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How To Cook Eggs in a Stainless Steel Skillet without Sticking

Are you looking for the best pan to cook eggs? You’re in the right place.

You might think fried egg is the easiest thing to whip up in the kitchen, but you will find out once you make one that it actually requires some technical skills. Seasoning the eggs, for instance, requires a certain level of expertise. Flipping the egg to ensure it gets cooked evenly is also a trick that takes some time to master.

One way to make frying eggs easier is to have the right frying pan. One way to make cooking eggs easier is to have the right frying pan. There are plenty of pans – some made specifically for cooking eggs – with features that will make it easier for you to whip up perfect omelettes, scrambles and fried eggs while at the same time making clean-up a breeze. There are pans out there designed to make life more convenient for home cooks who need assistance in creating perfect fried eggs. I looked for the best ones out in the market and chose those pans that have the best features, the right size, the right budget and the right price.

What To Use To Keep Eggs From Sticking To Your Pan

In most cases, eggs stick to the pan due to insufficient cooking oil, high heat levels, or a low-quality frying pan. Your scrambled eggs will easily stick to pans without nonstick coating because proteins in the eggs form a chemical bond with the metal.

You can avoid this by getting a nonstick egg pan cast iron pans are great. The surface allows for quick release even with less oil. Coconut oil, butter, and olive oil are also great options for coating your pan before frying your eggs that will prevent sticking. Remember to set the right temperature, too. Your eggs are more likely to stick to a pan thats too hot.

Editors’ Recommendations

How The Tramontina Professional Pan Has Held Up

Several Wirecutter staff members use the Tramontina Professional pan for their personal cooking, and for the most part, they report that the pan has held up well. Senior staff writer Kimber Streams told us that the 8-inch Tramontina skillet they purchased in 2018 is still the best egg pan after four years of frequent use.

Senior engineering manager Polina Grinbaum uses her year-old nonstick skillet almost daily. Polina said she likes that the Tramontina pan is well balanced, comfortable to hold, and oven-safe. She also reported that her husband said its the easiest pan to clean that we have.

Wirecutter editor Phil Ryan has been cooking in his Tramontina nonstick skillets almost daily for over two years and confirms that theyre still slick. Phils only minor complaint is that he wished this skillet came with a lid. But even though theres no corresponding lid for this pan, chances are good that many folks already have a lidfrom another piece of cookware kicking around their kitchen cabinetsthat would do the trick.

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Whats The Best Material For A Non

Mgaxyff Kitchen Cookware,Eggs Frying Pan,3 Round Holes Non Stick ...

Choosing the right pan can be a bit of a minefield. To start with, you need to pick what materials you want your pan to be made of. All of the frying pans weve tested are made from aluminium or stainless steel.

AluminiumPros: lightweight, budget-friendly, good heat conductivityCons: can warp, scratches easily, can react to acidic food

Stainless steelPros: durable, produces weighty pans, does not react to any type of foodCons: some cheap pans can transfer heat poorly and unevenly

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Most Versatile: Demeyere Atlantis Proline 95 Stainless Steel Fry Pan

A top choice in professional kitchens, the Demeyere Atlantis Proline 9.5 Stainless Steel Fry Pan can sear, stew, bake and sauté with comfort and control. Suitable for use at high temperatures, in the oven and on all types of cooktops, this stainless steel pan is one of the best skillets for eggs thanks to its high-quality performance and utility.

via Demeyere

Ninja Foodi Zerostick Frying Pan

Best non-stick frying pan

  • Responsive to changes in temperature


  • Handle gets warm

Star rating: 5/5

Youll be familiar with the brand Ninja because of their high-powered blenders and air fryers. Ninja have kept the momentum going with their cookware. This non-stick frying pan is robust and hardwearing. Its also oven-safe up to 260C.

This frying pan is a joy to cook with. Not only is it comfortable thanks to the slim, ergonomically designed handle, but it produced light and fluffy American pancakes and an evenly cooked omelette. Nothing stuck to this pan. The Ninja Foodi ZEROSTICK comes at a fantastic price too.

  • Quite wide on the cooker which dominates space

Star rating: 5/5

This is an unconventional pan to feature in our guide due to its wok-like sloping sides and depth. But it’s precisely that shape that makes this pan incredibly versatile and could see you replacing two or three pans in your cupboard with just this one. Suitable for all cooktops, the hard-anodised aluminium triple-layer, non-stick body is supported by two silicone-protected handles that are ergonomic and comfortable to hold. The deep rim makes pouring smooth and easy to control.

Although dishwasher-safe, we found it was easier to simply wash by hand as everything wiped off easily under warm water making it a doddle to clean. It’s also oven-safe up to 230-degrees.

