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Kick Ash Basket Reverse Seared Picanha on a Big Green Egg XL

Big Green Egg ConvEGGtor For Large Egg 5 Stars and an Amazons Choice at $195.86

The ConvEGGtor® is used for indirect convection cooking on the Big Green Egg, because not every dish should be placed directly over fire!

The ConvEGGtor® helps you accomplish a full meal outdoors by helping you control the grilling method and heat of your dish.

You will truly benefit from this accessory when you are making dishes that require low and slow cooking, or recipes that would typically go into your house oven such as your grandmas apple crisp or scalloped potatoes!

With the ConvEGGtor®, nothing ever needs to be cooked inside the house.

3 Tier 5 Piece EGGspander 5 Stars at $189.99

The EGGspander is like having multiple oven racks it essentially multiplies the cooking possibilities with multi-level cooking. You can choose various setups to cook a larger meal or make several dishes simultaneously.

It provides an elevated sliding grid for easy access to the bottom piece. Designed to connect to the existing cooking grid, this accessory works with the Large or XL EGGs.

You can purchase a 5-piece kit or the original EGGspander multi-level rack.

This EGGspander is especially useful when making pizzas enough to feed your kids and their friends!

Kick Ash Basket 5 Stars at $87.14

932°F Heat Resistant Forge Welding Gloves 5 Stars at $20.99

GGC Electric Charcoal Fire Starter Lighter 5 Stars and Amazon Choice at $38.99

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The Big Green Egg Eggspander Conveggtor Basket

The BGE XL has a large total cooking area and you can cook multiple slices of meat at the same time. However, they did not stop there as they made an accessory that will give more space for cooking.

The Big Green Egg EGGspander convEGGtor Basket or the EGGspander, for short, is an expansion system that goes beyond the already-large cooking area of the BGE XL.

This accessory can be set on top of the original grates of the XL to create a multi-level cooking surface. This can help in cooking different types of food that require different temperatures.

The EGGspander can also be modified with multiple setups. This means that you can go for half-moon grill grates as well as high and low options for cooking.

This accessory is a one-piece stainless steel basket with dedicated handles on the side so you can easily place it on top of the original grill grates and remove it when needed.

The EGGspander has two levels that allow you to cook on high and low heights to adjust the amount of heat that the food receives.

You can also go for direct and indirect cooking at either level. You can sear some steak at the bottom while you grill vegetables on the upper grates at the same time.

Top 7 Big Green Egg Xl Accessories

Kamado-style cooking is a very ancient way to cook food but it has spread around the world through the decades. The Big Green Egg is the most popular brand that produces Kamado grills.

Big Green Egg has also produced a lot of models that have varying sizes. One of the biggest models is the BGE XL and it brings a lot of cooking power as well as accessories.

You can cook a lot of recipes on a Big Green Egg. It does not require special skills to operate the Big Green Egg XL and so it only goes easier with the help of accessories.

Kamado-style cooking is a type of cooking that originates from China and it involves cooking with clay to ensure that the heat is retained to keep the food cooking inside.

For years, this cooking style has been developed and so we have these grills that are equipped with different features that make them as advanced as they can possibly be.

However, this does not mean that they have totally forgotten about the style of cooking. It still involves retaining maximum heat with the use of ceramics to contain high temperatures.

The thing is, Big Green Egg does not stop by simply remodeling the grill for this style of cooking. They have also made some accessories that will bring more versatility to the grill.

So here are our top picks for the best accessories that you can use with your Big Green Egg XL. Take a look and see which one you need or want, they have it all!

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Make The Most Of Your Grill With Our Favorite Big Green Egg Accessories

These are just a small handful of the awesome Big Green Egg accessories on the market for kamado grills. You’ll find solutions to problems you don’t even know about and tools that make the entire process of cooking on a Big Green Egg more enjoyable. Finding the perfect accessories to compliment your egg is a lot of fun. The products we featured today are some of our favorites that we find to be essential. Using tools like the rEGGulator and the Flame Boss 400 let you create a custom cooking setup that works the way you want it. No matter what recipes you’ve got on the menu, having the right tools makes cooking on a Big Green Egg the ultimate way to BBQ.

Shopping for your favorite EGGhead is easy now that you know the best Big Green Egg accessories. The featured products on this list make great gifts for Big Green Egg grillers.

The Bearded Butchers are dedicated to providing as much information as we possibly can to help you understand how to best process and prepare meats of all kinds. To help you, we maintain a blog and Youtube channel with lots of free, high-quality information. The Bearded Butchers and are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to This means that The Bearded Butchers may receive a commission if you click on a link above and make a purchase on

Midwest Hearth 3 Thermometer

Dracarys Side HDPE Shelves for Big Green Egg Egg Mate Big Green Egg ...

The thermometer on many kamado-style grills doesn’t offer reliability and can stop working over time. When you replace the original Big Green Egg thermometer with this professional-quality design from Midwest Hearth, you’ll get a larger, easy to read gauge that is accurate and easy to calibrate. This thermometer simply slides into place where the original gauge sets and is secured with a spring clip.

