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After Decades Of Not Having Kinder Eggs On American Shelves They Are Finally Available To Purchase But They Aren’t Exactly What We Thought

Kinder Chocolate Eggs with Toy Inside PLUS More Surprises!

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When describing the popularity of Kinder eggs to a huddle of co-workers, our social media intern put it nicely: Kinder eggs are like the M& Ms of Germany. These popular European chocolate eggs contain a small toy on the inside, bringing our staff back to the days of McDonalds happy meal toys and cereal box treasures.

If you havent heard of Kinder, let me take some time to explain. Kinder is the second largest chocolate brand in the world, owned by the Italian candy maker Ferrero. Which, you guessed it, is the company that also owns Ferrero Rocher chocolates and recently acquired the famous brand Nestle. One of Kinders most popular items is the Kinder Surprise egg. Its a chocolate egg with a creamy inner shell, which hides a plastic tube with a toy on the inside. Though uber-popular in Europe, these eggs have been banned from the United States due to a law stating that food products are not allowed to contain non-nutritive objects inside of them. Sure, Americans can find Kinders delicious chocolate bars in major stores like Walmart or Target, but Kinder eggs were never an option. Until recently, that is.

Order Delivered In 37 Min

Includes 1 individually wrapped Kinder Joy egg

, Crispy, chocolatey-covered wafer bites filled with cocoa cream

, Delicious treat on one side of the egg and a surprise real toy on the other

, Scan your kid’s toy to unlock a whole new level of play with the Applaydu app

, Share the Kinder Joy this season as a wonderful holiday treat

Kinder Eggs Arrive In America

Back in May, Ferrero announced that they would soon start selling Kinder eggs in the United States. And the day is finally herewith a slight catch. Kinder Surprise eggs are still not allowed in the United States, but Kinder Joy eggs are. Kinder Joy eggs arent new, however. They were launched in Italy in 2001, and are particularly popular in India and China.

Since arriving in the U.S, people have been giving the Kinder Joy eggs mixed reviews. I decided to go out to the pharmacy and grab some eggs for my coworkers to try.

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What Are Kinder Joy Eggs

The Kinder JOY Eggs are a newer development. Instead of a plastic capsule inside a hollow egg, the chocolate egg is packaged to come apart in 2 halves. One side contains a chocolate shell filled with milky chocolately cream and two wafer balls. The OTHER side has a toy. Purists are less thrilled with this version but it exists for safety reasons.

In all honesty, my kids were less thrilled with Kinder Joy . They like the chocolate in Kinder Surprise but every kid is different.

See them in action HERE

What Are Kinder Surprise Egg Toys

Kinder JOY Eggs, 30 Count Individually Wrapped Chocolate Candy Eggs ...

In the name of science we opened up the three different sizes of eggs, just to see what you find inside

This is the Regular-sized Kinder Surprise Egg

This is the egg we all know and love Its about the size of a hens egg.

The Middle Sized Kinder Surprise Egg

This egg was produced at Christmastime Im not sure if you could get it year round. Its about 5 inches long.

The Kinder Easter Egg LARGE!

Sold at Easter, the Kinder Easter Egg is a much bigger than the others .

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Cool Surprise Eggs To Add To Their Easter Basket

Every Easter morning, children and adults alike wake up expecting mountains of chocolate and candy. Mix it up this year with this huge list of surprise eggs that all contain something a little different. From toys, to stickers, to slime this list has everything you could ever need.


Batman! Easter needs you. Check out this cool DC comics inspired bucket that features pictures of one of our favorite caped crusaders printed on the side. Inside the bucket, you can find a whole host of surprise eggs, all individually filled with a ton of cool toys and other awesome stuff.

Prices Vary

Go on the hunt this Easter for something other than chocolate, and keep on the look out for the Paw Patrols gang with this highly decorated, exciting bag of eggs. These bright blue plastic eggs all contain a Paw Patrols themed treat, such as tattoos, bubbles, stickers and a lot more.

Prices Vary

Give the Thomas the Tank Engine lover in your life an Easter to remember with this epic, jumbo sized surprise egg. Your little one will be chugging along with excitement when they come to the realization that this egg is filled with not one, but 12 train figurines from their favorite show.

