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Air Fryer ‘soft Boiled Eggs’ Hack Is A Morning Game

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It seems the list of things you can do with your air fryer just keeps growing by the day. And since easy egg hacks are one of our all-time favorite things, we’re pretty excited about this next great idea. TikTok content creator @tower_housewares shows us how to make eggs in a whole new way. We would never have thought to make our eggs like this.

This fantastic idea will make breakfast a breeze!

Isnt that something? What a great egg hack! This superb idea will save a ton of time in the morning. This is the perfect way, to make a mess-free egg on a busy weekday morning. Just pop them into the air fryer while youre getting ready throw a nice English muffin or a slice sourdough in the toaster, and you’ll have an effortless hot and delicious breakfast. This idea will also help to make holiday entertaining a snap. Its always so hard to serve a houseful of guests warm eggs at the same time, so this idea will allow us to easily prepare a dozen at once. We can throw a pound of bacon into the oven while these eggs cook and breakfast will be hot, fresh, and delicious.

The audience was happy to see this easy hack. Viewer @John Dickson commented, Im impressed by how quick and uncomplicated that is! We agree completely. Viewer @Shazza added, just how I like my eggs. Yes, us too!

What Is The Easiest Way To Remove The Shells

Using the air fryer is the easy way to have perfect hard boiled eggs! The shells pop off so easily! Heres how I do it:

  • I set a paper towel on the counter
  • Roll the cooked egg to break the outer shell of the eggs
  • Peel away sometimes youll have a perfect peel and youll get that thin membrane going so the whole peel comes off at once!

Air Fryer Boiled Eggs Tips

  • Older eggs will be easier to peel – the longer they have been in the fridge for, the easier the peel comes off.

  • Do not overstuff the basket and add only a few eggs at a time.

  • As soon as the eggs are done cooking, transfer them into an ice water bath. This will prevent a green ring from forming.

  • For the easiest peeling process, allow your eggs to completely cool down before starting.

  • Peel the eggs in the water of the ice water bath itself or under running water – its the easiest way for the shell to come off!

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How Long Do You Need To Cook Air Fryer Boiled Eggs

As mentioned above, how long you cook them depends on your desired level of doneness. It also depends on your own air fryer as they can vary but I have found the following temperatures give me perfect results every time:

  • 8 minutes at 285F for soft boiled eggs
  • 9 minutes at 285F for jammy eggs
  • 12 minutes at 285F for hard boiled eggs

It is recommended that the first time you test out your own air fryer, try it with one egg just to be sure you achieve the same results. If not, you can tweak the temperature or the time to suit your own fryer.

How To Lop Off The Top Of A Soft

Air Fryer Soft Boiled Eggs Technique

I normally use the egg cracker topper which I bought from Amazon. Here are some steps to use it properly.

  • You just hold the cap on the top of the egg, pull up the spring-loaded stem, and release.
  • Two good snaps and the top of the shell comes right off.

This topper makes a clean cut all the way around. How does it work? The device works by removing the top of the soft-boiled egg when you pull up the spring-powered shaft with the other hand and then releasing it.

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A Boiled Egg That Isnt Boiled

My favorite method of eating eggs has to be soft-boiled, which given my new method of cooking, is something of a misnomer because I air fry them!

If you love soft-boiled eggs for breakfast as much as I do, then learning this air fryer cooking trick is an absolute must, and all you have to do is read on.

Lets start with the tools youre going to need.

Converting Recipes To Air Fryer

Its simpler than you might think to convert your favorite oven recipes to the air fryer!

Reduce the temperature by 25°F, and cut the cooking time in half by about 20-25%.

Remember to stop halfway through cooking to rotate the food inside the air fryer basket. When youre close to the end of cook time, open the air fryer basket and make sure nothing is burning or overcooking.

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How To Prepare Air Fryer Soft Boiled Eggs

Start by placing your eggs in an air fryer-safe pan . If you do not want to put them in a pan, place them into the air fryer basket directly.

Place the pan with the eggs in it, inside the basket.

Set the temperature to 250 degrees F, air fryer setting, for 8 minutes

When they are done, place them in a bowl of cold water. Remember, you still want the eggs hot but not burning, so you cant peel them.

Soft Boiled Eggs In Air Fryer

How to cook a hard medium and soft boiled egg in an air fryer

I originally shared with you our soft boiled eggs back in 2018. They were together with air fryer hard boiled eggs and because we have now made a video for each, we have decided to separate them into two recipes.

So today, is all about soft boiled eggs in air fryer and tomorrow is all about hard boiled eggs in air fryer.

Did you grow up on soft boiled eggs? I know I did. Whether it was a Saturday brunch my mum did or made by my grandma they were always a traditional thing.

