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Can I Use Regular Hash Brown Potatoes

Keto Breakfast Recipes THAT AREN’T Bacon & Eggs | Egg free & Dairy free options

Yes, you can use regular hash browns instead of Potatoes OBrien. Use what youd like! You can even use fresh potatoes, although I recommend soaking them after washing and chopping them up. Soaking in cold water will remove some of the starch and allow your hash browns to cook without going mushy or discoloring.

Bacon Recipes For Breakfast

I love bacon and I know y’all do to. So, for the love of bacon I’ve collected a plethora of delicious ways to start your day with our favorite breakfast meat.

Of course, if you’re going pure, I always like tocook bacon in the oven. It’s efficient, hands-free, and easy to clean up .

Dive into recipes as good as spicy maple bacon, bacon crack, and bacon stuffed French toast.

Best Bacon Breakfast Recipes

Wake up to the aroma of bacon with these tasty bacon breakfast recipes!

From sliders and sandwiches to quiche and frittatas, these dishes prove that everything is better with bacon.

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While I have no qualms about eating bacon on its own, I also wont say no to any of these delectable breakfasts.

These dishes are the best source of energy to get you pumped for the day. Rich, hearty, and satisfying, they both nourish your body and feed your soul.

With these bacon recipes, mornings have never been better. If you want to start your day with a bang, these recipes are exactly what youll need.

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Oven Bacon Cheddar Scrambled Eggs

This isnt your average scrambled eggs, folks. Look how rich and cheesy they are!

The scrambled eggs are ridiculously light and fluffy. Theyre delicious as it is, but theyre a thousand times better with melted cheese and bacon.

Its a quick and easy, budget-friendly recipe, yet it tastes like a million bucks.

Breakfast In Under 30 Minutes You Got It

10 Fashionable Breakfast Ideas With Eggs And Bacon 2021
  • A quick breakfast idea that we really love is our Coconut Banana Pancakes! Theyre so easy to make and so satisfying! Theyre perfect for any morning of the week too! We love drizzling them with some maple syrup and finishing them with some crushed almonds for texture!
  • If youve never had Honey Brick Toast before, youre in for such a treat. A sweet custard is slathered onto thick pieces of milk bread and baked until sweet, toasty and totally addicting.
  • Our Savory Herb French Toast is for people who prefer savory breakfasts over sweet ones. Its so good, especially with a fried egg thrown on top!
  • Another savory quick breakfast idea we love is our Herb and Cheese Dutch Baby. Just toss all the batter ingredients into a blender, pour into a hot skillet, bake, add cheese, bake again and enjoy!

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The Ultimate Keto Bagel Breakfast

Image credit: The Nourished Caveman

One of the things you might be missing since going keto is a bagel with a schmear. Good news: Now you can enjoy this breakfast favorite again. Made with coconut flour, egg whites, and a variety of seeds , this recipe has the density and chewiness you crave, but with zero grains or gluten. Spread on some cream cheese, and youve got a real-deal bagel that fits your macros.

Tip For Making Potatoes And Eggs With Bacon

This breakfast recipe does come together fairly quickly, but it can be made even faster if you cook the bacon beforehand. If you want to make this breakfast on a busy weekday before putting the kids on the bus, make the bacon the night before and keep it in the fridge. Then you can be serving up this breakfast egg scramble recipe within 10-15 minutes!

An even quicker idea is to use pre-cooked bacon or even bacon crumbles!

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Keto Breakfast Bowl With Superfoods

Image credit: Vegetarian Gastronomy

Trendy overnight oats are convenient, but way too full of carbs for keto eaters. Thats where this keto breakfast idea comes in. As with overnight oats, you mix up all the ingredients the night before and stick it in the fridge, then add toppings and go in the a.m. Its gluten free, vegan, and easily customizable, too, with non-dairy milk, protein powder, chia and hemp seeds, and coconut. We recommend going light on the protein powder and using full-fat coconut milk to bump up the fat and keep the protein moderate. Top it with chopped nuts and a smattering of berries, if you like.

Notes For Bacon Egg Cups

BACON AND EGGS | BREAKFAST For One | How To Make Sunny Side Up Eggs
  • Its best to use a playable bread. Hearty whole grain bread tends to break when forming into the mold.
  • If you are a fan of sweet and savory consider using brioche or cinnamon toast bread.
  • Thick cut bacon, of course, takes longer to cook. Its best to use a good quality standard cut bacon.
  • Use medium or large eggs, extra large eggs and jumbo eggs overflow out of the toast cup.
  • If you dont have bacon on hand you can use ham instead.
  • If youre not a fan of runny yolks, I will have to reconsider our relationship, but you can scramble the eggs with some cheese.

For the love of eggs, bacon, and toast! You have to make these! Your friends and family will cheer declaring you most awesome person ever!

Toasty toast, creamy eggs, and salty bacon! What is not to love! Dress these up however you like, sprinkle with herbs, fresh cracked pepper or cheese. Swap out bacon for ham or use cinnamon raisin bread for a sweet and savory versionMmmmmmm!