  • Some resistance when trying to remove omelette
  • Pancake was a little patchy

Star rating 4.5/5

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  • Short handle that gets hot

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Pick The Egg Pan Thats Just Right For You

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The Spruce Eats / Amelia Manley

Eggs have become the ultimate versatile kitchen staple. They’re the perfect start to the day and a crowd favorite on brunch menus. The options to cook this breakfast fix are endless: They can be scrambled quickly, fried to perfection, or even showcased as a perfect French omelet or Denver omelet. And who says we cant have eggs for dinner?

But the pans you choose to cook the eggs in are as important as the quality of the eggs themselves. With the right pan, you can make the fluffiest scrambled eggs that have a curd-like texture and perfectly gooey omelets that will bring you joy. The right kind of pan helps you cook your dishes quickly and makes for an easy cleanup afterward.

Here are the best egg pans to help you enjoy this breakfast staple.

Great Jones Small Fry

Perfect Fried Eggs Over Easy – Copper Chef Pan

This 8.5-inch nonstick pan has a PTFE and PFOA-free ceramic coating and a chic welded handle. We found this pan to be easy to hold and maneuver, and we love that the metal handle stayed cool even under higher temperatures. However, the nonstick coating wasn’t as slick as we had hoped. Bits of egg stuck to the pan in our omelet test, which made flipping the omelet impossible. The caked-on bits of egg were really challenging to clean off.

This PFOA-free pan is induction compatible and oven-safe up to 500 degrees. Unlike many nonstick pans, it’s scratch-resistant and safe to use with metal tools or utensils. However, it did not pass our omelet test. We noticed a considerable amount of egg stick to the pan upon first use, making it tricky to clean. The stuck-on bits of eggs began to brown and burned before the rest of the egg finished cooking, which made for a challenging experience.

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Greenpan Mini Ceramic 5 Egg Pan

Ever seen or heard of those pans that can only fry one egg? Well, this is one. You could conceivably squeeze in two eggs. But the problem with two is, depending on the size of your eggs, they will reach the rivets and stick.

The nonstick frying pan features a Thermolon healthy ceramic nonstick coating and is PTFE free.

Despite its small size, it performs excellently, although there are a few reports of sticking. If this happens to you, try cleaning the pan with baking soda, or Bar Keepers friend.

I would be careful with the handle, though. Since it isnt entirely covered, there is a risk of your fingers sliding down to the hot bare part.

Thermolon, the ceramic nonstick coating, is supposed to be scratch resistant. I would advise being careful though avoid metal utensils and consider hand washing.

This ceramic nonstick fry pan is ideal for people who like one fried egg at a time, perhaps for a sandwich or light breakfast.


What Type Of Pan Is Best For Eggs

While many frying pans can deliver tasty eggs, youre likely to struggle with instances of scratching, burning, and sticking. So, you need to find the best egg frying pan aluminum and titanium pans make great options. They are easy to handle and are also durable. Be sure to go for one that has a nonstick surface for quick cleanup and easy food release.

Regarding size, any pan measuring between 5 inches and 9 1/2 inches will deliver excellent results just pick a size that you prefer. You should also consider safety. Some pans have a coating that contains reactive materials, which can easily affect your health. Its advisable to pick an egg pan thats PTFE and PFOA free.

The best pan should also have an ergonomic and heat-resistant handle. Aluminum pans are excellent heat conductors, while a pan with a poor-quality handle is likely to get damaged or result in a burn. Stainless steel is the best material for handles as it heats up more slowly than carbon or iron handles. Wooden and plastic options are great, too. Also, welded and riveted handles are stronger than those with screws.

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Rsvp International Endurance Egg Poacher

Im a big fan of poached eggs. Without a special tool, however, theyre a massive pain to prepare. This tool allows you to poach eggs easily and effortlessly. Ive picked out two of the best tools for doing so here. While the Demeyere is only available in a 4-egg variant, the RSVP International comes in 1, 4, and 6 egg versions. Both the Demeyere and the RSVP sets are made out of very similar steel alloys. In practice, theres basically no difference between 18/10 and 18/8 stainless.

These tools are incredibly simple.

Basically, you fill a lower compartment with water, throw them on the stove, and crack an egg into each of the cups on the top. When your water boils, you set a timer and turn down your heat. When the timer goes off, you remove the egg cups and pour out your poached eggs. Its really that easy.

All of these devices work on induction cooktops, and they all feature non-stick egg cups. The RSVP is dishwasher safe, although you only really need to rinse these off after use. Youre not putting anything other than boiling water in the lower compartment and the removable egg cups are incredibly easy to clean in the sink.

