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Recipe Notes For Chia Seed Egg Replacer

Tried Ground Chia Seeds for Egg Substitute

Note that the recipe for the chia egg substitute states that you should let the chia egg sit for 5 – 15 minutes. Actually, you can even make it up the night before if you like.

If you make the chia egg the same day that you are going to be using it, I recommend making it at the start of your baking / cooking so that it’s ready to use when it comes time to add it to the rest of the ingredients.

Health Benefits Of Chia Seeds

Though eggs are quite nutritious on their own, chia seeds are nothing to sneeze at nutritionally either. Chia seeds are:

  • high in omega-3 fatty acids
  • are non GMO and typically grown organically
  • promote a healthy digestive tract
  • are gluten free, vegan, and grain free
  • are an excellent source of magnesium, plus are a source of calcium and antioxidants
  • promote satiety so you can manage your weight more easily
  • increases plasma ALA and EPA
  • reduce insulin resistance

We use chia seeds for way more than just as a chia egg substitute in our home. You can eat them plain , or sprinkle them on hot cereals, add them to smoothies or yogurt, or make chia pudding from them.

How To Make A Chia Egg

A simple chia egg replacer is a great substitute to use in your vegan baking! Learn how to make one with this step by step tutorial.

When you eliminate eggs from your diet, it not only changes your breakfast options, but it also changes how you bake.

Thankfully, there are several options for vegan egg replacers. One of the simplest ways to make an egg replacer is to make a chia egg.

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How To Use Flax Or Chia As Egg Substitutes

Step 1. Grind the seeds.

Grind your own Flax seeds or chia seeds in the Vita-Mix dry container , in a heavy-duty blender, or in a coffee grinder. A food processor will not achieve a fine enough grind. Grind the seeds until theyre fine, like a flaky powder. When the meal begins to clump together, that is generally fine enough.

It is best to grind just the amount of flax seed meal or chia seed powder you need, at the time you need it, because exposure to light and oxygen will compromise the nutritional benefits. The next best option is to grind a few days worth or a weeks worth and store it in the freezer in a dark colored jar, to minimize light exposure.

Step 2. Mix with water.

For every egg in the original recipe, use 1 tablespoon flax seed meal or chia seed powder and 3 tablespoons water. Whisk together in a separate bowl, and let the mixture sit for about 5 minutes. It will get gummy, just like eggs.

Step 3. Add to recipe in place of eggs.

Then the mixture can be added into the recipe where it calls for egg. No other adjustments are usually needed!

Usually, you will not be able to tell any difference in baked goods where flax seed meal has been substituted for the eggs. However, small items like cookies may be more crumbly. I recommend making cookies as bars. Anything that bakes as a bigger solid such as muffins, quick breads, cakes, or bar cookies will do just fine.

You Can Make Your Own Chia Seed Egg Substitute To Thicken Foods

[Recipe] Chia Seeds Gel As Egg Substitute in Baking

Egg replacements hold onto moisture and stick to other ingredients. They wont make puffy doughs, but they will be perfect in eggy fillings, toppings, or binding compositions. Flax and chia seeds are gelatinous and gummy when mixed with water.

This consistency is binding and helps them act just like eggs. The thing is you have to grind flax seeds into a fine powder to get them to release their goodness. Then let them sit in water so that the polysaccharides become all gooey. Here is how to make flax and chia seed egg substitutes:

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Chia As A Substitute For Egg

Chia as a substitute for eggs is ideal in making vegan desserts.


Combine the chia seeds and water and let the mixture sit for at least 10 minutes until a gel forms.


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Chia Seeds Gel As Egg Substitute In Baking

I have a slight obsession with banana loaf. If you ask my beloved, maybe slight is an understatement ha! I have several banana loaf recipes on my blog and I have just featured a vegan and dairy friendly version two weeks ago.

When it comes to baking, one of the frequently asked questions I received was what I would do to substitute egg.

Instead of commercial egg replacement such as xanthan gum, I thought I would go for something that I am more familiar with such as chia seeds which I have learned from a friend that you can use chia seeds gel as a binding agent in a baking recipe.

To replace an egg, I used 1 tablespoon of chia seeds mixed with 3 tablespoons of water and let the mixture sit for 15 to 20 minutes or you can prepare it the night before.

September 1, 2014 by Joy the Baker

Ive been experimenting with baking alternatives lately. I dont want anyone to miss out on baked doughnuts or chocolate chip waffles because they cant eat / dont like / wont stand for eggs, wheat flour, or dairy. It takes some real doing to find the right baking alternatives, and while I dont consider myself a vegan or gluten-free baking expert, I want to share what works in my kitchen.

Lets talk about vegan egg alternatives.