You had your own special egg cup that was yours and you can guarantee that there were several rounds of toast chopped into soldiers to dunk into your dippy eggs.

Though, we now live in a world of Keto and low carb and you can now enjoy soft boiled eggs with carrot sticks or cucumber sticks instead of toast.

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Ninja Foodi Soft Boiled Eggs

If I were to cook soft boiled eggs in the Ninja Foodi, I wouldnt use the air fryer and instead use the pressure cooker button. Pressure cooked soft boiled eggs have a cook time of just 2 minutes compared to 10 minutes in the air fryer.

For the Ninja Foodi soft boiled eggs I recommend you follow our instant pot soft boiled eggs recipe as its very similar.

What To Eat With Boiled Eggs

I absolutely love eating a soft boiled egg with a side of toast for breakfast, as pictured above. It has been a go-to breakfast since I was little. But there are so many ways to enjoy hard boiled eggs, depending on the level of doneness.

These are just a few of the ways I enjoy them but the possibilities are endless!

I hope you enjoy this egg boiling hack! If you find it helpful, Id love it if you could leave a rating and review below!

-Love always, Cathy

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Tools Needed For Air Fryer Boiled Eggs

You only need two things:

  • Air fryer: The most important thing for this recipe! Youll be making your boiled eggs in the air fryer, so its mandatory! I use the Ninja Foodi dual basket 6-in-1 air fryer. If you want a detailed review of it, check out my video here.

  • Mixing bowl: Youll want a large bowl to make your ice water bath in after youve boiled your eggs in the air fryer.

How Do You Cook An Egg In An Air Fryer

Air Fryer Boiled Eggs (Hard &  Soft Boiled!)
  • If you store your eggs in the fridge, remove them and leave them to come to room temperature.
  • Add the eggs to the basket of your air fryer, and leave some space between them so that there is room for the hot air to circulate.
  • Cook according to how well done you want your eggs .
  • At the end of the cooking time, remove from the air fryer basket and plunge into an ice bath or into a bowl of cold water this will prevent the eggs from continuing to cook.
  • Once they have cooled down a little and can be handled, remove the shell.
  • Would you like more ideas for your air fryer? Try out more air fryer recipes!

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    A Guide To Peeling Hard

    While you might think, and quite rightly so, that the fresher an egg is, the better for eating, somewhat ironically, the older the egg is, the easier it will be to peel once its been boiled.

    To make it even easier, immersing them in a cold-water bath immediately after boiling also helps.

    The best way of preparing hard-boiled eggs for easy peeling, to use sliced in salads or as a presentation topping, is to transfer them from the cold water bath into the fridge.

    The coldness of the refrigerator causes the inside of the egg to separate from the shell, thus making them a doddle to peel.

    How Do You Store Hard Boiled Eggs

    I hard boil eggs weekly and use the cooked eggs are great for salads! For storage, I used an airtight container like these glass food storage bowls and refrigerate for up to a week.

    Heres my ultimate list of best air fryer accessories whether you have a basket- or oven-style! Ive also included a price guide as well as my favorite recipes for those accessories.

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    How Long Do These Last

    Air fryer soft boiled eggs stay good in the fridge for up to 2 days if stored properly in an airtight container.

    Did you make my 10 minute air fryer soft boiled eggs? If you did, I would greatly appreciate you leaving a comment and star rating down below. Additionally, follow me on and tag me if you make this or any other of my easy air fryer recipes.

    • The time listed is for cold eggs straight from the fridge
    • Leave space between the eggs so the hot air can circulate
    • Cooking time may vary slightly between air fryer brands. I suggest making 1 first so you get the right consistency, then making the rest
    • Do not skip the ice bath! This stops the cooking process and keeps the yolks jammy
    • When peeling, crack on the “fat” end first, it makes removing the shell easier
    • Air fryer soft boiled eggs will last 2 days in the fridge

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    Cooks Tips You Need To Know

    GoWISE USA Air Fryer Soft Boiled Egg with Toast – Italian Shot Glass Style

    Timing is everything when it comes to cooking eggs, especially half-boiled eggs like this. The cooking time can vary between 1-2 minutes1. WHITE EGGS VS BROWN EGGS Brown eggs might have thicker shells compare to white shells, so you might have to add another minute or so, in other words, you will have to experiment, but 5-6 minutes is the minimum I would imagine2. SIZE OF EGGSThe eggs that I used were large grade A white shells and about 58 grams each. Large eggs will need longer time3. TEMPERATURE OF EGGSIF YOU LET THE EGGS OUT FOR 5 MINUTES : You need 7 minutes for white eggs, about 8 minutes for brown eggsIF YOU LET THE EGGS REALLY COME DOWN TO ROOM TEMPERATURE : You need 5 minutes for white eggs, about 6 minutes for brown eggs4. FOR FIRST-TIMER MAKING HALF-BOILED EGGSI suggest starting with 4 eggs at a time to get the hang of it.

