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Beer Can Chicken Recipe on the Big Green Egg

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A spice rub and actual cans of beer double-up to give Rach’s grilled chickens the hallmark flavors of this fun and easy technique.

“I use a beer can chicken pan, but the birds can be taken on and off grill on a grilled vegetable pan or grill tray and literally placed over a half-full can of beer,” Rach says.

Rach’s Pro Tip: Preheat the grill or Big Green Egg for an hour beforehand for extra-crispy skin.

Rach likes to serve her Beer Can Chicken with a summer-ready side of Succotash.

Now Its Time To Cook The Bird Slow And Low

Zet in de Round Drip Pan en plaats in het midden van de convEGGtor. Place the can with the remaining beer in the center of the Folding Beer Can Chicken. In a pinch you can use chicken broth soda or even water. Chicken 1 whole chicken 4 to 5 pounds neck and giblets removed 1 can beer or another carbonated beverage 12 oz can 1 cup apple juice or apple cider 2 tablespoons.

Take chicken and remove any giblets. While the chicken is cooking in the Big Green Egg you are cooking a side-dish to complete your meal at the same time. Klem het halfvolle blikje Radler in de Folding Stainless Beer Can Chicken Roaster en plaats de kip erover. And the fat that drips down from the chicken immediately adds extra.

Flip the chicken and repeat the process. Use with a can of your favorite fruit juice soda or beer for the most flavorful poultry youve ever tasted. When placing the bird on the grill make sure that chicken is secure and will not easily tip over. For this recipe I used my Big Green Egg and used the BGE Beer Can Chicken stand.

When beer-can roasting the chicken cooks vertically which allows juices to collect in a. Work the mixture gently into the skin and under the skin wherever possible. But a nice beer is my favorite option. Baste the chicken with the butter every 10 minutes or.

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Why This Recipe Works

Simple This is a great go-to recipe for newbie grillers or experienced master chefs that just need something that works for the weekend cookout.

Guests will be so intrigued and impressed with this cooking method, which is super fun and also results in a tasty chicken everyone will love.

Moist and Delicious Meat If youve ever used a Texas Crutch when smoking ribs, beer can chicken is the same basic science. Even though the beer doesnt evaporate much, steam from the beer will increase the humidity inside the bird.

This will in turn reduce the amount of moisture that evaporates from the meat as it cooks. As the humidity inside the cavity of the bird approaches 100%, the evaporation rate will be close to zero and your chicken will stay moist.

Thats one theory anyway. What I can tell you for sure is this recipe works every single time and our family loves it.

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You Can Do The Same Process Of Cooking Beer Can Chicken In The Oven It Is Better To Use The Big Green Egg As It Adds A Smokiness It Also Makes You Feel Awesome To Cook With Fire I Add Garlic Sauce

Gather your spices. I used a combination of salt, pepper, paprika, rosemary, thyme, garlic powder, and a special rub called “Aw Sh*t”.

This is a spice I use a lot. It has a little kick and tastes good. It’s also fun to use because of the name.

First I wash the bird inside and out. I pat dry the bird, drizzle olive oil outside and put rub inside and out. Then I use this syringe to inject the bird with good stuff

This is the garlic sauce I inject the chicken breasts, legs, thighs, etc.

It looks like this before I cook it. I drink half a can of beer. Then I drink the other half. Then I need a new can of beer for the chicken. Repeat. Eventually shove half full can up chicken butt

The bird can “stand” on its own with a half full can of beer up its butt. I put it on a pie pan and put it in the Big Green Egg. You can put it in the oven if you want. I preheat it at 350-375.

After about an hour and a half of cooking at 350-375 the chicken’s breast internal temp is at 165-170. This is how it looks when done.

I put it in a glass dish and drenched it with more Versailles garlic sauce. Then we start eating. The skin is crispy. My is impressed. Mission accomplished.

  • 1.0 Whole chicken
  • 1.0 Rub of your choice
  • 1.0 Can of beer

Big Green Egg Beer Can Chicken

Easy Grilled Beer Can Chicken


For perfect beer can chicken you cant beat the Big Green Egg Sittin Chicken ceramic roaster.

2 tablespoons kosher salt

2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar

2 garlic cloves

1. Set your plate setter in you Big Green Egg and add the grate on top. Set the temperature to 375°F.

2. Mix the first eight dry ingredients in a bowl. Wash the chicken in cold water and pat dry with paper towels. Rub the dry mixture all over the chicken, underneath the skin where possible, and inside the cavity.

3. Pour half of the beer into the roaster. Smash the garlic cloves and add them into the beer.

4. Pour the other half of the beer into a spray bottle. Add the apple cider, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar to the spray bottle, and mix. Spray the chicken with the mixture.

