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How To Make Your Own Deviled Egg Carrier In Five Minutes

Snap-N-Stack Deviled Egg Carrier.. Does it work?

Learning How to Make Your Own Deviled Egg Carrier in Five Minutes is the best five minutes you can spend today. So, tell me Im not the only one who has had a bad experience trying to transport deviled eggs without a real deviled egg tray. Those little eggs are just so slippery, they always end up sliding into each other and getting all messed up.

It basically makes me avoid making them very often even though they are perfect for potlucks and parties and I have a super yummy Classic Deviled Egg Recipe that I love.

Basically, even though I love deviled eggs, I only make them about twice a year because I just cant bring myself to purchase a real deviled egg carrier, not only because Im cheap, but because I dont want to store it the other 363 days of the year that Im not using it.

Ive finally found the answer, thanks to some GENIUS at my last church pot-luck.

I was on the clean up crew and when I was clearing the last of the left behinds off the serving table, I saw a lone deviled egg sitting on a very clever handmade carrier.

My mind was kind of blown. It was so simple, duh why hadnt I ever thought of just putting the egg cartons is a 9×13 pan and covering them with foil. GENIUS!!!

I made some deviled eggs the other day and threw together a homemade disposable deviled egg tray to transport them with. It only took me five minutes to make the tray and it made transporting the deviled eggs soooo much easier.

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    The Progressive Prepworks Collapsible Deviled Egg Carrier has an attractive appearance, and it can easily hold up to 28 deviled eggs. You will be able to transport your eggs without the fear of them rolling over and creating a big mess before you reach your destination. The great thing about this particular deviled egg carrier is that you can use it for many other types of food as well. It can carry two nine inch pies at one time, or you can transport a single large meringue pie without ruining the beautiful whipped egg topping.

    The way this carrier works is by utilizing the removable trays. The top tray can be reversed from a flat pie holder to a tray that has 16 indentions to secure deviled eggs in. The bottom tray is capable of holding an additional 16 eggs. The collapsible cover can be expanded to make more room for your larger goodies such as those perfect meringue pies that are normally so hard to fit in to a carrier.

    The base, cover, and two trays are all separate pieces. They are all dishwasher safe for easy clean-up. When the trays are flipped to their flat pie carrier side you will find a ring that keeps your pie plate from sliding around inside of the carrier. The full piece measures 14 by 7 inches, and it has a shipping weight of 2.3 pounds. All of the pieces are created from BPA free plastic, and it comes in the color red. It is manufactured by Progressive in the United States.

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    The Best Deviled Egg Carrier

    Our Top Pick for 2019: Progressive Prepworks Collapsible Deviled Egg Carrier

    A deviled egg carrier can make a simple task out of transporting a difficult food. Devilled egg carriers will safely hold each egg in a small well designed to keep them from tipping, slipping, or rolling. They can be just as handy while making your devilled eggs and serving them as they are for storing them. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes with numerous special features that make each carrier unique. You wont have any trouble finding the best deviled egg carrier for your needs with the help of the following information.

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    Egg Holder for Refrigerator Deviled Egg Tray Carrier with Lid Container ...

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    Deviled Egg Tray With Lid

    Taking deviled eggs to family gatherings is MUCH EASIER with this covered tray!

    • Covered Deviled Egg Tray
    • Ideal For Parties
    • Assorted Colors : Dark Blue, Orange, Red, and White
    • Please Note: Color choice cannot be guaranteed. Please use the Special Instructions area during checkout if you have a preference on color and we will do our best to facilitate your request!

    Tupperware Deviled Egg Carrier With Lid

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    Chef Buddy Deviled Egg Trays With Snap

    Lock & Lock 9×13 Cake Carrier with Deviled Egg & Cupcake Inserts on QVC
    • Use this deviled egg trays by Chef Buddy to safely and securely deliver and display your snacks to their final location
    • Includes 2 deviled egg trays
    • Each tray holds 18 eggs for a total of 36 eggs
    • Snap on lids protect eggs
    • Constructed of #5 polypropylene plastic which is safe for you and the environment
    • Measures 10.875 inches long x 10.875 inches wide x 1.875 inches high each tray with lid

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