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    Why Cook Boiled Eggs In An Air Fryer

    Although its easy enough to boil an egg in a saucepan if you have an air fryer, why not use that?

    You can walk away and leave your air fryer to cook so that your eggs are cooked to perfection.

    It also means you can cook multiple eggs at once, perfect for making snacks ahead of time, or for making egg mayonnaise.

    The Best Way Of Storing Eggs

    Ensuring that your eggs are in good condition is the best basis for any boiled egg hard or soft.

    The advice from the USDA is that you should keep eggs at the back of a refrigerator as this is where it is coldest.

    Although many fridge manufacturers position egg holders in the back of fridge doors, that is not the best place to store them.

    It is, in fact, one of the worst because the frequent opening and closing mean that is where the inside temperature will fluctuate the most.

    • Hard-boiled eggs are best stored in egg cartons or any other type of closed container, again at the back of the fridge, where they will remain fresh for up to 7 days.

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    How To Enjoy Air Fryer Boiled Eggs

    Here are some of my favorite ways to eat my air fryer boiled eggs:

    If you love this recipe be sure to leave a star rating on the recipe card and a comment with your favorite way to eat boiled eggs!

    How To Make Soft Boiled Eggs In The Air Fryer

    Air Fryer Eggs
  • Preheat your air fryer to 280 degrees F
  • Once hot, carefully place the eggs into your air fryer basket being sure to leave a little space between them
  • Cook at 280 F for 9-10 minutes
  • When the time is up, use tongs to immediately plunge the eggs into ice water for 2-3 minutes to stop the cooking process
  • Carefully peel the eggs and enjoy!
  • Cook eggs at 280 for 9-10 minutesOnce cooked, plunge into ice bathPeel your egg and enjoy!

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    Storing Other Types Of Cooked Egg

    Eggs are pretty versatile and can be cooked in many ways, including coddling, poaching, scrambling, and frying.

    In all instances, because the shells have been removed, these types of cooked eggs wont keep as long as hard-boiled eggs with their shells intact.

    As a rule, cooked eggs that will be stored should be cooled as quickly as possible, then transferred into shallow airtight containers, and refrigerated within two hours.

    They will then keep for as long as three or four days maximum.

    If you are separating yolks from egg whites for recipes of one kind or another, you can keep the unused part of the egg in a sealed container inside your fridge for up to four days.

    For The Love Of A Runny Yolk:

    You either love a runny yolk, or you’re simply not a fan.

    Personally, it took a long time for me to truly appreciate the silky rich goodness that only a runny yolk can provide.

    Today, I can proudly boast that I fully understand, appreciate, and enjoy just how delicious the golden gravy of the gods truly is!

    And now, with this quick and easy method for making soft boiled eggs in the air fryer, you can bet I’ll be indulging in my new found love for the dippy yolk a tremendous amount going forward, and hopefully, you will too.

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    How Long To Air Fry Soft Boiled Eggs

    Air Fried Soft Boiled Eggs are done PERFECTLY in just 11 minutes cooking time!

    Medium boiled eggs whats the deal here? Well sometimes I think the hard-boiled eggs are just a little dry this is a perfect middle! These medium boiled eggs were cooked at 250 degrees for 14 minutes. I will definitely be making them this way for deviled eggs in the future.

    Lynsey Crombie Shares How To Make Dippy Eggs In Air Fryer

    Air Fryer HACK! Soft Boiled EGGS in just 7 minutes!

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    Almost everyone has an air fryer and they are incredibly versatile when it comes to cooking your favourite foods but in a healthier way. Lynsey Crombie, aka Queen of Clean, took to social media to show her followers how she cooks soft boiled eggs, or dippy eggs as she calls them in her air fryer.

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    How Do I Cook Half Boiled Eggs In An Air Fryer

    All it takes is two eggs straight from the fridge and 11 minutes in an air fryer at 100°C. As easy as that. And, contrary to my fears, the eggs did not explode in the air fryer. You wont have to keep an eye on the time the air fryers built-in timer will ensure perfectly half-cooked eggs every time.

    Can You Air Fry Hard Boiled Eggs

    Yes!!!! The air fryer cooking process is so easy and quicker than the traditional method of boiling water on the stove top. You set the eggs in the air fryer basket and youre ready to go! You can use room temperature or cold eggs I dont usually have patience to wait for them to warm up and just put them in right out of the refrigerator.

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