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Make Things Easy For Yourself

The 1-Piece convEGGtor Basket is a multifunctional accessory to make EGGing even easier. Thanks to the handles on the basket, you can safely place the convEGGtor but also your Cast Iron Grid, Stainless Steel Grid, or the Carbon Steel Grill Wok, in your EGG in one easy movement and take it out again just as easily. When you use the convEGGtor Basket, your grid is also slightly higher in your Big Green Egg. Do you want to change grids while cooking? You can do this easily using the Cast Iron Grid Lifter. Are you a real meat freak who loves low and slow dishes? Then you will definitely enjoy the Rectangular Drip Pan. You place this on the convEGGtor under the grid your meat is on. This prevents the fat and juices that are released during cooking from dripping onto the convEGGtor, which saves you some cleaning.

Bearded Butchers Instant Read Thermometer

The only way to really know when your meat is perfectly cooked is to use an accurate thermometer. We got tired of buying junk thermometers that were inaccurate or stopped working, so we branded our favorite design. Our instant read thermometer is highly accurate and works instantly to give you the precise temperature. It turns on automatically and turns off when you close it, so no more batteries that die right when you need your thermometer. Ours has a lifetime warranty, too.

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Must Have Accessories For The Big Green Egg

Welcome back to another edition of The FOGO Life! One of the biggest questions that we hear when someone purchases a new Big Green Egg, or other kamado style cooker is What accessories do I need to go with it? Well, we decided to help with that and let you know the eggcessories that we feel that every BGE owner should have. They range from cooking aids to heat gloves. We hope that this helps with your decision when deciding what to purchase next. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us on social media.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Big Green Egg XL & XL Woo Adjustable Rig Combo

“The SMOKEWARE Chimney Cap is by far my favorite addition to my Big Green Egg. I no longer have to worry about adjusting my settings when opening my lid. This should be standard with every BGE.”

– Brandon Melton from Albuquerque NM

“Used for the first time on a Kamado Joe Classic III, for a 19hrsmoked brisket. Held all the drippings, did not warp and the 14″ fits perfectly fine in on top of the slow roller, no drawbacks in the airflow. Plus it feels heavy duty. Glad I bought it!”

– Pablo Crespo from Texas

“The custom mahogany shelves look amazing. They were very easy to assemble and collapse so nicely for easy storage under the BGE cover. Perfect for BBQs and allow a lot of room for prep and platters fo rserving. The S hooks are great for holding all grilling utensils. Would definitely recommend this product to a friend.”

– John from Greenlawn, NY

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Big Green Egg Accessories

First Of All: The Best Housing

From EGG to complete outdoor kitchen, every Big Green Egg deserves the best housing. You can start small with a Nest or even an intEGGrated Nest + Handler, combined with the handy Acacia Wood Mates for that little bit extra workspace. Or you can immediately go big with an Acacia Table, Modular EGG Workspace or a completely self-built outdoor kitchen. Whatever you choose, always ensure that there is sufficient space between the bottom of your ceramic base and the surface it rests on so that the EGG can release its heat. If you place the Big Green Egg in an outdoor kitchen yourself, use the Table Nest to do so.

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Accessorize Your Bge Grill

Once you’ve got your EGG, get some gear to kick up your cooking. Make your backyard hangouts memorable with these unique add-ons, including utensils, fuels, seasonings and sauces.

  • EGG Covers: Protect your Egg from the elements with a ventilated cover made in heavy-duty, weatherproof material.
  • EGG Fuel: Try different types of fuel that impart unique flavors to meats and veggies, such as the premium Big Green Egg hickory and oak lump charcoal, or smoking chunks for even more flavor.

Big Green Egg Speediclean Grate Cleaner

Top 7 Big Green Egg XL Accessories

Tired of scrubbing the grill grates after every cooking session? Cut the work in half with this specially-formulated cleaner that is designed just for the Big Green Egg. The cleaner is citrus-based and is non-toxic. When you need to clean the outside of your kamado grill, you can also use SpeediClean exterior ceramic cleaner to keep your Big Green Egg in show stopping shape.

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Big Green Egg Grill Cookers

Utilizing charcoal for superior flavors, smoke ribs and sear steaks like a champ with adjustable airflow that gives you precise control over the temperature, and enjoy tender and flavorful meat, poultry and fish with a design that retains moisture and heat. The Big Green Egg grill is not just for your main courses, as you can easily grill vegetables for appetizers and bake up bread and cookies with the versatile design that will have your guests coming back for cookouts time and time again. Available in a variety of sizes, theres a BGE grill at Ace to suit the needs of every backyard chef.

Egg Mates Composite 3 Slat

EGG Mates® are simple and convenient additions to Big Green Eggs, providing a working and serving area right where you need it!

