared our Classic Crème Brûlée, swapping in the Egg Beaters for the prescribed 12 large yolks. The resulting custard was remarkably creamy but unacceptably dull, its flavor eliciting comparison to insipid vanilla pudding.

    How does this product work? The secret is vegetable gums. Unlike lecithin, which forms a barrier around water droplets, making it difficult for them to separate, gums simply add viscosity, helping mixtures coalesce into a suspension. The lesson: If youre concerned about consuming raw egg yolks, Egg Beaters could be your answer. Just dont swap it for large quantities of yolks, as in custard desserts.

    Egg White Contain Most Of The Protein


    Its true. Egg whites are nearly fat-free, containing only one percent of an eggs fat. Egg whites are also cholesterol-free, low-calorie and contain the greatest percentage of an eggs protein or 57 percent.

    So, for 17 calories, egg whites do offer some nutrition and lots of protein. Its probably a better idea to eat more egg whites than whole eggs in larger quantities if you are concerned with weight management or cholesterol control. However, also consider that if you fry your egg whites in butter, you are adding extra calories and cholesterol and defeating the purpose of consuming a cholesterol-free, saturated fat-free food.

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    Enjoy Eggs Your Way With Egg Beaters

    At Egg Beaters, we believe that by providing a variety of delicious products, we all can enjoy great foods made with eggs, exactly how we like them.

    Preparing wholesome, homemade dishes is a cinch with Egg Beaters. Thanks to our convenient packaging, theres no cracking or cleanup required.

    Whether you choose our 100% Egg Whites, Egg Beaters Original, or tasty Southwestern Style variety, you can be sure that Egg Beaters are a nutritious addition to your fridge.

    Eat The Whole Egg For The Most Nutrition

    So, which part of the egg is best? We recommend eating both.

    Egg whites and egg yolks are the perfect marriage of nutrition. Most people can eat up to seven eggs a week with no increase in heart disease risk. It is recommended to consume no more than 300 milligrams of cholesterol a day.

    The American Heart Association focuses on the following recommendations for heart-health:

    Get 40 minutes of aerobic exercise three to four times a week. Eat more nutritious food. Limit saturated and trans fats. Limit sodium intake.

    The AHA does not mention limiting egg consumption, but they do recommend eating lean poultry and nutritious food. As far as we know, eggs are nutritious.

    Additionally, high cholesterol in food is not the leading cause of high cholesterol in the body, which is associated with heart disease. Saturated fats, like those found in meat fat, tell the body to produce more cholesterol and have a greater impact on the bodys cholesterol levels. Sugar, trans fats and genetics play a big role in raising harmful cholesterol levels, too. With only 1.6 milligrams of saturated fat, less than one gram of sugar and zero trans fat, eggs are not to be feared.

    A 2016 study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition found that people who eat an average of one egg a day had a 12 percent lower stroke risk than those who ate fewer eggs. No connection was made between egg consumption and increased heart disease. The AHA says its ok to eat an egg a day.

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    How Do I Make Hard

    For oven-prepared Egg Beaters, we recommend preheating your oven to 325° F. Spray an 8-inch by 8-inch baking dish with nonstick cooking spray. Then, shake and pour 1 cup of Egg Beaters into your baking dish. Bake uncovered 12 to 15 minutes, or just until set in the center. Cool slightly. Serve and enjoy.

    Egg Yolks Contain Most Of The Nutrients

    Egg Beaters Liquid 100% Egg Whites

    Yolks are the gooey golden orbs in the center of an egg and are full of flavor. Not only is the yolk the tastiest part of an egg, but it is also the most nutritious.

    However, not everything about the yolk is golden when compared to egg whites. Compared to the whites, egg yolks contain:

    Less protein: 2.7 grams vs. 3.6 grams. More fat: 4.5 grams or 99 percent of an eggs fat. Less magnesium: 0.85 milligrams vs. 3.6 milligrams. Less potassium: 18.5 milligrams vs. 53.8 milligrams. Less riboflavin: 0.09 milligrams vs. 0.145 milligrams. Less niacin: 0.004 milligrams vs. 0.035 milligrams. More calories: 55 calories vs. 17 calories. All the cholesterol: 210 milligrams. All the saturated fat: 1.6 grams.

    Before you scoop the yolks into the trash, though, consider the sunny-side of the yolk. In comparison to egg whites, egg yolks contain:

    Thats a ton of nutrition for only 55 calories that gets left behind when you only eat the whites.

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    What Do You Do With The Yolks In Egg Beaters Original And Egg Beaters Egg Whites

    Bob Evans Farms purchases pasteurized egg whites. The supplier of these egg whites sells the yolks to other food and manufacturing companies for a variety of uses.

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