If there is any doubt about my love for breakfast all you need to do is look at my breakfast recipe collection. I also seem to have a thing for one pan/baking dish/sheet pan breakfasts like these Fluffy Whole Wheat Blueberry Banana Sheet Pan Pancakes, Banana Nut Protein Baked Oatmeal Cups, Mini Dutch Pancakes with Cherries & Almond Ricotta Mousse, or Blueberry Cinnamon Crunch Baked French Toast.

Quick question if I have breakfast for dinner is it still breakfast?

More Baked Egg Love:

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Looking For Easy Breakfast Ideas Weve Got Em

  • Our Sausage Strata is a favorite easy breakfast idea for special occasions. You can prep it all the night before and store it in the fridge, then when morning rolls around just pop it in the oven!
  • Although you might not believe it, Homemade English Muffins couldnt be easier to make! Theyre also so delicious and unlike any store bought ones youve eaten before, we promise.
  • Biscuits and Gravy is another indulgent meal that we totally love. The biscuits are soft, fluffy, buttery and perfect for sopping up all the creamy sausage gravy!
  • Delicious homemade Gravlax is another recipe that seems like its really hard to make, but its not at all!

Bacon Mushroom Spinach Frittata

How colorful is this frittata, am I right? The vibrant colors alone will tell you how delicious it is.

Frittatas are basically a fancy omelet, but easier to make. With omelets, youll have to worry about flipping them over without bursting them open.

With this frittata, theres no flipping involved. Just let the mixture sit in the skillet until its cooked. Its so easy!

I am in love with these muffins. Im such a sucker for the sweet and salty flavor profile, which is exactly what these muffins have.

The muffins are fluffy and moist, sweet from the maple and salty from the bacon.

The sweet, and crunchy brown sugar crumble is the perfect garnish Together, they create such a magnificent bite.

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Bacon Egg And Potato Hash

This hearty hash of bacon, cheese, eggs, and potatoes will be ready from the stove to your table in no time.

One skillet, one burner, and 30 minutes are all it takes to make this super quick and easy hash.

Not only is it easy to make, but to customize, too. Raid the fridge for leftover veggies! Bell peppers, broccoli, spinach the more, the better.

Crispy potatoes, crunchy bacon, and cheesy eggs join forces to make one phenomenal breakfast dish.

Its comforting, delicious, and a wonderful source of fuel to get you started for the day.

While its perfect for breakfast and brunch, it also makes for a tasty lunch or dinner.

That said, I highly suggest you double the recipe. Dont worry, its super affordable.

Not bacon and pancakes Im talking bacon IN the pancakes. OMG. I cant believe it took me so long to discover this recipe.

Bacon crumbles in the pancake batter: the concept is simple, but its absolutely brilliant.

But besides the bacon, though, youll also love how ridiculously fluffy the pancakes are.

Theyre infused with a bit of almond extract, too, which amps up their flavor even more.

Bacon And Egg Toast Cups

Bacon and Egg Breakfast Cups

These toast cups turn all the joy of a full diner breakfast into a bite sized grab and go snack. I think these would be a great appetizer and a quick breakfast.

Despite my lack of excitement around breakfast, it’s pretty easy to enjoy these bacon and egg recipes all day long. For the most part, they utilize ingredients you likely have on hand already, making bacon and eggs a go-to when the fridge is looking empty and you’re too lazy to head to the store.

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Bacon And Egg Fried Rice

Fried rice is super versatile, so adding bacon and eggs to the take out classic makes total sense.

#SpoonTip: If you don’t feel like cooking your own fried rice, add some egg and some already crispy bacon to Trader Joe’s frozen Vegetable Fried Rice. Just sauté everything in a pan until the egg is cooked and the rice is warmed up.

Bacon Egg And Potato Breakfast Skillet

This skillet recipe is insanely delicious and surprisingly easy. It all comes together in one pan!

Loaded with chunky potatoes, crispy bacon, and over-easy eggs, this skillet is the best way to kick off your day.

Its technically a breakfast dish, but dont feel like you cant serve it for lunch or dinner. Id gladly eat it any time of day.

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Bacon And Eggs Breakfast Cups

How adorable are these breakfast cups? True, its basically just eggs and bacon, but presented this way makes it even more appetizing.

It looks complicated, but in reality, its super simple. Two strips of bacon serve as the borders that seal in the egg.

Again, the taste is pretty straightforward, but its appearance makes it stand out.

Cheesy Bacon And Egg Hash

Bacon and Eggs – keto breakfast -keto egg recipes – keto diet – low carb

Name a better breakfast combo than bacon, eggs, potatoes, and cheese. Ill wait.

Seriously, this skillet is to die for. Its rich, cheesy, savory, salt, and smoky all in one bite. The contrasting textures make it even more awesome.

Best of all, its a breeze to make. Youll only need one skillet and 30 minutes.