Add The Fat Then Give It A Few Seconds

13 Best Pans To Cook Eggs for Every Morning Breakfast in 2022

When you add fat to a well-seasoned cast iron pan youre taking advantage of its nonstick surface. I never skip the fat because I love the flavor of eggs cooked in olive oil, but even the most seasoned of cast iron pans will benefit from oil added to a preheated pan. You can go butter here, a neutral oil like canola, or even coconut oil. Delicious.

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What Shape Should An Egg Skillet Be

Most skillets are round in shape, and provide plenty of versatility for eggs and other jobs.

You might consider getting a square shaped pan, however, as it can be easier to cleanly flip the food over with your spatula.

Alternatively, you can easily find square pans that have individual round cups built in. This makes it easier to cook everyones egg just how they want it, and in its own section.

Theres no real right shape here. Just look through the options and think about whats going to work best for your own situation.

Disposing Of Your Old Nonstick Cookware

Because nonstick pans arent heirloom pieces and the coating will eventually wear off, you will have to deal with disposal. But before you send your pan to the landfill, check to see whether you can recycle it. Many cities will take spent pans with the recycling . If such a recycling system doesnt exist in your area, you can also try to take the pan to a scrap yard.

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Flamekiss Ceramic Nonstick 3

If youre always ruining your over-easy eggs because they cook together and get hard to flip, this pan is for you. First of all, its easy to get around with this pan. Its a brilliantly designed pan with a ceramic nonstick coatthats safe to use with metal utensils. The pan features three inlaid cups that are about the size of a small pancake. This lets you either cook multiple pancakes with ease or deliver perfect, round eggs without worrying about them running together.

These nonstick pan are surprisingly versatile. You can get them to do anything basically. You can cook sausage, small burgers, and other meats in the little cups, or even poach an egg with a little bit of practice. When it comes to their stated purpose , theyre absolutely brilliant. You might want two pans for the versatility it possesses.

Id also like to think that Im a well-practiced chef and I think that my eggs are better and more reliable when I use one of these. Best of all, I dont have to pay anywhere near as much attention as I cook, freeing up my mind for other tasks.

If you want to get on to cooking multiple eggs easily or make single-serving portions of scrambled eggs, this fry pan is an excellent choice. Youll find plenty of other uses for it, too.

Even if youre an avid cook, you might be surprised at how much easier it is to use one of these instead of your normal non-stick pan. So you need to make sure of buying this pan.

Best Mini: Gotham Steel Hammered Copper Collection Mini Egg Pan

The Biggest Mistakes Everyone Makes When Frying Eggs

If youre looking for a small egg pan, this Gotham Steel Hammered Copper Egg Pan should delight you. Its lightweight yet practical to deliver exceptional cooking results. The pan has sturdy aluminum construction that ensures uniform heat distribution. The surface is metal utensil-safe and scratch resistant, and its dishwasher-safe for effortless cleanup. This pan needs no seasoning to deliver the perfect egg its ready to use out of the box.

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Top 5 Best Egg Frying Pan: Editor Recommended

Unlike traditional frying pans, these frying pans are stylish, non-stick, healthy, and versatile. But if you are worried about the price, that is no longer a concern. There are a variety of affordable and high-quality frying pans in the market today you only have to identify yours. With these pans, you will make the best traditional omelet you have made in years. But dont just take my word for it get it and try it out yourself!


Best For A Crowd: Ballarini Parma Plus 11 Fry Pan With Lid

Designed in the style of an Asian wok, the Ballarini Parma Plus 11 Fry Pan with Lid features a flat bottom and angled sides offering plenty of cooking space. Not only one of the best pans for eggs, but this skillet is also great for hearty stews and one-pot dinners. With an innovative non-stick coating and scratch-resistant surface, this skillet is ideal for feeding a crowd with ease.

  • Price: $73.99

    via Ballarini

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Q: How Do You Fry Eggs In A Stainless Steel Pan Without Sticking

Make sure youre using plenty of oil and preheating the pan properly. right timing before adding oil makes a world of difference, says Kwak. Drop a few drops of water into a heated pan. If the water droplets pool together then youre ready to add oil and fry the egg.

That being said, stainless steel doesnt necessarily make for the best pans for eggs. Many chefs prefer nonstick pans over stainless steel. Stathis Antonakopoulos, executive chef and owner of Carnegie Diner & Cafe, is one of those chefs, as he doesnt use stainless steel for cooking eggs at his restaurant. He advises that if you do, use a half cup of Greek extra virgin olive oil in medium heat with a small pan cover, shake the pan constantly and use a rubber spatula.

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