Flax Seed Vegan Egg Substitute

How to use it: I find that flaxseed egg substitutes is great in quick breads, muffins, pancakes, waffles, sturdy cookies, and heartier chocolate cakes.

Chia Seed Vegan Egg Substitute

Others in the Baking 101 Series:

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What Recipes Work Best With Chia Seeds In Place Of Eggs

Chia seeds cant substitute for eggs in absolutely every recipe. As Hahn points out, a chia egg isnt a substitute for eggs on their own, of course, like an omelet or a fried egg. She does say they work well in most types of baked goods, however, such as quick breads, muffins, pancakes, or cookies. If you have a recipe where the eggs need to be separated, though, you probably wont be able to use chia eggs in their place, nor can they necessarily be used in a recipe where you need just the yolks or the whites. In such a case, however, you could always try using aquafaba, since it can be whipped into an egg white substitute thats good enough for meringues and macarons and can also be used to make mayonnaise, a condiment usually made from egg yolks.

Chia Seeds Are Healthy

How to Make a Chia Egg

Chia seeds have a lot of great things going for them:

  • Chia seeds are high in omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Chia seeds promote a healthy digestive tract relieving constipation, diarrhea, and inflammation.
  • Chia seeds are gluten-free and grain-free.
  • Chia seeds are an excellent source of magnesium.

Because of this, theyre useful beyond just egg-replacement. I enjoy sprinkling chia seeds on morning bowls of oatmeal and mixing them into my childrens favorite bananas and yogurt snack.

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Appearance In Baked Goods

Black Chia seeds are typically quite dark and don’t blend into baked goods as well as flax eggs, especially when using them whole and particularly when comparing them to golden flax seeds. If you would like to not see the chia seeds in your finished product, you can use organic white chia seeds instead.

What Is Chia Egg

Chia egg is made by combining chia seeds with water and letting it sit for 10 minutes until it has gelatinized. If you have eaten a chia pudding before, then you know that chia seeds become gelatinous when combined with any liquid.

Although whole chia seeds do gelatinize, just try it in chocolate chia pudding, I prefer using ground chia seeds for eggs. This will create the right single congealed consistency rather than separate gelatinized seeds.

Chia eggs dont contain the same structural benefits as eggs, meaning that your baked goods wont rise as much. This can be slightly fixed with leavening agents but it still wont be an exact replica.

While the results arent an exact match to an egg, this chia seed egg substitute has impressive binding skills in quick breads, muffins, waffles, and certain pancakes recipes.

Chia seeds are actually jam-packed with nutrients and health benefits for body and brain health!

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When To Not Use Chia Eggs

There are some situations where a chia seed egg will not work.

  • Multiple Eggs. When a recipe calls for 3 to 4 eggs, the eggs are doing more than binding, theyre adding texture, too. I recommend finding a vegan recipe for the dish youre trying to make.
  • Meringue. You cant whip chia seeds like egg whites in meringue. They dont have the level of starches provided in egg whites. However, if you want a vegan meringue, Ive got you covered.
  • Scrambled Eggs. You cant scramble chia seeds. But this Tofu Scramble works nicely.
  • Are Chia Seeds Better Than Eggs

    The Best Vegan Egg Substitutes

    Chia seeds and eggs are high in calcium, calories, and protein. Chia seed contains more thiamin and niacin, however, egg contains more riboflavin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. Chia seed is an excellent source of dietary fiber, iron and potassium. The egg is an excellent source of vitamin D.

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    How To Make A Flax Egg Or Chia Egg

    Egg substitutes in eggless baking can be just a simple substitution for most recipes. Use 1 flax egg or 1 chia egg as a direct substitute for muffins, quick breads, cakes, cookies, burgers etc.

    Depending on how the recipe uses the egg, use chia egg when you need more binding, and flax for most other needs. Flax seeds come in brown and golden colors. Chia seeds come in black and white color. Use white chia seeds or golden flax seeds when you dont want specks to show up in the end result. Flax seed meal is also available to buy. Flax seed meal goes rancid quickly. Store it in the freezer. The better option is to buy whole flax seeds, grind into a meal as needed, or grind small amounts and store in the freezer.

    Pictured above are brown flax seeds, white chia seeds, flax seed meal and chia seed meal.

    Flax seed egg needs 2.5 tablespoons water to make a flax egg. Chia seeds use 3 tablespoons or more as they gel up really well. You can also use aquafaba instead of water to make the flax or chia egg. The combination of aquafaba + chia/flax apparently should work even better as an egg sub, but I havent tried it enough times to vouch for it.

    What Are Chia Seeds

    Chia seeds are a superfood that has been around for thousands of years. They come from the desert plant Salvia hispanica, which is related to mint and commonly known as chia.