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Southwestern Cauliflower Breakfast Pizza

Image credit: All Day I Dream About Food

Speaking of pizza for breakfast, heres a delicious way to enjoy a slice for breakfast and still stick to your keto lifestyle. With a crust made from cauliflower rice and shredded mozzarella, and toppings that include avocado and jalapeño, you can have your vegetables, get that important fat in, and enjoy pizza in the morning: win/win/win. This recipe calls for both eggs and sausage on top, but wed go with one or the other to keep the protein in check.

How To Make Breakfast Egg Muffins

To keep it really simple, were going to go with off-the-shelf Jiffy cornbread mix. This truly makes them easy breakfast egg muffins. Out of the box, you get 6 muffins from Jiffy. With the added cheese, eggs and bacon, youll likely end up with about 12 total.

One thing I learned is to not cook the bacon and eggs all the way. Youll want to leave the bacon a bit undercooked and the eggs a bit runny. Theyll keep cooking in the oven and this will keep them from drying out.

For maximum flavor, I went with a thick-cut applewood smoked bacon and a smoked gouda. Your choice of bacon and cheese is completely up to you.shredded cheddar would be perfectly amazing as well. Just go with a thicker cut of bacon to keep a meaty, chewy texture. Your garden variety thin-sliced bacon will get all crumbly and dry out in this recipe.

So it turns out having cornbread for breakfast isnt that crazy. Ive done a similar breakfast recipe before, based on quinoa, with eggs and cheese. Here well make it more of a cupcake with cornbread mix.

If you come up with a really tasty alternative combination or variation, Id love to hear about it.

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Bacon Potato And Egg Casserole

If youre obsessed with breakfast casseroles, this recipe is a must-try. How can you go wrong with the combo of bacon, potatoes, and cheese?

With fluffy eggs holding the delectable mix-ins together, this casserole is hearty and tasty, to say the least.

Its easy to make, and it feeds a crowd. Its perfect for Christmas morning, but feel free to whip it up any day.

Scrambled Eggs With Bacon

Easy Bacon and Egg Cups

The creamy, rich texture of eggs is so satisfying, and theyre the ultimate comfort food. But what if you could make them even more indulgent?

This recipe for scrambled eggs with bacon is a classic that everyone loves. Its the perfect combo to start your morning right!

Plus, its a breeze to make perfect for busy weekdays.

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Cornbread Breakfast Muffins With Bacon And Eggs

As Ive written many times, in the past, theres nothing I love more than a hot breakfast in the morning. But its also something I dont have time to do every day. This is why I love finding any type of breakfast egg muffins recipe. This idea came to me because of the simplicity of making cornbread muffins from Jiffy cornbread mix. Why not turn them into cornbread breakfast muffins?

Who Doesnt Love Breakfast For Dinner

  • Breakfast Pot Pies? Yes, totally a thing! These stick to your ribs pot pies are so good! One of our favorite weekend breakfast ideas for sure!
  • Our Loco Moco with Mushroom Gravy is another one of those stick to you ribs weekend breakfasts that we love! This dish can actually be enjoyed for dinner too, which were done on a number of occasions. We also love sticking some sautéed or steamed spinach on the side to help lighten things up.
  • This Breakfast Tart is basically our excuse to toss simple breakfast ingredients onto a flaky sheet of puff pastry. Its so easy to throw together just add a salad on the side and you have a complete breakfast for dinner sitch on your hands!
  • Chilaquiles is another favorite indulgent breakfast over here. Our version is makes a simplified red sauce, but still packs so much flavor and texture. We could eat this everyday.
  • If you love shrimp and creamy cheesy things we guarantee youll love our Shrimp and Grits recipe! Theres so much flavor in the spice blend for the shrimp, with a small kick, which pairs them perfectly with the creamiest, cheesiest grits ever!
  • If nachos are an acceptable dinner then so is our Breakfast Poutine with Hollandaise Sauce! Its not a casual every night dinner, but definitely something to pull out every now and then when you really want to indulge!

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Something The Whole Family Will Love

  • This Breakfast Casserole is so easy to make, can be tweaked based on flavor preference and is truly a hearty breakfast idea that the entire family will enjoy!
  • Our Freeze Ahead Turkey Sausage Breakfast Sandwiches are the perfect breakfast idea for kids well the whole family actually! They reheat in just a couple minutes and a perfect grab and go breakfast for the days youre running out the door!
  • We think pizza should be eaten anytime of the day and you can do that with our Breakfast Pizza. Everyone will be thrilled to see a big ol pizza with all the delicious breakfast toppings sitting on the breakfast table!
  • Sometimes you just want to give everyone in the family a treat and our Brown Butter Cinnamon Rolls are the perfect sweet breakfast to serve! The brown butter gives these fluffy cinnamon rolls a really awesome, nutty flavor. Serve with plenty of extra glaze on the side!
  • If youve never made homemade bagels before, you must try our Mini Everything Bagels! They have a nice golden crust on the outside with a perfectly chewy center and packed full of flavor.

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