Prices Vary

Prices Vary

Prices Vary

Eggs With Toys Inside

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Want Kinder Joy Eggs Buy Online

I know, I know, Kinder Joy Eggs arent the same as Kinder Surprise Eggs, but, you CAN buy them legally here in the US. Buy Kinder Joy Eggs online. Get singles, multiple packs, Kinder Joy eggs for girls or boys, even Disney and Minion related Kinder Joy Eggs.

Hot Wheels Surprise Chocolate Egg With 3d Toy Inside

Zaini Chocolates Eggs with Surprise Toys Inside


The main feature of such a gift is that the child receives not only sweet, but also a unique toy. 5 types of original machines presented in this series of chocolate eggs – and all of them can own your boy to get the entire collection.

Once the child will remove the wrapper, he sees a delicious chocolate egg consisting of two halves.

Chocolate is incredibly delicious and of consistently high quality. Break milk chocolate, the child will see gift in the middle- a beautiful fast car, which he will fill up his garage.

What is a chocolate egg «HOT WHEELS»:

1. two gifts in one box

2. bright colorful packaging

3. delicious milk chocolate, 20 grams

4. car from metal.

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How Do Kinder Surprises Work

Each Kinder Joy Chocolate Surprise Egg with Toy Inside comes sealed together with pull tabs toward the bottom edge to pull the two halves apart. Once you pull the egg apart and you have each half it is now time to pull off the seal on the side that says Kinder. This is the side that contains the chocolate treat. On the other half are question marks and a spoon. Peel the spoon off to be able to eat the Kinder chocolate goodness. Once you’ve eaten the candy goodness, peel the seal off the second half to find your surprise toy inside. The toy might need to be put together and will come with instructions.

  • 12 eggs – 0.7 ounce each
  • Product of Italy
  • What Are Kinder Surprise Eggs

    A Kinder Surprise Egg is a hollow chocolate egg about the size of a large hens egg. Inside the chocolate layer is a milky layer . In the hollow of the Kinder Surprise Eggs you will find a yellow plastic capsule that contains a small toy. The TOY is where the fun really gets started. Most require a bit of assembly, and with thousands available, kids and adults love collecting these treasures.

    Kinder Surpise Eggs Come in Different Series

    Some Kinder Eggs come marked so that you can pick what sort of prize you want to get. Eggs might have a pink girl label, a blue boy label. You can find Disney Kinder Joy Eggs or Mattel Kinder Joy Eggs. Kinder Surprise Eggs come in Series, to make the toys easier to collect . They even have special event eggs, currently the Safiras and Wilde Katzen eggs that have 2 toys in each egg!!

    There are 3 Kinder Surprise Egg Sizes!

    I was delighted as can be when I found that Kinder Surprise Eggs come in BIGGER sizes. The largest is about the size of an Ostrich Egg!! The middle size is right in the middle of big and little. Like their little cousins, the Bigger eggs have toys inside . But the toys are bigger and maybe more impressive? In the middle size weve found painting sets and markers as well as figures who do the coloring. Ive only opened one big one and it had a Hello Kitty play set inside.

    Buy Kinder Surprise Eggs Online

    I found these Kinder Surprise Eggs and gift boxes online! Some are through Russia

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    Kinder Joy Surprise Eggs With Toy Inside 15ct

    Kinder Joy chocolate eggs with a surprise toy inside are now available in the USA!

    Egg Specifications-

    Display box contains 15 Kinder Joy Eggs with Toy Inside.

    Made in Poland.

    Bulk Candy

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    Are Kinder Eggs Illegal In The Usa

    German Kinder Eggs

    I wish I had a nickel for every time someone asked why Kinder Eggs are illegal in the USA The truth is, Kinder SURPRISE Eggs are banned from US markets. Let me explain. In the 1930s the Food and Drug Administration passed a law that prohibits confectionery products which contain a non-nutritive object, unless the non-nutritive object has functional value. Essentially, the Act bans the sale of any candy that has embedded in it a toy or trinket. Too many kids were choking on toys in food apparently. Because the chocolate contains a capsule that is a potential hazard, the surprise eggs are a no-no. Yes they are legal in Canada and Mexico. Yes you will occasionally find them in shops here in the USA probably imported by people who either dont know the law. I will not tell you not to buy them or smuggle them home to the US from Germany but be aware that there is a heavy fine if you happen to run into a Customs official who does not approve .

    Kinder JOY Eggs were recently introduced, and are quite legal, since the candy and toy are completely separate.

    So, there you are. everything you need to know about the legality of Kinder Eggs.

    Now go out and enjoy some Kinder EGGS!

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