The newly designed Big Green Egg Composite Mates features: A non-slip textured surface

Subtle wood-grain detailing

An attractive Big Green Egg logo.

Providing an unmatched working and serving area for an EGG in a Nest, the Composite Mates are engineered to offer significant improvements over wood or plastic materials. Purchase Now

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Grid Cleaner Stainless Steel Dual Scrubber

The Dual Brush Grill & Pizza Stone Scrubber fits comfortably in your hand, making it easy to use when you clean your cooking grid and pizza stone.

  • Rubberized lock knobs allow for easy removal and replacement of the scrubber pads. No separate tool is necessary.
  • The curvature of the handle has been optimized for improved ergonomics.
  • The plastic handle is made with high-density polyethylene.
  • All metal components are stainless steel, providing a weatherproof tool which can last many years
  • Simple clean lines with no creases prevents this scrubber from getting unnecessarily messy. Currently out of stock.

Big Green Egg Accessories Youll Need This Season

Everything You Need to Know About the EGGspander | Big Green Egg Accessories Tutorial.

All we want to do is get outside, grab a cold one, and sweat our faces off as we grill our favorite meats. Were addicted to it. And thats fine!

However, sometimes the base model isnt enough. We need the best products on the market to retain the status as the best grillmaster in the neighborhood.

Here are the hottest Big Green Egg Accessories youll need to get your hands on before the summer cook-off:

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Xl Big Green Egg Accessories

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Indirect Convection Cooking On The Big Green Egg

The Big Green Egg is designed to work as a complete outdoor cooking system, producing unrivaled results whether grilling, roasting, smoking or baking and nothing contributes more to the versatility of your EGG than adding a convEGGtor to your EGGcessories collection.

The convEGGtor is designed to facilitate indirect cooking on the Big Green Egg by providing a heat-directing barrier between the food and the fire, instantly transforming your EGG into an outdoor convection oven. The design of the convEGGtor, in conjunction with the thermal properties of the EGG, allows heat to efficiently radiate within the dome while preventing the flames and heat from over-cooking the food.

In the mood for a perfect pizzeria style pizza? There’s no need to travel to Italy or buy a high-priced pizza oven you can bake and roast your way to culinary perfection with indirect heat using the convEGGtor and our Pizza/Baking Stones. How about some Low and Slow BBQ? When using the convEGGtor for low temp cooks with natural wood chips or chunks, the smoke-infused air circulates around your briskets, roasts, whole chickens or ribs resulting in juicy, delicious and aromatic meats and poultry. And, the convEGGtor is the secret recipe for an amazing holiday turkey, hams, and roasts of any kind!

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Our Must Have Big Green Egg Accessories

The Big Green Egg is one of the most useful cooking tools around. You can get a Big Green Egg to do any type of cooking from smoking meat to grilling steak, and everything in-between. Right out of the box, your Big Green Egg is great. Adding a few ultimate must-have and nice-to-have Big Green Egg accessories will transform the cooking process.

Eggspander 5 Piece Kit

GrillGrate Set for the XL Big Green Egg

Product Description

5 Piece EGGspander Kit includes:

  • convEGGtor basket
  • Direct Cowboy Style lower rack

Easily configure the convEGGtor basket for:

  • Easy placement or removal of convEGGtor
  • Multi-level direct and indirect
  • Starter component for the EGGspander System works with the 2 Piece Multi-Level Rack

Easily configure the 2 Piece Multi-Level Rack for:

  • Elevated sliding cooking grid with 6.5 in clearance for easy access
  • Reverses for low-level Cowboy Style grilling
  • Designed to connect to existing cooking grid
  • Starter component for the EGGspander System works with the 1 Piece convEGGtor basket

XL EGGspander 121226

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How It Works

The easiest grill to start, The Big Green Egg is designed to allow air flow to circulate efficiently so it reaches the perfect cooking temperature in minutes. Use our natural charcoal starter or a butane or electric starter to light our 100% natural lump charcoal made from the best hardwood and never buy fluid again.

Better than an oven the EGG’s precise temperature control makes grilling, roasting, smoking, and baking a breeze. Patented air flow systems give you total control of the heat within a few degrees and The Made in USA temperature gauge is precise up to readings of 750°F/400°C.

Meat like steaks, pork chops, or burgers sear perfectly on the EGG. Two dampers give you the control to raise the heat to 750°F/400°C for steakhouse char-grilling or lower the heat for everything else. Fish and seafood stay moist and tender inside with a flavor-packed crust outside unmatched by other grills.

The Big Green Egg ceramics retain heat and moisture so well that foods don’t dry out, and the superior cooking qualities of an EGG produce the most flavorful roasts, braises and stews you’ve ever tasted because the juices and flavors stay locked inside. Prepare for the applause!

You can control the EGG at 200-350°F for succulent turkeys, chicken, ribs or any other choice cut, infusing them with flavor. Insulating ceramics makes for low heat, eighteen-hour barbecuing no problem. Use Bi Green Egg natural lump charcoal for best results.

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