    Chia seeds are a good source of omega-three fatty acids, protein, and fiber. When mixed with water or another liquid they expand into little pods that look like caviar. The seed is packed full of nutrients such as calcium, iron, and antioxidants .

    The ancient Aztecs used chia for energy while climbing the mountains to reach their temples. It was also very common in Mayan culture over 500 years ago where it has been documented being used by warriors to sustain stamina for long periods of time before battle.

    In modern times several studies have suggested its potential health benefits including weight control management through regular consumption resulting in reduced body mass index scores when compared to other groups who did not consume chia seeds.

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    How To Make A Chia Or Flax Egg

    Making a chia or flax egg substitute is very easy and can be used to adapt non-vegan recipes into vegan friendly ones!

    This is great for when you are dying to recreate an old favorite but to veganize it to fit your new lifestyle.

    Eggs are one of the most intimidating ingredients in baking when you switch to a vegan diet. They can make or break a recipe which is why you need to find an egg replacement for them.

    Something that is similar in texture and recreate the effect that eggs have on food. This can be binding, leavening, or rising.

    To make a flax egg use:

    Both chia and flax eggs are made in much the same way though the measurements might differ a bit.

    To make either egg substitute combine the dry ingredient with the water and stir thoroughly to get any lumps out.

    Then let the mixture sit for 3-5 minutes until it has thickened into a gel consistency. If for some reason your gel takes longer then this you can put it in the fridge to speed up the process.

    These measurements should make enough to substitute for one medium sized egg.

    Also keep in mind that ground chia seeds thicken quickly so you might be able to use it within 1 to 2 minutes. Chia eggs seem to thicken considerably faster than flax seed eggs.

    Academy of Culinary Nutrition Health How To Resources

    How To Make An Egg Substitute With Chia Seeds

    How to make an egg substitute in baking with chia seeds

    Do you want to know how to make an egg substitute with chia seeds? Did you even know that was possible?

    I am an egg addict. I love eating eggs from pastured hens, love their firm, bright orange yolks, love how nutrient-dense and healthy they are. Yet sometimes I run out of eggs before I have the chance to buy them again from my local farmer.

    When that happens and I need an egg substitute for some baked goods, I use chia seeds as an egg substitute.

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    What Is A Chia Egg Substitute

    Often used by people who follow an egg-free diet, a chia egg is nothing more than chia and water. Chia seeds hold about ten times their weight in liquid meaning they suck up a lot of water to create a gel-like structure.

    Chia eggs are a great option if youre low on eggs, too, which has recently been the case for many! With fewer trips to the grocery store, chia is a relatively shelf stable alternative to eggs for baking. We most often use it in muffins, quick breads, and whole grain waffles and pancakes.

    The Best Egg Substitute For Baking: 11 Excellent Alternatives

    Eggs are an essential ingredient in most baking recipes, but you can still enjoy egg-based pastry when youre vegan or allergic to eggs by using an egg substitute for baking.

    This article describes the best alternatives for eggs to use in oven-based recipes.

    Eggs provide a number of benefits in baking recipes. Firstly, eggs add color since they make pastries turn golden-brown due to the proteins and fats within the egg yolks, and they bring out a tasty flavor when mixed with other ingredients. Secondly, eggs add flavor since mixing whole eggs and egg yolks with other ingredients creates a rich, complex flavor profile due to the eggs fat and lecithin. Thirdly, eggs are a natural binder since they hold ingredients together due to proteins coagulating during the cooking process. Binding provides structure, consistency, and stability for baking goods. Next, eggs serve as a leavening agent since they trap air due to water content, resulting in light and airy baking products. Lastly, the egg water content adds moisture to baked products, improving their texture. A substitute for eggs in baking should have at least part of these qualities.

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    Chia Seed & Flax Seed Subs For Baked Sweets & Desserts

    Are you looking to replace eggs in your fav foods? How about flax or chia seeds? Well, these vegan alternatives to eggs, while they wont have the exact same results as real eggs, will do a pretty good job in baked goodies.

    Were not saying you should make your state-of-the-art soufflé or mousse with such replacements, but were saying you can do plenty!

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    Using A Spice Grinder

    Egg Substitute for Binding

    If you are in a pinch and dont have a spice grinder, you could grind them with a mortar and pestle. Keep in mind that this might take a little more time and effort.

    Just to note, whole chia seeds will also gel the liquid and eliminate the need to grind them. The ratio for whole chia seeds is 1 tablespoon chia to 3 tablespoons water. You can scale this up to make multiple chia eggs if you like as well. However, the whole seeds will have a chunkier appearance in your baked goods and the slightly crunchy texture may be less desirable to you in your gluten free or vegan recipes.

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