5. Set the chicken on the roaster, tucking in the wings. Set the roaster on a drip pan inside the Big Green Egg.

6. The chicken will require about one hour to cook. Baste again with the liquid a few times while cooking.

7. The chicken is done when the internal temperature of the chicken thigh reaches 170°F and the chicken is brown on the outside.

As for popular beer selections, many prefer a lager something central, and not bitter or too hoppy. When you have an affinity for fruit-forward sours, then this flavor is a solid step for when grilling beer can chicken, both because you like to drink it straight and as the acidity level vibes effectively with grilled chicken.

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Tips For Cooking The Best Beer Can Chicken

As it relates to grilling any meat, let the chicken come to room temperature before cooking. Check the inside of the bird to make sure there arent any giblets or trimmings inside. Always pat down the chicken with a paper towel to remove any moisture prior to seasoning. If youre using an outdoor grill or a smoker, make sure to create an indirect heat source. For Big Green Egg beer can chicken we use the convEGGtor. Experiment with different types of beer, and find the flavor that you love.

Heres How To Make It:

  • To make the grilled beer can chicken rub combine all the rub ingredients in a small bowl and mix well. Set aside.
  • Pour half of the beer or other liquid from the can into a spray bottle to make the spray. Add the apple juice, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar and shake well. Set aside.
  • Spray the can with non-stick cooking spray and carefully slide the chicken over the beer can. If you are using a vertical grilled beer can chicken holder, place the can into the holder and slide the poultry over the can and holder.
  • Apply the rub liberally all over the poultry, even inside the cavity. Work the mixture under the skin wherever possible. Cover it and let it marinate for at least 30 minutes at room temperature. You can let it marinate for up to 24 hours for maximum flavor, but the chicken will need to be refrigerated.
  • Prepare your Green Egg or Kamado type grill for direct grilling and heat to 375 degrees F. You will not need the plate setter.
  • If using another type of grill, follow the manufacturers directions for direct grilling and preheat the grill to 375 degrees. F.
  • When the grill is ready, place a small drip pan on the grill grates to catch the drippings and place the poultry in the center.
  • Spray the chicken with the mixture in the spray bottle and close the grill lid. Cook for about 15 minutes or until it starts to brown all over. Respray and close the lid.
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    Big Green Egg Chicken Recipes:

    Grilled chicken is one of my top ten most favorite foods I dearly love it. Nothing brings out the flavor like grilling, and this easy recipe is out of this world delicious. The smoke from the charcoal adds a taste that you cant get with any other cooking method.

    Not surprisingly, I have a few more chicken recipes using the Green Egg on my blog that I think you may like as well:

    How To Cook Beer Can Chicken On A Big Green Egg

    Big Green Egg Beer Can Chicken

    We prefer using a Big Green Egg, but the same recipe can also be used on gas or charcoal grills. The first step is cleaning your whole chicken, and removing any giblets that may remain. Often times youll find the neck, heart and livers wrapped inside a package in the cavity. Once it is cleaned, we pat the chicken dry before seasoning. In terms of chicken seasoning, theres lots of options, you can go as simple as salt and pepper, use a homemade rub, or use something like Clucker Dust Chicken Rub. You can get away with seasoning the chicken twenty minutes before roasting, but we prefer to do to it several hours before cooking to ensure theres ample time for the seasoning to penetrate the skin.

    Now its time to cook the bird slow and low. The rough estimate is about 20 minutes a pound. So for a 5 pound chicken, youre looking at 1:40 minutes of total cook time. We do check ours periodically to ensure its cooking evenly. From time to time we may even rotate the bird. Once the chicken reaches an internal temperature of 165°F its ready to be taken off the grill. Dont forget to rest the chicken for ten minutes prior to serving. Check out our grilled chicken temperature guide.

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    What Is Beer Can Chicken

    Big Green Egg beer can chicken is a way of cooking a chicken that involves roasting a chicken on an open can of beer. Thats the short version. There are many variations to this recipe, but the basic idea is that you place a whole chicken on top of a half a can of beer. Not only is this a great recipe, but also a great excuse to drink half a beer quickly! Why? Well, the beer can chicken cooking method is great for a few reasons. First, the can keeps the chicken upright, which ensures even roasting. Second, the beer steams the chicken from the inside, keeping it moist and making it extra flavorful. The basic recipe can be modified to your liking. You can change the type of beer . We personally prefer using cheap beers, but the best part of the grilling is experimentation!

    Cooking The Oberon Beer Chicken

    The Big Green Egg should be dialed into about 350 degrees. Set the Oberon Chicken on the BGE and insert the Probes.

    Put one probe in the thickest part of the breast and the other in the thigh. These are the two areas that will take the longest to cook and you dont want any rare spots in the chicken.

    To help keep the Oberon Chicken moist simply add some water to the drip tray below the grate. Close the lid and let it cook.

    Once the Oberon Chicken reaches 175 degrees it is done.

    Pull the probes out and set them aside.

    Enjoy the perfectly cooked Oberon Chicken from the Big Green Egg. This is another easy family favorite!

    –If you want more backyard tips including recipes, how-tos and more, make sure you

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    Beer Chicken On The Big Green Egg

    • Ready in: 2 1/2 hours

    We love our Big Green Egg and be sure to keep coming back as we will be posting new videos and recipes that we just know you will enjoy!

    This recipe is super easy. We have a chicken throne and it fills a 12 ounce beer. If you don’t have one just use the beer can. We also love all of the amazing seasonings from Moms Gourmet.

    Tip: We used an aluminum disposable pan to place the chicken throne on and chicken. Great for a quick clean up! Also, get a kitchen spray bottle with water, chicken broth or apple juice to baste.

    • 4-5 pound whole roaster chicken
    • Moms Gourmet Black Dog Belly Rub

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    Beer can chicken on the Big Green Egg.

    Did you know that WWOO is also a boundary fence, an outdoor spa and a lounge sofa? And that you can also create your own vegetable garden or your ultimate outdoor man-cave with the most stylish outdoor bar? The WWOO is multifunctional, and the design possibilities are endless. Choose your elements in our configurator and enjoy your garden all year round.

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    Beer Can Chicken In A Big Green Egg/ Kamado Joe Grill

    I’ve been cooking with my Big Green Egg Clone for the past 3 years. One of my favorite dish, by far, would be the Beer Can Chicken. Similar to many of the other recipes you’ll find on the net, my has some variation to the traditional beer in a can and dry rub. Although I’ve tried cooking with a variety of different beer, but I think the flavor the beer impart is not significant. It’s really the cooker and it’s ability to retain moisture that count the most. So with this instruction, you can either use 1/2 can of beer, soda pop, or even water. I do like the flavor of added alcohol in the dry rub mixture and in the soda pop with about a shot or two of whiskey in the Soda can. I hope you enjoy this Instructable and please provide your feedbacks.

    Beer Can Chicken With Amber Beer And Roasted Vegetables


    • Amount

      2 persons

    Fancy some nice, juicy chicken? With this recipe for Beer Can Chicken, you easily create a complete and delicious dish on your Big Green Egg. While you chicken is cooking on the kamado, the vegetables and potatoes are roasting below in a skillet. The fat dripping from the chicken lands on the vegetables, making them incredibly tasty. Do you not have a beer can holder to hold the can? Then you can pour the beer into the Ceramic Poultry Roaster. This has exactly the same effect.

    • 1 organic farm chicken of approx. 1.5 kg
    • 3 tbsp sunflower oil
    • 1 can of amber beer, 330 ml
    • 150 ml sweet BBQ sauce


    • 1 tsp ground cumin seed
    • 1 tsp lemon grass powder
    • 1 tsp ground coriander
    • 1 tsp freshly ground black pepper

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    How To Prepare The Oberon Beer Chicken For The Big Green Egg

    Set a couple paper towels on the cutting board to absorb the remaining juices from the chicken after opening the package.

    Apply about a nickel size drop of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and rub it into the chicken. Moderately sprinkled the chicken with Shakin The Tree, IPA and Bayou-ish Seasoning equally across the chicken.

    Flip the chicken and repeat the process.

    This method can also be done with a standard beer can but this roaster accessory gives the chicken a little more balance on The Big Green Egg.

    Pour 6 ounces, half a Oberon Beer, into the roaster.

    Set chicken on the roaster with the feet facing down.

    Continue to add a little bit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the three Dizzy Pig seasoning as done above.

    Once all sides are seasoned and the chicken is on its feet its time to get it cooking!

    Heres What You Will Need:

    O’Neill Outside – Beer Can Chicken on the Big Green Egg
    • A Whole chicken is the guest of honor at this party. A young chicken or fryer that is about four to five pounds works perfectly.
    • Can of beer you cant have Beer Can Chicken without a can of beer. Actually, you can use any can that is similar in size. For example, you can see in the picture I used a can of soda.
    • Apple juice, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar blend with the beer or other liquid to make the spray that keeps our chicken from drying out and adds an amazing layer of flavor.

    For the beer can grilled chicken rub:

    • Brown sugar adds a touch of sweetness and forms the base of the delicious dry rub.
    • Paprika adds color and a sweet, smoky taste to the rub.
    • Kosher salt and black pepper rounds out and brings together all of the flavors of the rub.
    • Garlic powder adds its own unique nutty, pungent flavor.
    • Onion Powder another essential ingredient in the rub that adds a sweet oniony note.
    • Cayenne pepper gets this party started with a bit of heat. You can substitute red pepper.

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